She bit her lip and felt tears come to her eyes. Damn him, damn the man who now stood between her legs, buck naked with his cock sheathed in latex.


"Please what?"

"I'm not a slut…"

"But you're no virgin either," he said, "You're a whore who put herself up for the highest bidder."

He slid her legs even further apart until she felt totally exposed. Then he moved in close enough so that his cock teased her pussy.


He thrust then, his cock inside of her just enough so that she felt its fullness and her pussy burned as it sheathed it. He gripped the back of her thighs near her knees tightly. She felt him push her legs apart as he thrust deeper.

"Oh god…"

"I know…but it's too late now…"

She closed her eyes as he moved her legs back towards him as he pulled back. His cock sliding in and out of her slickness…pleasurable and warmth spreading through her with each stroke…each movement sliding him deeper inside of her…

He flexed his hips thrusting inside her, moving her legs with his hands. She just watched him, feeling the sensations building up inside of her. His face a few inches away from hers and she tried to look away so he couldn't see what she didn't want him to see. He grunted against her, his cock rubbing her pussy walls as they hugged him.

"You're so fucking hot…"

She sighed, feeling him inside of her, their bodies joined together. God, her worst nightmare fucking her boss in a hotel room…becoming what she so didn't want to be…yet with each stroke, she wanted the next one so much. If he stopped…she'd be begging him to keep fucking her. His hips jutted against hers and his balls spanked her. She found herself starting to move against him, moving her pussy to meet his thrusts.

Oh god, she really was a slut.

"So what do you think my little slut," he said, "oh…yeah I think you've wanted this for so long."

"How would you know," she said, shakily.

"You're here with me…and I'm giving it to you…and you're not stopping me are you?"

She wiggled away from him, pissed off again. Damn him, for knowing her too well.


She tried to lift herself from the bed where she'd rested her hands and push them against his chest as he kept thrusting into her. But he grabbed her hands and held them tightly.

"Oh no Cassandra…they'll be no playing the good little girl…now…no more teasing," He said, "Don't make me need to hold you down and do it the hard way."

She just struggled in his tight hold, but their bodies were pinned intimately together. And he had no intention of releasing the hold his cock had on her.

"Fuck you Cruz…"

"No I'm fucking you," he said, "Now shut the fuck up because you've made me work hard enough to get you here."

"What…god just stop it Cruz…"

"No…because it's not what you want," he said, "You just don't want to own up to it, the fact that you've wanted me to do this since the first day."

He still held her wrists tightly and grabbed hold of her hair looking at her.

"Now I'm going to ride you one way or the other," he said, "and I'm not leaving this hotel until I'm done with you…understand?"

She nodded, biting her lip, her pussy clenching his cock in answer. The part of herself she couldn't control, the one part of her that would betray her. With that, he maneuvered her further on the bed until she was on her back flat against the mattress. He rolled over her enough so that he was sitting on top of her like a cowboy astride a horse. His thighs hugging her thighs tightly…when she tried to move, he leaned down and cupped her chin again.

"You fight me…you won't win," he said, "You let me fuck you, we both will."

He didn't move even though she still felt him inside of her, hard and thick. Damn he had her pinned to the bed and her arms…she couldn't move them much.

"Much better Cassandra…I can see I'm going to have the bellboy bring up some restraints if you don't behave…how would you like to be tied to those bedposts while my mouth covers every inch of your body…maybe if I fuck your ass."

She shook her head.

"I never…"

"Never say never with me."

She nodded and she fought inside of herself…because she didn't like being dominated by a man who ruled her in the workplace…but he'd had her pegged when he said she didn't like making choices…though she hated admitting that.

"Cassandra…just lie still for me…this will be a most pleasurable night for us both. I promise you that."

The silky smoothness of his words, the same voice he used so successfully to win arguments and ply testimony out of reluctant witnesses, she knew had the same effect on her. It's just that when she imagined what it'd be like with her boss, she'd never quite pictured it like now.

"Cruz…it's just that I don't think…"

He covered her mouth then with a hand.

"Then don't…just spend the night with me…you should know by now I get what I want so fighting that is useless…and fighting yourself is just dishonest."

She sighed and she felt him remove his hand from her mouth and shift on top of her. Then just as if she were a horse he began riding her, his hips jutting against her pelvis, his penetration more shallow, and it chafed against her. But each time his shaft rubbed against her clit, she had to bite her lip…hard. It felt…like more pleasure than she could stand. She started moaning…she couldn't help it and her body fidgeted.

"You like this don't you," he said, "You like it when a man is in control, don't deny it.


"Cassandra…you lying little slut," he said, moving harder against her, his cock thrusting deeper, inch by inch as she relaxed to take it.


He stared down at her breasts…which rode up and down as she began arching her back to meet his thrusts.

"Oh Cassandra…"

She looked up at him as he rode her; she ached from the teasing nature of his thrusts. But god, she felt torn inside. How could she ever face him in the office again, every time she looked at him she'd imagine what his cock felt like buried inside of her and he'd remember that he'd won.

Oh god…what to do, as his cock slid in and out of her and her hips rushed to meet the next thrust.

"Cruz…oh god…god…I…I…can't….I got to have…it…oh god…"

"Yes Cassandra, what do you want?"

She paused. She knew he wanted her to tell him. But instead she moved up to grab him to pull him down on top of her, skin to skin. Their bodies pressing against each other, him wedged deep inside of her.

"Fuck me Cruz…fuck me so that I can't stand it…"

He lay on top of her, his weight on top of hers but his head moved down to her breasts and he took one of her nipples in his mouth sucking it hard…she almost screamed. He rolled it over his tongue and she gripped his back harder.

"Oh god….I can't…."

He released her nipple and then he pushed himself harder between her legs holding her there, her own legs brushing his side.

"You are…and you will," he said, "because I own you Cassandra and not just tonight."

He thrust then so deep, more so than she thought she could take him. His face inches from hers, she'd felt the power in his hips, god he was more than she could handle.


"You see the bid I made didn't just win me the auction," he said, "It won me future auctions too…"

"How many," she said, weakly as he slowed down his thrusting.

"Let's say 100?"

She moaned then…oh god…he really did own her.

"I said…I said…I wasn't going to do this anymore…"

He slid his cock in and out of her pussy, leisurely.

"I know…you'll be exclusively my whore…though I'll still need your legal training."

She furrowed her brows.

"I can't do this Cruz…I'm a trained lawyer…a professional."

"You're also my slut," he said, "and for the next 100 days…or nights…you'll do what I want when I want it..."

"You're crazy…"

He thrust hard against her for that.

"This is how it's going to go….You're going to be my mistress…the most efficient legal clerk in my office and a whore in my bed…the best of both worlds."


She felt her pussy squeeze his cock unwilling to let go of it.

"Oh yes…Sophia's perfectly fine with it and since I do some traveling…you'll come with me in more ways than one."


"After tonight you'll know what it is I like and how I like it…subject to change of course."

She found her thighs gripping him as he upped his thrusts just slightly. Oh god…she found the tension in her belly tightening threatening to consume her with pleasure.

"And on Monday morning, you will be inside my office at 9am sharp," he said, "You won't be wearing any panties under your skirt that day and we're going to spend the next hour christening my new desk."

She sighed.

"Then I'll work you hard until lunch on a new case," he said, "Because you are the best law clerk I've ever hired and then of course, you'll spend an hour studying for the upcoming Bar exam…"

She gripped his side harder as he thrust harder, rocking her against the bed.

"Don't I get a lunch?"

"Oh yes…I've got a hotel suite next to the courthouse," he said, "Great food, quick room service and a nice bed…some amenities included you won't find advertised in the family section."

She shook her head, god this was turning into such a nightmare…even as her body threatened to erupt in another orgasm and she knew she'd scream this time.

"I can't…really…"

"I own you and they'll be times I'm nice about it and time I'm not."

He quickened his thrusting into her and she just cried out from it…the way he moved against her made her grip him harder.

"Oh god…god…god…"

"We'll iron out the details later."

The bed mattress shook from him thrusting against her. She threw her head back and he wedged himself in between, pushing past her thighs. She clawed his back as the friction of their bodies threatened to push her over the edge.


His cock rammed into her, thrusting in and out and she gripped his waist with her thighs as tightly as she could.

Until she screamed….a bunch of words she'd never remember except for one, his name. He rutted against her until he reached his own climax. She felt it deep inside of her and he collapsed against her on the bed.

They lay together afterward and he stroked her skin after heading to the bathroom to remove the condom. When he returned to the bed, he had something in his hand.

"I've got a present for you…a memento of our time together."

She felt curiosity tug at her.

"What is it?"

He didn't answer but then she saw the black band with diamonds studded on it. Oh my god, she knew what would happen next and why. He fastened it around her neck and told her never to take it off. She fingered it tentatively.

"You know what it means don't you," he said, "It means I own you and you exist only for me."

"No one owns me."

"You'll find out soon enough how wrong you are about that…but I promise not to hurt you more than necessary…there are certain things that are painful at first."

Oh god, was this really happening to her? She lay back down on the bed as he slid a hand up her thigh.

"Oh my little sub, I'm going to have so much fun with you…starting now…"

She looked at him puzzled.


"I want you to suck my cock Cassandra…"

"I really don't think…"

"You're not here to think, you're here to fuck or to suck…now bend your head and take me into your mouth…until I come…"

The way he looked at her, she knew she had to obey.

And so as she wrapped her hand around his cock before she lowered her mouth over it. The 100 days and nights had just begun.