The End

By Thinwrist

Everything begins only to end. The moment you were born you began to die. That's how it is with everything

-Janne Teller

Jess stumbled, clutching her arm. With her free hand, she shoved her little sister Meghan towards the safe house, which was her only hope

Meghan tripped over her own feet and cried out, her dirty bloodstained face streaked with tears. She wretched in the dirt and wiped her mouth, struggling to her feet again. Around them, the wreck of the once modern suburbia stood in ruins. The Zombie Infection had taken over the world. The darkest dreams that hung in the most untouchable parts of the human mind was finally real, and the world was in shambles. Those who had not been infected and turned into the pitiful souls trapped in cannibalistic rotting shells had taken different bloodstained roads. Madness hung in the air, thicker than the smog filled air itself. Jess could feel it pulsing in her veins, as she pushed her little sister towards the safe house. The world distorted, and Jess stumbled again

She fell to the ground and heard Meghan's scream. In Jess's mind, she saw her life flash through her eyes again. The terrible way the world had ended; the way her normal life had ended. Jess saw every fleshy corpse, saw every drop of red blood that had been shed in her sixteen years of life

How did it get like this? She wondered over Meghan's cries how did I fail you, Meg?

Jess could already feel it running through her body, the madness that always brought on the onslaught of the infection. Jess was going to die; she knew it. The memory flashed through her mind again. She replayed every bloody second in her mind, and played it again and again in her. she felt the zombies jagged teeth sink into her flesh again and again. She felt the infection push its way faster and faster to her

She felt someone's rapid tapping on her face. Jess blinked against the bright sunlight; her skin began to burn.

"Meg" she gasped, her voice coming out raspy "Meg, get to the safe house. Stat there…you know what to do"

Meg's tears fell on her face "No" she cried "No, I need you Jess. I can't survive with the zombies! Jess, you can't get infected" she buried her head in Jess's shirt, crying bitter tears

"Remember the plan Jess?" she whimpered "Remember? We were so close to the safe zone? Remember we were supposed to live in the safe zone, and then everything would be alright? We're so close Jess! You can't turn into a zombie, I won't let it happen!"

Jess laughed a dry choking sound. Meghan was only eleven; even in the grey destroyed world, she still had hope. But Jess knew, there was no saving her anymore. She could feel the hot fire spreading throughout her. The madness of the infection was already in her mind. she was struggling to remember what she was, why she fighting, and who she was.

she told herself I've been fighting this war against the living dead for two years. And I can't quit on Meghan. She's the only one I love anymore; I can't die now. Not when Meg is so close to the safe zone

"Jess?" Meghan whispered, raising her head "can you hear me? Let's get to the safe house. I'll make some dinner. Then we'll leave tomorrow morning"

Oh, Meg Jess thought. Meghan grabbed her arm and hauled her to her feet. She struggled and stumbled. Her body was on fire, and the sun burned her. Her mind saw different things; in her heart, Jess felt the first evil seed of the infection root in her heart. It blossomed slowly, exploding in her like venom. The vileness spread down her veins. Jess stumbled again, and closed her eyes. She knew she was close to death, and it didn't scare her. She had lost her mother, her father, and everything that she once loved. There was nothing left for her. But Meg. And she loved Meg

She pushed Meg away

"Go" she gasped. Blood gurgled up her mouth and spewed onto the grass. The redness stained the brown grass, and through her fractured eyes, Jess saw the grass grow, brought back to life by her blood.

"No!" Meghan screamed, stomping her feet. Her eyes filled with tears, brimming until they poured down her face. Her lip quivered

She's lost so much Jess thought losing me will kill her

But jess knew, as she had seen it countless times before, she couldn't stay. If Meghan stayed, she'd die. Die a cruel death by her own hand, since jess wouldn't be jess once the infection got her.

"Go!" she shouted, lurching forward to shove Meghan away. Meghan cried out, and stumbled. Jess swayed on her feet, finally collapsing. The darkness, the evilness was clawing at her mind. She was losing the battle and could feel herself unraveling bit by bit. She heaved again, feeling the hot rusty taste of her own blood on her lips.

Soft hands pulled her face up. She stared in Meghan's face, and saw her baby blue eyes stare into hers with determination

"I'm not leaving" she said

Jess bucked, gasping. Her heart raced in her chest, trying to outrun the poison that was going through it. It gave a painful sort of squeeze and continued its frantic dance

"I don't want you to die"

"But I will" Jess moaned "Meghan, there's no other way. I'm turning"

"But you promised" Meghan moaned "you promised that we'd be happy. You'd promise that we'd find the safe zone"

The world shook in Jess's mind. her breathing came shallow and labored. She couldn't feel her legs anymore

"Meg" she gasped, licking her lips "you know what happens to people who get turned in zombies?"

"They don't remember who they are. All they care is about eating. They need human flesh" Meghan cried softly "but you're strong, Jess. You'll live"

She stared in Meghan's eyes and she knew, Meghan knew that Jess would not survive. She was acting desperate

"Meg" she whispered, for that was the only way she could talk then "Meg, give me the knife in your boot. And let me go"

"No," Meghan cried "No, Jess"



"The knife" Jess interrupted

She held out her hand. She felt the cold blade press into her palm

"Now you walk away" she ordered

"NO!" She refused "I don't want to live in a world without you anymore Jess. I won't do it. I can't live in a world like this without you"

"You'll…make…" Jess coughed up more blood. Her heart squeezed again and beat faster. Faster and faster. The poison raced laced its cold dreadful fingers around each heartbeat, squeezing a bit more of Jess's end into her body.

She pushed Meghan away with her last bit of energy. Jess lifted the knife; the knife that had chopped off so many heads. That had ended so many lives…or deaths….

Jess gasped. She dropped the knife. Her heart gave one final squeeze and finally gave up on its fight. Jess collapsed on the hard earth and took in her last breathing breathe. In her dying moment, she tried to desperately cling to who she was, what she was and who she loved

I'm Jess, I've been fighting this war against the living dead for two years. And I can't quit on Meghan. She's the only one I love anymore; I can't die now. Not when Meg is so close to the safe zone…..

Meghan leaned over her sister's body. She pressed her hand against Jess's cold fingers and cried silently; the reality came down on Meghan with crushing finality. Jess was gone. Jess was dead and the world was colder and emptier. A raging emptiness ate into her. Everything had been taken from her; her mother, her father, and now her sister

Was life living? Meghan shook her head. Life wasn't worth living in a world filled with the dead.

Jess stirred

Meghan wiped her tears "Jess?" she asked hopefully "Jess?"

Jess sat up. Her head rolled to the side; Meghan stared. Jess's eyes fluttered open. They weren't the brown Meghan knew so well; they pure white and iris-less.

"Jess?" Meghan asked "Jess…"

"Jess?" Meghan whispered "Jess…?"

[Authors Note: I did this on purpose. You, the reader, should let your imagination figure out the rest. Will Meghan live? Or will she join Jess in her second life?"]