I'M BACK WITH MORE SMUT BABY! You guys probably know me as the gal who wrote My Sexy Teaching Assistant, I will be writing a sequel. So enjoy this new story which will feature my very first lemon. Seriously, this is my first ever lemon and I hope you guys enjoy this. Tell me how I can improve it and sorry if it's not very explicit.

I've always had a crush on my best friend, Jesse. It all started when I first met him, I was nine years of age and we were both in year 5. When Mr Heinz first introduced him to the class, I immediately felt drawn to him.

Jesse had tanned skin, azure eyes and short raven coloured hair. He had just moved to London after living in Tennessee for the past seven years even though he was born in the UK. To me, his background to me personally, had made him mysterious which was part of the attraction. Mr Heinz placed him in the seat next to me because my best friend, Elizabeth moved to a private school as her parents believed that this school was too rambunctious.

As soon as he sat down next to me, I gave him my biggest grin and held out my right hand, "Hi, I'm Chanel. You know, like the designer brand."

He returned my handshake, "Cute name, I'm Jesse." He spoke with a Southern twang.

My heart pounded harder, ok Chanel and keep your cool.

"Thanks Jesse, I love your name as well as your accent." I babbled.

I realised that I sounded totally crazy and not in a good way. Luckily he found me really funny and ever since that day we've been super close. We even adopted some of the same hobbies, but our absolute favourite hobby was swimming.

However Jesse was a stronger swimmer than I was and he always used that as an excuse to dunk my head under the water. I knew that it was only harmless messing about. Even after eight years my feelings for him haven't changed.

Before you ask, no we're not dating. I'm afraid to tell him my true feelings because I'm afraid that he'll reject me and it'll make our friendship more awkward. Unfortunately for me, Jesse dates other girls who are really pretty. And why wouldn't he? Over the years, he has matured into a handsome young man. He's now six feet tall with sun kissed skin, his short black hair into carefully gelled spikes and his perfect washboard abs.

It was no wonder that most girls couldn't keep their hands off of him. I still turned green with envy when I saw any girl flirting with him that should be me. I'm not ugly but I think I'm a bit plain in comparison to other girls. I have limp, wavy light brown hair that reaches my shoulders, pale skin (like Kristen Stewart pale), dark brown eyes and I'm five foot, seven inches. I'm not fat but I'm not thin if you get what I'm saying.

Anywho today was the day that everything changed. Every Friday afternoon, the entire swim team would meet after school at the pool. There were only six of us on the team, three girls and three guys. Practise always started at 4:30pm and ended at 6:00pm. But Coach suddenly announced at 5:00pm because he had some business to attend to. Everybody (apart from Jesse) was overjoyed as Coach Anderson was a hard taskmaster who rarely allowed us to leave practise early.

"Coach, will it be ok if I stay behind and do some laps?" Jesse asked.

"That's the type of determination I'm hoping to see Rosen. Just don't forget to pack everything away." Coach grinned.

I immediately waved my hand in the air, if Jesse stayed behind then so would I.

"Yes Taylor." Coach called on me.

"Will it be ok if I stay behind as well?" I asked.

Coach agreed but he made it clear that nobody else should stay behind because we would be unsupervised. We both dived into the pool and started to swim laps until Coach and the rest of the team had left. I immediately got out of the pool and watched Jesse swim. You could see how much he loved swimming from the way his eyes had that focused look and how he allowed nothing to distract him. God, why must he be so hot?

I started to gently kick my legs in the aqua blue water, while sitting on the poolside. I was so caught up in my thoughts, that I didn't notice Jesse swimming up to me before pulling my legs so that I ended up face planting into the water. I started to attack Jesse while he laughed.

"That's...not...funny!" I exclaimed with each punch to his arm.

"Calm down, its not like I took your bikini top off!" He laughed.

I started to think of several scenarios. How would he react if he saw my bare breasts? Would he get all flustered?

"Pervert!" I screeched.

"Calm down Chanel, its not like I actually stripped you. I have morals." He rolled his eyes.

"So you're saying I don't? Thanks a lot (!) At least I haven't gone out with over a thousand girls!"

Ok so maybe I'm over exaggerating, but I'm trying to prove a point. But I hate thinking about Jesse and girls as I always have a tendency to imagine that he's slept with most of them. I mean he's young, seventeen and attractive. Why can't I be dating or fucking him? I know, because I had to be friends with him when I was nine. If I wasn't his best friend then he would be looking at me as girlfriend material.

It was 5:30pm when we left the pool because we both agreed on quickly stopping off home before going to the cinema to catch this special showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I loved Janet, especially when she sung 'Toucha, Toucha, Touch Me'. I liked seeing how she was able to seduce Rocky who was extremely hot and muscular. If only it was as easy to do that in real life...

I quickly broke out of my thoughts before wrapping my towel around myself and running into the girls changing rooms. I was alone which scared me a bit because what if somebody tried to attack me? I shook those thoughts out of my head that will never happen to me.

I was taking off my drenched swimming blue kit (well more like a bikini) when I noticed that there were like small peas on the front of my shirt. Great, my nipples are erect. That always happens when I get too cold, hopefully nobody noticed as that's super embarrassing.

I walked into one of the shower cubicles and pressed one of the buttons. A cascade of warm water started to pound into my back which caused the air to smell like chlorine. Ergh, the smell of chlorine always made me feel a little bit sick. Time for me to smell like strawberries! I started to feel around for my bottle of strawberry scented soap except I couldn't find it. I opened my eyes and looked everywhere in the cubicle. Nothing.

I reluctantly walked out of the shower and started to dig through my bag (did I mention I was stark naked). I face palmed when I realised that I had left it at home. Maybe Jesse will have some soap? I almost walked out of the changing rooms in my current state, until I felt a cold breeze which reminded me that I had no clothes on. I took a towel and wrapped it around myself before I went to the men's changing room.

Even though it was forbidden for either gender into the opposite gender's changing room, it was just Jesse and l. He wouldn't mind. I walked quickly because even though it was July and hot, the wind was still pretty chilly. I had to rub my arms because of the Goosebumps that were now appearing. I could hear the patter of water which indicated that somebody was using the showers.

I was about to alert Jesse of my presence when I heard his speak, "Chanel…"

My body immediately tensed up before relaxing, so he knows I'm here. I took it as a sign to continue my venture into the boys changing rooms.

"Chanel…" I heard him moan again.

I was puzzled but I didn't say anything. When I made it to where the showers were, it all made perfect sense. Jesse was, well…naked. Obviously he had to be naked to have a shower, but it's what he was doing that I found shocking. He was jerking himself off (I believe the correct term is masturbating) which meant I got an eyeful of his dick.

It was bigger than I expected, my dreams didn't do the real thing any justice. It was obvious that Jesse didn't know that I was there; otherwise he would be blushing and covering himself up. So he's masturbating while thinking about me, awesome. I could take advantage of this. I padded over to him and kneeled down in front of him. This was going to be fun.

I flicked out my tongue and licked his tip. He froze but he didn't open his eyes, this time I took him all the way into my mouth, suppressing my gag reflex. That was when his eyes snapped open and he gasped in surprise when he saw me.

"What are you…?"

I answered him but giving him my most lustful eyes. Surprisingly he complied and moaned. He snaked one of his hands through my hair.

"Chanel…faster…" he gasped.

I started to bob my head up and down, occasionally rubbing his balls. Suddenly a hot substance fill my mouth, it tasted salty. Did Jesse just…cum in my mouth? I immediately pulled his erection out of my mouth and streams of cum dripped down my chin. Some of it dripped onto my towel, while I licked my lips to catch the rest.

"Nice." I rolled my eyes.

"Sorry, I just couldn't control myself. What are you doing here? And why did you just give me a blowjob?" Jesse demanded.

I chuckled, he still hasn't figured it out yet, "Why, did you not like my blowjob? And technically the correct term for this would be fellatio."

"Can't you just be serious for one second?" he asked.

I slowly (and hopefully seductively) rose up from the ground, "Why? It's more fun to mess around. In fact…oops."

I had 'accidentally' dropped my towel, revealing my naked body. I know that I should feel weird or ashamed for putting Jesse through this, but the moment I saw him masturbating and gave him that blowjob, I had passed the point of no return. I placed my hands on my hips (did I mention that the shower was still running) and tried to give Jesse an innocent look. He was having a hard time keeping his eyes on my face, I started to laugh.

"Look, ya know ya wanna." I winked.

"What is up with you? I thought we were just friends." Poor Jesse seems to be so confused, I better help him.

I leaned my face in so that my lips were touching his left ear, "That's the problem; I don't wanna be friends anymore. I wanna be more than that."

Jesse abruptly moved his head so that he was looking me in the eyes, "So you think that you need to have sex with me in order to become my girlfriend?"

I jumped on him so that my legs were around his waist and my arms were hanging around his neck, "Touch-a, touch-a, touch-a, touch me, I wanna be dirty! Thrill me, chill me, fulfil me, creature of the night." I sang.

I smashed my lips against his and started to shove my tongue into his mouth, trying to get him to kiss me. At first his tongue was placid but after a few seconds he returned my kiss and our tongues started to do a tango together. One of his hands was stroking my hair, while his other was touching my waist. God, please tell me that this isn't a dream. I don't want this moment to end.

Suddenly I could feel something poking my entrance, looks like somebody's gone hard again. Let's just skip this foreplay and get straight to the main event. Hmm, sex in a shower, well some people do say I have a dirty mind. But how to tell Jesse I want to fuck him?

"Jesse? Can I have sex with you?" I asked.

That caused him to jolt, "What? Why me?" he asked.

"I've got an itch to scratch, I need assistance! Touch-a, touch-a, touch-a, touch me, I wanna be dirty!" I winked at him.

"Some girls talk dirty and I'm stuck with a girl who sings about being dirty." he muttered.

"That's why you love me; don't make me sing 'Peacock' by Katy Perry." I threatened him.

He shuddered before winking at me. What is he planning? Jesse lowered me down to my feet, "I just dropped the soap, could you get it for me?"

I rolled my eyes, what is going through his head. As I leant forward to look for the "soap", he grabbed my waist before plunging inside me. Even though I had torn my hymen long ago (I was using a long, thick mascara bottle to masturbate because I was pretending I was having sex with Jesse) I was still a virgin and it felt weird having something so thick in me. It could feel like this burning pain inside me, until Jesse started to move. The pain started to fade and I was overcome with a familiar pleasure.

"Jesse…faster…please." I begged him.

"As you wish."

He rammed even harder into my pussy, I felt slightly uncomfortable with my current position, so I leaned forward. I discovered that it allowed deeper penetration with new levels of bliss. Jesse moved his hands so that they were now resting on my breasts; he had one in each hand. He started to knead them while playing with my nipples, I shivered in delight. I started to rock my hips to the rhythm of his cock, but I had to hold onto to a towel rack do that I wouldn't lose my balance.

Eventually we both slowed down and I thought Jesse would pull out. His hands had returned to my waist and I felt his nails dig into my hips before he dumped his entire load into me. I couldn't hold onto my climax either and my walls tightened around his member. It was official; we were both spent and didn't have the energy to carry on. I fell to the floor like a ragdoll.

I looked up to Jesse, met his gaze, before I burst out laughing. He joined in, nobody was ever going to believe this but then again they would never find out. It would be our dirty little secret.

Odds are I'll be creating a sequel for this story. Jesse and Chanel will be in even more 'awkward' situations with even more sex scenes. The sequel might start with Jesse's POV. Don't forget:


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