((Poem on Kalona in Destined in the HoN series. Read, enjoy, review. ))

Darkness has been your humble home for many a' centuries

Fallen from Nyx's side, you feel nothing; no pain, no sorrow, and lastly no love,

For you there can be no way to forget your evil centuries

Except to follow your buried heart, and learn from thy sweet, innocent, and loving dove.

Kalona's song is sweet,

It need not be song with sorrow and pain,

No more do you slaughter with cold heat,

As you realize that life isn't all about the gain.

Nyx is within your very grasp,

Light has finally entered your darkened heart,

Darkness is no longer in your choking clasp,

Light has finally released it's cupids dart.

Darkness fills your immortal spirit no more,

For Nyx has finally allowed you to see Her true light waiting at Her door.