My Philosophy

When life gives you lemons, make apple juice.

If you think it is easy, you already failed.

Go in expecting the worst, and receive the best.

A picture isn't worth a thousand words; a word is worth a thousand pictures.

Politics is like a game of monopoly, it never ends and there seems to be plenty of get-out-of-jail-free cards.

Horror movies were created to scare you out of your stupid ways.

I would rather watch Twilight Sparkle do magic tricks, than watch a Twilight vampire sparkle.

If the grass is greener on the other side, is the grass you crossed greener now?

The difference between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam is location.

A movie is just the boring version of a book.

If you give up, then you can't say you tried.

Courage is the coward's game.

RAP. Retards Attempting Poetry

Music is what emotions sound like? I am pretty sure my emotions don't sound like a seizure.

If rock is the devil's music, then hip-hop is the devil's shit.

Tomorrows a new day. Thanks captain obvious.

A bully is a bully because that is all they know.

Ok, to the perosn who reviewed. Don't look so far into things. Religions differ because of the location they started, different locations have different cultures. As for the grass one, If you cross the grass to get to the other side, the grass next to you is the one you just came from. As for if you think it is easy, you already failed. You are just looking too far into it. It is for the arogant people, I will leave it at that. And lastly, curage is a cowards game because only the cowardly will believe someone is brave, while the brave will tell you they just did what thy had to do. As for writing, I have writen a total of 30 stories and poems I think I am at now. I'm not sure I am the one who needs to leave the site, just saying. Anyway, people who actually read this, I mainly wrote this because if he was confused on those then others will be aswell so I thought I would explain them.