Hey all! This is a collection of short stories... written by myself... so at the top will be the title and a liitle description... most of them will be depressing... just a heads up...

Bloody Egypt.

Hestia has just become Queen: at the age of six! Her cousin hasn't been around, but she sure is pissed.

Father was a good king. He ruled Egypt with an iron fist. He was also a loving father. When Ariveno, my older brother, and I walk in, he has a smile as large and magnificent as the Nile. Now he lies in his golden pyramid, his smile still on his face. Next to his is my mother's pyramid, just as glorious as my father's. Ariveno said that father and mother have been planning these pyramids for the last 20 years, almost half their lives.

I don't remember my mother. She died just after I was born. Ariveno remembers her though. He says that she had beautiful blue eyes, as blue as the Nile.

"Hestia, what are you doing in my crown?" My cousin Resola screeched, as she stormed over to Ariveno and I, her face as red as Anubis' pit.

"Dearest cousin, Hestia is born the crown of queen, as I the role of pharaoh. When Hestia is being weighed, Anubis forbid soon, you will wear the crown," Ariveno replies, the slightest bit of irritation in his voice. He never enjoyed Resola's company. Neither did I, but I would gladly give her the crown. I do not wish the power of all of Egypt.

"She is too young!" Resola yelled, stomping her feet on the hot sand. "Only of six years is too young to rule a growing Empire! Let me take the crown from her, I should be queen!"

Now Ariveno was getting impatient. His face as red as the sand under his feet. He voiced, "You would be no better a queen. You care of only your own blood and soul. You would use the power evilly, destroying the proud Empire we are to rule. No man, woman, or child would be safe if you wore the crown."

"Hestia will make a fine and caring queen," Ariveno continued. "She is noble, loving, and true. These traits you will never hold Resola, never," With that, Ariveno grabbed my arm and together we walked away, the new Queen and pharaoh of Egypt.

The next week or so went by quickly. Resola has been unspotted all this time. "She will show herself soon," Ariveno says. "It isn't like her to keep quiet for long."

"Turn," my dress maker, Tortola said. She makes all my outfits. We have really bonded over my dressing hours.

"Have you seen Resola lately?" I ask her. She walks around the castle when all is silent. She would now if Resola was sneaking around.

"No maim, Resola has stayed in her chambers for long of timing, her meals sent to her. Why asking my Queen?" Tortola asks, using the same quiet tone as always. Tortola is a fairly quiet woman, only talking when talked to. The perfect example of one in the presence of a Queen.

"I haven't seen her myself. Maybe I should give her a visit, bring her a meal. Would that satisfy her, allow her to forgive me?" I ask Tortola, waiting for a response.

"That would be suited maim," Tortola says, finishing my dress.

"Then I will do it tonight!" I smile at my idea. I will make sure Resola is all right about me being Queen.

That night I walked down the castle's narrow hallways. When I reach Resola's door, I take a deep breath and knock. "Cousin, it is I, Hestia, may I come in?" I ask into the door.

"Ah, Hestia, come in come in," Resola replies in a scratchy voice. I open the door with a squeak. Resola is crouched on the floor just in front of me. I walk towards her holding her meal.

"I have your me-"I start but am cut off when Resola takes the knife from the plate and tries to slice me with it.

"Guards!" I scream backing out of the room, dropping the plate, but Resola is much quicker and stronger. She is at the door with the knife held if front of her. Then she run and strikes again. Even though I moved away, I was sliced in the arm. Resola takes a final strike and it hits me in the stomach. The girl I once knew as a cousin jumped out the window, leaving me as the blood slowly leaves my body, forming a red Nile.

Two days later: Ariveno

Hestia was buried in her premade pyramid. Resola and I now stand together. Only Resola and I know how Hestia had truly died. Stabbed in the heart out of revenge. Disgusting.

Resola had acted as if she was out of the castle. When she "arrived" I had been sitting next to Hestia's dead body. She had told me what Resola had done, in very short words.

Now I stood next to Hestia's killer. The citizens believe that Hestia had tripped over her own feet and the knife stabbed her heart. No one knew her killer was the new Queen of Egypt. No one ever did.