Can I tell you somethin?
A somethin so deadly
So quiet yet distinct.
This somethin is so horrible.
Ya see, this somethin's' got to do with the fact
That we're just not living.
Ya see, we're all dead.
When we die we are actually being born.
We just see how they are going to die,
When, why, how.
Simple as that.
But you know what?
The ghost we see are actually the living.
Thats right.
The reason why we see em is because,
Well you can guess already.
They're investigating us.
Don't believe me?
Well aliens aren't the only ones.
Nope. Ya see,
The gouvernment created this THING.
Yeah thats right,
This THING, defied everything.
It's the reason why we are goin in reverse.
Instead of livin then dyin,
We're dying then livin,'
Then dyin again.
Ya see,
Them aliens ain't the problem,
It's the government.
The aliens are here to protect us.
Protect us from what you ask?
From the government of course!
Ya see,
When aliens do test on us,
They are actually seeing if we're affected.
Affected by what?
You ask to many obvious questions.
Affected by the THING.
Ya see, the government,
They've been here since the beginning of time.
Before the universe.
They created the universe,
Then wrote the bible to get rid of the fact.
They created that thing by shooting 'objects'.
Ya gonna ask what 'objects' are ya?
Well I'll tell ya.
Them UFO's they been shooting.
Shooting em right outta the sky.
But it's losin power,
Earth's population is gettin too big.
That THING, controled everything.
It CONTROLS everything.
How do you thing,
'Miricles by God' happen?
How do we forget somethin?
Just a slip of the mind?
No, not at all.
It's that THING.
It locks up our minds,
Causin us to only use 10-15% of our brains.
When we think of somethin,
Somethin outta this world,
(Or in),
That's us unlockin our brains,
You get second thoughts,
You forget,
All because of that,
I just hope we'll be able to fight it.
The living already is.
Why do you thing we see 'ghost'?
That's the living defying it.
Defying the THING.
Reader, beware the THING.
Keep your mind,
Your eyes,
And imagination open.
That's the only thing,
The only thing,
That can save us.
The creatures you call myth,
They are real.
Places of legend,
Aren't so legend.
Every legend,
My legend also,

Had become,
Well maybe hadn't become,
But are,
One. So take heed.
Everything isn't what they seem.
Everyone isn't what they seem either.
Your friend is your enemy,
Your enemy is your friend.
That is what I shall tell you for now.
Do not leave the book.
Do not lose the book.
For if in the wrong hands,
Or if THEY get it,
All is lost.
No more questions.
Atleast not now.
Not until more is revealed.
Not until you understand more.
Now go and live your dead life.
Oh right you don't understand.
You will soon...
Very soon.

Nerlie Omens

This is what the book Jason's deceased grandfather gave him, to read. What does he mean that he'll find out soon? Jason's father always said his grandfather was crazy. This book was the icing on the cake but if he was crazy, how did the book know about him even though it seemed to be written since time began? He continued to read the book but nothing else seemed to be written. As he scaled the pages a 6 time, the words seemed to disappear. Jason began to panic until new words faded in onto the paper.

Don't be alarmed...
There were others like you who owned this book.
Will you accept the same mission that befell them?
Will you be able to do what they couldn't?
Do you have what it takes to accept everything I've told you and more you shall find out?
You have 2 days.
You can accept this mission your grandfather passed down to you?
If you don't accept, just place this book in the river and forget everything you have learned, forget about this book.
2 days. Young Jason.
Choose wisely.

Jason stared at the page til his eyes watered. On the very bottom, two circles popped up with 'Yes' or 'No' Press finger on answer. Still alittle disbelieving, Jason placed his finger on yes and held it there until something scratched his finger. He took his finger off of it with a gasp. His finger was bleeding. The words on the book changed to a big bold sentence:


Welcome aboard; prepare to see a world we all ignore.

Thus began the adventures of Jason through something we all ignore.