This i the new chapter..for now. We have a new character:D

"Jake they need you over at headquarters, how soon can you come in"

"I'm on my way", I sat up, yawned and got out of bed.

I did my daily routine and I was soon out the door on my way to headquarters. I called my best friend. Dennis. "Dennis I'm sorry, but it looks like I'm not going to be able to come to school today." I said.

"Why not?" Even over the phone his voice sounded groggy.

"I have a family emergency, sorry"

I hated lying, but it was the only way I could protect him. If he knew what I was doing, they would look for him in order to get to me.

"Alright man I'll call you later with the homework and stuff." he said while yawning.

"Thanks I owe you" I smiled.

"Yeah yeah, whatever, Goodbye." And with that he hung up.

I continued on my way until I reached the warehouse. I went into through the back entrance. I lifted the garage door and slipped in. I then proceeded towards the back of the room; I flipped the switch and entered my code J8321 the woman on the keyboard greeted me with "Access granted." The wall swiveled around revealing an enormous facility. There were hundreds of men and women sitting at their desks, the agents were in the glass rooms talking about their next mission. I walked over, opened the door and found my seat.

"Now there you're here Jake we'll start." I nodded my head towards her and she began talking.

I tried to pay as much attention to her as possible, but it was hard to ignore the piercing glares from my peers. "Our next mission is to rescue Sakura …"

"Hey suck up, why are you here" it was Randy again.

Ever since I was accepted into the agency, he's been bullying me. Not that it bothers me, it just he gets annoying. I tuned back into the director, ignoring Randy.

"She has been kidnapped, by Red Hawke. She was last seen at Maple high school."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing; she had gone to the same school as me?

"The motive as to why she was taken is classified to you; your objective is to work together to free her from Red Hawke. Meeting adjourned."

Everyone got up and left the room and headed to their computers. I sat their in disbelief.

"Now do you understand why on want you on this case Jake?" said the director.

"Yes ma'am," I said but then I thought of something " I have a question ma'am if I may?"

"Go ahead I'm not stopping you." She answered.

"What would Red Hawke want with a normal high school student?"

The director stared at him for a while then answered,

"There are some things are better left unsaid." She left the room, and all I could do was sit and think about Sakura.