Area 4

Chapter one: Street boy

The Kingdom of Jersylle used to be a magical place. Where hungriness never occurred and nobody was kicked out of their homes. The kingdom used to supply all of their need's, never allowing one to become sick, always healthy. It was a kingdom that was made of pure gold and silver, with cream white houses made into the image of Greek buildings, the ones with the columns and artwork across the top of the ceiling. But now, things have changed. Now Jersylle is in great debt. The "Noblemen" collect taxes whenever they feel like doing so, and they raise the price every so often. The noble's have turned Jersylle into a shameful place, a place where hopes and dreams are condemned. The Kingdom changed from a colorful greenery to a dull grey, a grey town where every man fights for himself. An unfair place, some may call it, other's say it's a real trouble.

The moon is rising as many people pull their shutter's close. The protector's whip the homeless kids off of the street as they barge through the town, pushing anyone they see in sight. The protector's are, as sad as it may seem, considered a noble. The protector's are like police, searching for little kids trying to steal money from the wealthy, looking for bandits and outlaws that try to slip into the Area's and get a place to stay, and mostly clearing the street's of the unworthy. A protector walks up to a small kid and laugh's hysterically as the kid holds a shiny rock the size of his own bony hand. It was clear that this boy hasn't eaten since a week ago or two, and it was even clearer that this poor boy has been wearing the same clothes for his whole life. His baggy pants cut off above the ankle, his wrinkled shirt sleeves too short for his liking, he even wore a shoe on his left foot, the other foot was bare.

The boy watched as every one gathered into there houses, somehow longing for the feeling of a safe place, the warmth a house would bring. The protector slapped the boy across the cheek, laughing like he was drunk, and pushed the kid backwards. The boy stumbled a bit and regained his balance, his hand trembling with the rock, ready to strike if he needed to. "kids these days! You be happy that ima let you go!" yelled the man "younger than the norm…" the man softened a bit, but he kept right on laughing "jushhh… run" he slurred, but the boy wasn't about to pass up this rare opportunity. Instead, he planted his feet steadily and stabbed the rock in the man's stomach, the boy pressed harder and harder, and waited until the man would stop groaning and be dead. Tear's came to his eye's and he looked down "you nobles" he commented "look what you've made me do" but the boy knew exactly what he was supposed to do, and readily took the chance. The chance to run, the chance to escape the forbidding Area 4.

I wanna get outta here, the boy thought, I wanna get outta here before mutation start's…The boy ran, trying to catch his breath as he crossed the electric fence of Area 4 and found himself in Area 5. He squeezed his head through two wires, and then his arms and feet, keeping his body in a peculiar position so the electric current carried through-out the fence would not hurt him. He knew that at any minute the entire electric fence would turn up in flames, making sure that any lil' kid cant cross. Not a second too late was an understatement as he rolled onto the ground as the fence flamed up.

Breathing hard, the boy picked himself up and made sure that he was on the move. He ran, but he knew that he would never make it in time. By the time he rolled onto Area 6, the mutation's would already be half-way done. The boy clawed his way into the city, hoping that nobody would notice him or point him out to others. The lad knew all to quickly that he would never make it to freedom as the town began to get quieter and quieter and the main city began to get louder and more crowded. The only people around were the noble's, and the noble's never go to mutation. They were the rich, the worthy ones of life. While on the other hand, there was the mediocre and the poor, the ones that were worth experimenting on, the ones that should give up life because they meant nothing. The little kid ran into the main city and froze, knowing that if he stayed back, the protector's would find him and bring him back to Area 4, but if he stood within the crowd, he would surely be taken. Only the stronger, healthier and wealthier people got to have another day of living until the next year, and then, they too, have to go to Mutation.

Please he prayed let me live another day… but he was not one of the stronger boy's, he was actually one of the smallest, puniest boy's any one has ever seen. The boy knew that it was him that was going, no question about it. Some wealthy people examined the crowd, pulling some boys aside and leaving the rest alone. The boy shivered violently and tears sprang into his eye's me, its me…terror struck him as he felt a solid hand take a firm grip on his shoulder and pull him out of the crowd. The man looked at him and asked "name?" The boy shivered even more as the "Noble" pulled him closer until they were face to face "I said name, lad!" he yelped out in pain as the man smacked him "Thorn! Just Thorn!" yelled the boy from Area 4 as he was handed down a long line of "Nobles" and passed into a large car. "No!" yelled Thorn, but the doors were shut behind him before he could even say a word.

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