D'accord, so this story and the story that developed in French class are sorta my apologies for not updating. But things have been hectic and I'm not done yet, so in the mean time, I'm going to put this up. And also, in till I figure out how to put up literature on DA, I'll be dropping 'em off here. Not like the people on DA need to see this one. WARNING: This gets slightly descriptive with a 13 year olds developing body. Namely mine. So, if you don't want to read about my recent amazement in the bathtub (regarding ice cubes in hot water), go somewhere else. If you do—or are just curious enough—then read on!

I walked into the smallest room in my house, the bathroom. It was a windowless, light green room with white tiles on the floor that had brown in between them. I sat down on the dirty cream-colored toilet and began to pee, relieving myself of what had been inside my bladder for the past three hours or so.

Wiping myself of any access liquids, I took three steps over a pile of old newspaper and a mellow aqua colored rug and into the tub. Bending over and removing stray hairs form the bottom, then filling it with hot water; I relaxed and began to cover myself with water and watering the parts that needed so, especially at this time of month.

I heard my mother enter, and then she closed the shower curtain and began to clean herself up for the night; peeing, brushing her teeth, and washing her face. Once she was done she asked me if I wanted anything. I had been oddly thirsty, so I asked for a glass of cold water. When she returned, I thanked her and drank the water in a few gulps. Looking down in the cup, I saw the ice cubes she had added to the water. I didn't know what to do with them. Then, in a moment of pure inspiration, I dumped the contents of the cup, a yellow cup with ridges, into the tub of hot water.

The cold was there momentarily, and then all I could see were the ice cubes. I grabbed one and felt the cold water…drifting away. It was an odd sensation, like when water runs out of your dry hands. Grabbing the other, I felt the same thing. They were…the ice cubes were…almost, slowly…just dying.

I held on until the ice was gone and I could no longer see it. But I felt like it was still there, just hiding from me. Waiting for me to find it.

This will make a lot more sense if you just go home, fill your tub up with warm/hot water (depends on what you like) and dup two ice cubes in. It's pretty cool, if you ask me.