A write-up of a talkshow hosted by your's truly. You can check it our on my youtube channel (under construction but the vids are still up)

Overlapping dialogue is displayed with parentheses, Example:

Josh: This is just an example…( Bill: Can we show an example?) …I just did.

Interruptions are displayed with hyphens, Example:

Josh: I swear to-

Bill: Let me stop you there…

Josh: Welcome to Talkshow 92! Where we talk about anything, anytime, anywhere…

Bill: We need to change our intro, badly.

Josh: Well that's improper English...

Bill: No, it isn't, and don't change the subject.

Josh: I feel we have more important things to discuss today than our year old intro.

Bill: It makes no sense, 'anywhere'? We never leave this studio.

Cataract: It's hardly a studio… (Josh: It's just something you say! Every talkshow has an intro)...don't consider your room a studio.

Bill: And today's topic! Zombies.

Josh: We always have that topic, but anyway, let's get things started, we'll be taking callers, emails, all that later, feel free to live chat on twitter during the show.

Bill: We don't have a twitter. Alright, so my producer tells me… (Josh: Me)…that we want to discuss this from the ground up.

Cataract: First off, get a gun.

Bill: No, what the hell? Why would you even open your mouth?

Cataract: Guns are…(Josh: I think it's a valid opening)…priority in any apocalypse.

Bill: I'm not arguing that, I'm saying the first thing you need is anything but a gun…shelter maybe?

Josh: Or a deathbed.

Cataract: Guns lead to shelter.

Bill: In what way? How do they even-

Cataract: Use it to take over a home.

Josh: So you don't want to team-up?

Bill: It's not a scavenger hunt, you don't 'team-up'.

Cataract: Actually, it is a scavenger hunt.

Bill: For God's sake –

Josh: No, no, he's right. You're always looking for food and 'shelter'.

Bill: Hold on, we have a caller, surprisingly…you're on the air caller number 1.

Caller 1: Is there any point to this talkshow? All you guys do is argue and bitch over useless topics that apply to nothing. How much do you spend a month to keep this station running?

Cataract: It's actually $38.99 a month…so

Bill: Why would you tell him –

Caller 1: I got some advice…why don't you stop wasting your…(Josh: Annnnd next caller!)…

Josh: Caller number 2, you're on!

Caller 2: I also have a talkshow, you guys are pretty funny, would you mind listening to mine?

Josh: Stop calling and asking! Get your own damn viewers! No more callers!

Bill: That's a compliment sandwich guy. 'You're funny, watch my show'.

Josh: No more callers today…

Cataract: Good, cause we have an email, it reads: Dear Bill, why do you act so stuck up, you're not even the host and you pretend you are. You'd be the first to die in an apocalypse, followed by Cataract…then Josh.

Bill: I'm sorry, was that…(Josh: Ha, I make it the longest.)…a question? Why am I stuck up? Because people like you ruin the economy.

Josh: Well, great way to get more viewers! Let's blame them for the economy!

Bill: We don't need those kind of viewers anyway.

Josh: Considering we only have a pool of about thirty viewers I'd…(Cataract: Yeah)…say we do.

Bill: Who wrote that anyway?

Cataract: Uh…(Josh: Not really important…)…it was from leder in Michigan.

Bill: Leder, or Redel? It was you.

Josh: So what? Nobody email's us, thought I'd help a little.

Cataract: Our talkshow is so staged…

Bill: Sadly.

Josh: This concludes our featured presentation.

Bill: We're not featured…(Cataract: For $50 we could be.)…never.

Josh: We'll see you back next weekend on Talkshow 92!

Another element of writer's block!

Thanks for reading!

- Legkicker