the sounds of sleep
all around me
no one is alive enough
to hear my cry.

i lay awake in the dark
crying and alone
in my black, naked mind.

creep down the stairs
out the door
into the night,
the only light in the darkness.

walking down the summer warm streets
alight with lamps
tears raining from me
but here i can cry in peace
because i am alone

running down the hard street my feet are bleeding.
I don t care.
away from my loneliness

the street flooding with my tears
the drains suck it up with greed
they care not for my sadness

the stars look at me blinking with wonder
at the girl running down the street
with tears in her eyes and a cry on her lips

the grass alive and soft,
a forgiving bed in my night.
plummet down.
and cry here.

i have to go home soon
before they find me here
and take away
even my dark blanket of night.