My first kinda Dark Poem. It's a love story. Not a very happy one, but a love story all the same.

I Am Alone


by XxmickeyTxX


I am alone.

Every day I walk away from you,
your shadow following like my guardian angel.
I see your face,
and that empty feeling fills me once more.
It gnaws at my core,
and I feel alone again.

I am alone,
with your eyes boring into mine.
You are always there,
but your mind is not.
Your mind is free to fly.
It searches for things mine cannot.

While mine search for a way out of solitude,
yours tell a secret.
Of what it is like to have a companion to love,
one to rely on and protect.
How can I see those things?
In your deep pools of grey how can I see,
when you are not there?

I am alone,
your shadow being my only reminder of once was.
That relentless shadow,
how it sickens me.
It is the darkness that consumes my soul,
taking me away from you.

I am alone,
and I will always be alone.
If I want you here,
here you will be.
I feel your presence,
but you are nowhere to be found.

I turn to you,
and all I see is this:
Your shadow of darkness,
endless pools of grey filling me with that empty feeling once more.

I am alone,
though I am not.
You are here,
though you are not.
I must leave this place,
and be alone.
You follow,
but I am still alone.

I am alone. So please, review.