It happens every time, forbidden love ending in disaster

Two esteemed fighters of opposing clans

The moon and the sun

The strongest in the nation with the clan leader's son

A girl with soft fair features and a boy with a mysterious darkness

Innocent love until the war began

The girl leads her comrades, donned in armor the color of the sea

The boy leads his brethren, clad in armor the color of blood

The fray begins

Lives change and lives end

Blood is spilled and tears are shed

"Fallen comrades litter the street

Their blood and tears pool at my feet

Looking across the battle field, my enemy is in the same position

The last ones standing, along with a scattered few

We charge at one another, continuing this useless fight

One that shouldn't have happened


"He whom I loved kills my blood before my eyes

I can not hold back, I thrust my sword through his chest

He falls to his knees; he's already dead

My tears mix with my love's blood pooling at my feet and staining my face

This girl is gone. I will never regain the innocence I lost.

I will never love again"

And as she said, her heart remained closed.

No matter how strong she got

Or how much she was loved

Through all of the fame

And all of the triumph,

Never again did she open her heart

She lived for no one

And never ever cried

From this life to the ones that followed

her legacy never ended

Few have truly lived and not heard the story of Daralyn