May 17th 2012

Once again my world has dropped me. I thought the world was stable. You can count on the world. The earth will turn, the sun will rise.

But the world jerked. Solid ground turned into slippery slide. I went whirling down the rabbit's hole. Dumped from stability to this.

People say you're at a crossroads but that implies concrete options. This path or that

Two options. Even on the road less traveled you know someone's been there before.

There are no paths before me. I see the ocean. No path. No end in sight. Infinite options. The dangers are submerged, hidden. Where do the sharks feed? Where will the waves break me?

The future is invisible. We're all swimming in the ocean. friends and jobs and routines meager life rafts that give us the impression of stability. But eventually they give out and you briefly glimpse the abyss.

There are stars to guide your way, if you can read them. But I never learned how.

And even if I could what good would it do for me since I don't even know my destination. Where do I want to end up?

I thought the world was stable. I made a fatal flaw

I forgot we are all floating on magma.

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