A/N: I just wanted to try something new, with the whole '12-21-2012' coming up and all the 'End Of The World'-things... Since I also had something like this in my head for quiet a while now, I thought: lets just do it!

Summary: A Dutch girl wakes up, somewhere in the USA. For years the people on Earth have been struggling with disasters, but now millions died and complete cities have vanished into the Earth. Our planet is not safe to live on anymore, but what should she do? The girl is found by a soldier and joined with a group of other survivors. They are told to travel East, but she fears for the destructing force of the ocean.
Will the group reach the East Coast? Will they survive other people? Will they out live Earth's disasters? Will they outlive each other? Or are they all Dust In The Wind?

Prologue : Silent Ruins

'Now don't hang on. Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky.'

As she opened her eyes, a soft breeze stroke her cheek. Everything ached: her head, her ears, her legs, her fingers – everything. Slowly she sat up straight and looked around. A great empty, grey landscape emerged before her. Silence filled the once tall and proud city, which had turned into a graveyard. Buildings had mostly fallen apart. Small fires were still burning from huge explosions. The streets were – as far as she could see – covered with soulless bodies, exploded cars and bags.
Gently she stood up. Though she knew what had happened, the memory was pushed away. Her ears ached and allowed no sound to enter, not even her own screams. Carefully the eighteen year old began walking. Pain entered her body with every step. Looking down, she saw what caused her pain. On her bare feet she walked through glass, rock and shattered dreams. Most of her body was covered in torn clothes, blood and dust. Yet onwards she kept walking. She could hear no sound – nothing at all. Not the crackling fire, the blowing wind, her footsteps, her breathing – not even her own heartbeat. Everything was so, dead. Still, she kept walking.

For hours she walked on, then suddenly she saw someone. Immediately she froze and looked. A soldier. A tall, lean man, with almost blond-brownish curls. He raised one hand, as he held his machine gun in the other. Doubtful she raised her arm too As he came closer, she saw he had a friendly face. He moved his lips, but she heard nothing. While he approached, she could feel her heartbeat racing up, though her world was still mute. The soldier eventually understood she did not hear him and gestured she should follow him. She took a good look at him. He looked trustworthy with friendly brown eyes. They were calming and she found comfort in them. She nodded and followed him. There was nothing left here for her anyway.

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Top quote is from the song: 'Dust in the wind' from Kansas which I do not own