PandaKungfood: Hey random readers, I had a bad experience recently with bedbugs so I kinda created this little one-shot for all other bedbug victims, survivors and haters. Please enjoy!

They are the evolution of vampires of which came out only at night to search for their food and their population had always been abundant. They are predators-silent, small-sized and always ravenous.

She scratched and scratched frantically. The dried blood was peeled off again by her long, chipped nails and the fresh, red viscous liquid once again oozed out sickeningly, clustering to form a big blood bubble and sliding over the smooth, pale skin of her arm.

It was almost as if she was a cornered prey, and instead of killing her instantly, they literally squeezed out everything she had in her-her blood, and were tormenting her to her death in a merciless, slow manner. She knew if she told her family members, they might never let her family go. Instead of allowing her family members to be bitten by those horrible bedbugs, she chased her family out and sacrificed herself, honorably enduring the torture that they inflicted upon her night after night.

Melanie hated them, those black leeches which came out at night to suck her blood. If anything, they were like vampires, who craved the blood of humans for survival, for it was their only food source. If only she had light, she could ensure her safety for another night. But she was down to her last packet of matches. And they would only last for, at most, two hours.

It was nightfall. As the last match went off with a woosh, the house was plunged in pitch-black. Melanie shrieked and scrambled away from the wall when she felt crawling on her limbs. She knew that they were the damned bedbugs. Albeit frantically attempting to brush them off her, they didn't stop. The army marched on.

She sobbed as they clambered all over her, and sank their horribly sharp fangs into her warm, inviting skin. The scent of fresh blood pervaded the room and they went into a deep, irrevocable frenzy. At least for tonight.

There would be enough food for their kin. The starving only had to drink her blood and they wouldn't die anymore. They smiled. If there were more than one human, their entire population would be saved.

As they ravaged her horribly bitten body again and again, she could only scream in despair for she knew they would never give up. She wished that her saviour, dawn, would shine upon the house and get rid of the bed bugs. She felt so weak. The relentless bedbugs would drain her of two litres of blood every night and her oxygen deficient blood made her terribly weak.

She could not move, let alone seek help, or escape. As she tried to get up and run, her weak legs refused to move. Her muscles had been burnt for her body's energy as she had not eaten for days. Her vision blurred as the last of her energy drained out and her skeletal frame crumbled to the ground.

The last thing she heard were the bedbugs maliciously biting her and cackling in sadistic glee. But as her heart gave its final beat, she was happy, happy that her family members would never be prey to those vampiric creatures.