Hello there. This is my first try at a horror story. This was a project for Creative Writing. Stephen King wrote the beginning and the end of it. He wrote about a paragraph or two and we were supposed to fill in the middle of it. Partial credit not only goes to Mr. King, but to my friend Susette as well. She was in my group for the project. I hope you enjoy it! Please review at the end!

Suzi and I own all characters except Kirby, Randy, Brant and Skybar itself.


Stephen King
Brianna Ferguson
Susette Budge

There were twelve of us when we went in that night, but only two of us came out-my friend Kirby and me. And Kirby was insane.
All of the things I'm going to tell you about happened twelve years ago. I was eleven then, in the sixth grade. Kirby was ten and in the fifth. In those days, before gas shot up to $1.40 a gallon or more (as I recall the best deal in town at Dewey's Sunoco, where you could get hi-test for 31.9 cents, plus double S&H Green Stamps), Skybar Amusement Park was still a going concern; its great double Ferris wheel turned endlessly against a summer sky, and you could hear the great, grinding mechanical laugh of the fun-house clown even at my house, five miles inland, when the wind was right.
Yeah, Skybar was the place to go, all right-you could blast away with the .22 of your choice at Pop Dupree's Dead-Eye Shootin' Gallery, you could ride the Whip until you puked, wander into the Mirror Labyrinth, or look at the Adults Only freak tent and wonder what was in there...you especially wondered when the people came out, white-faced, some of the women crying , or hysterical. Brant Callahan said it was all just a fake, whatever it was, but sometimes I saw the doubt even in Brant's tough gray eyes.
Then, of course, the murders started, and eventually Skybar was shut down. The double Ferris stood frozen against the sky, and the only sound the mechanical clown's mouth produced was the lunatic hooting of the sea breeze. We went in, the twelve of us, and...but I'm getting ahead of myself. It began just after school let out that June; it began when Randy Stayner, a seventh-grader from the junior high school, was thrown from the highest point of the SkyCoaster. I was there that day-Kirby was with me, in fact-and we both heard his scream as he came down.
Actually, lets go back a little further. It all started as a simple dare...
An ordinary day like so many others. The twelve of us had gotten together to play a game of baseball. I was at bat, the bases loaded, full count. It was all up to me, and it was the bottom of the ninth. My team was down by two, and Brant was ruthless on the mound. This guy would be a major leaguer someday.
"Hey, Brant! You gonna go easy on me this time?"
"Not a chance, Davy-boy. This one's goin' right across the plate." Brant wound up and threw a perfect fastball.
Everything seemed to go in slow motion. I could see the ball coming toward me. Next thing I knew, it was soaring in the air all the way into the next yard. I didn't even hear the shouts of victory from my team; I just stood there staring at the fence the ball had gone over. I had done it! I hit a grand small! I heard Michael and Kirby shouting from the bench, "RUN, DAVID!"
Jacob and Chris were running toward home plate, while Will was rounding second base. I finally came to my senses and bolted for first.
As I was heading for second, I saw Adam and Billy trying to scramble over the fence, but not succeeding. I smiled to myself and continued running.
When I got back to home plate, my teammates were all standing there, cheering me on. They pat me on the back, ruffled my hair, and offered high-fives. As I continued to celebrate with my teammates, Brant didn't seem too happy about the whole thing.
"Oh, so you think you're some big hot-shot now, do ya?"
"Yeah, well when was your last grand slam, Brant?"
"What are you tryin' to say?"
"Just that the reason I know I am a big hot-shot, is because I beat the one and only Brant to a grand slam. Who's ever beat you to anything in baseball? Only me. That's why I know that I am a hot-shot."
"Yeah? Well I bet you anything that you're too scared to go into Skybar." Everyone was silent and turned to me for my reaction to the dare.
"Well I'm not."
"Oh yeah? I dare you to go in there tonight. With all of us watching as witnesses."
"Fine. You just name the time and I'll be there."
"10 o'clock tonight, at the front gates."
"Ok, but will you be watching from the inside or the outside?"
"Outside, we're the witnesses that you went in."
"Oh, so are you guys too scared to go in?"
"Are you too scared to go in alone?"
"No, I just wanted to make sure you weren't too scared to go in."
"Of course we're not, right boys?" There was hesitation until Brant elbowed Tommy, who was standing next to him, in the ribs.
"Uh, right...ow!"
"Then I say all of us, one by one, go in," I challenged.
"You've got yourself a deal!"

10 o'clock that night came faster than I expected, and I soon found myself standing outside the entrance to Skybar. The double Ferris loomed overhead, and the park had an eerie silence. It was unnerving, to say the least.
"Well? What are you waiting for, Hot-shot?" Brant said smugly, breaking the silence and startling more than half of the boys there, me excluded.
"Nothin'. I'm ready if you are."
"We're waiting, O Great One." Brant gave a mock bow.
"Fine, then move out of my way." The boys cleared a path, and taking a deep breath, I walked forward to the gates. Even after the few years that the park had been closed, the lock was already rusted over. It only took a few tugs on the chain for it to break. I looked back at the others and opened the gate. It creaked so loudly, I thought neighbors nearby would surely hear it.
I walked inside, not feeling as brave as I hope I looked. The wind blew, rustling the leaves and trees, which had overgrown with the lack of up keeping since the park had been closed. I turned back to the others and said, "Ok, I'm in."
"You have to go further in! You're not afraid are you?" Brant mocked with his hands on his hips.
"Only if you are!" was my 'witty' reply.
"Of course I'm not. Just go in already!"
I sighed and walked further into the deserted park. I hated to admit it, but I was actually starting to get scared. It was totally dark and my imagination threatened to turn the dark shadows into lurking demons that would come after me. I walked until I got to where the double Ferris stood and decided that was far enough. I turned around and returned to the group, relieved it was now Brant's turn.
Brant took a deep breath and as if he had more to prove, walked past the double Ferris to the dart booth. After a minute or so, he also returned. We all turned to Randy whose eyes got large when he realized it was his turn. We could see his hands shaking as he walked into the park. He took the same path as Brant, but continued to go further. The overgrown trees blocked him from view and we lapsed back into silence. When he didn't return for a few minutes, the guys became antsy.
"Where is he?" Billy whispered fearfully.
"Should we go in after him?" Will asked.
"No, wait a few more minutes," Brant ordered.
We waited for five more minutes and there still was no sign of Randy. Suddenly, we heard a sound from inside the park. It sounded similar to the SkyCoaster.
"Wow! He's started up the SkyCoaster!" Adam said in awe.
"Let's go ride it!" Jacob suggested.
The whole pack made their way excitedly to the SkyCoaster, but was surprised to discover that Randy himself was in the car. That sparked an idea.
"Hey, let's go try some of the other rides!" Chris exclaimed.
Before I knew what was happening, I found myself standing alone with Kirby by the SkyCoaster. We were looking around to see where the others had gone when we heard the scream. We turned to see Randy falling off the top of the Coaster, his arms and legs flailing as he screamed. I tried to look away, but I couldn't and I saw his body connect with the roller coaster's frame several times before landing headfirst on the ground, blood splattering everywhere as his head was jammed into his chest.
The others, who had heard the scream, rejoined us and in horror, looked at Randy's body. We all knew instantly that he was dead. After the initial shock wore off, Will spoke up. "Where's Brant?"
"Let's go look for him." Johnny said. Deciding to stay in a group this time, we all began our search for Brant.
After walking a bit, we heard faint music coming from ahead. We followed it and saw the merry-go-round spinning around slowly, the wooden animals rising up and down as it turned. Suddenly we saw something hanging from the fringe. As it turned a little more, the light shone perfectly and we saw Brant's body hanging from the eave of the roof by what looked like a leash. His face was blue and his head was tilted at an odd angle.
The nausea welled up in my stomach and I had to fight to keep my dinner down. Two of my friends were just killed and it was more death than an eleven year old should ever have to see. I could see the rest of my friends were having the same reaction as I was. Most of them looked like they were going to be sick (I didn't blame them) and the rest were pale from fear.
Over the light music of the merry-go-round, we heard a car. Our first instinct was to run for the nearest building, which turned out to be the Mirror Labyrinth. My heart was beating in my chest frantically as we made our way further into the maze. Through the many twists and turns, the group managed to get separated.
I could hear the shouts of the other boys as we tried to find each other and called back. I tried to call out a second time, but before I could, I heard the sound of glass shattering nearby. My first thought was that someone had run into one the mirrors and broke it, so I called out and asked if everyone was all right. I got a response from everyone except Johnny and Adam. As I turned a corner, I found out why.
The two of them had actually managed to find an exit, but they hadn't been able to tell us. Huge shards of glass were jutting out of their bodies on both sides. They had been impaled when the mirror broke. It had broken with such force that the glass went straight through them. They didn't even have time to scream.
I felt that by now familiar sick feeling and turned quickly to find my friends. As I called out frantically to them, I couldn't stop the tears from welling up in my eyes, but I did fight them. I had to be strong for the rest of the guys. I just hoped I could pull it off.
The rest of the group finally found me and I tried to keep my voice steady as I told them what had happened to Adam and Johnny. Tommy and Michael started crying and we did our best to calm them down even though we felt nothing of the sort ourselves. They stopped after a few minutes and we decided it was time to get out of that park before anyone else died.
After fifteen more minutes of trying to find a way out of the labyrinth, we stepped outside into the still creepy atmosphere of the park. We looked around to see if whoever was in the car was there, but they weren't. The eight of us were the only ones there. I looked by the merry-go-round and noticed it wasn't running anymore. I looked closer and...Brant's body was gone. The leash was still there, but his body was gone.
I couldn't help the morbid curiosity that I felt when I first noticed the body was gone. What if the same thing had happened to Randy's body too? Did I really want to go back to the SkyCoaster to find out? We were really in over our heads here. Who was slowly killing all of my friends? I just had to find out if Randy was still there.
Mustering up all of my courage (well, as much as an eleven year old can have in this situation), I took off running for the SkyCoaster. The guys called out to me, asking where I was going and that we should get out of the park, but I'd made it this far, the coaster was just up ahead. I wasn't about to turn back now.
When I finally got to the base of the roller coaster, I took a second to catch my breath, and then looked around me. Just like Brant, Randy's body was gone. The blood remained where he'd hit the ground, but there was no body. Not even a trail of blood leading anywhere. I came to the realization that if Randy and Brant's bodies were gone, Johnny and Adam's must be too. This was getting way too scary.
The others found me a few seconds after my discovery. I didn't give them enough time to let the shock fully set in before I rushed them all toward the entrance. When I looked back at all of them, something just didn't seem right. "Hey, where's Michael?"
My question was answered when the huge double Ferris suddenly came to life, along with the frightened cries of our lost friend. We looked at the massive carnival ride to see Michael, his feet somehow caught in the safety bar, hanging upside down from one of bucket seats. I ran up to the controls for the double Ferris and tried to turn it off. The lever wouldn't budge. I tried again and again, even getting the others who weren't frozen in fear to help me, but it still wouldn't move...and Michael was getting closer to the ground.
His screams for help grew louder and his struggling increased, but it didn't help him. The ride continued to rotate until Michael's seat was ground level. Right there, right in front of us, we saw the upper half of his body get snapped back, his spine breaking and killing him instantly. The Ferris was still moving and taking Michael with it, his feet still caught in the safety bar. To say that we needed to get out of that park was an understatement.
I was about to lead the others to the exit of the park when Chris started to freak out. "I see him, he's out there! He's after us! He's coming! We've gotta get outta here!" Screaming, he ran away from the group back toward the middle of the park.
"Chris, stop!" Billy shouted, "Come back!"
Chris continued his sprint and the group as a whole chased after him. He turned a corner just ahead of us and when we finally turned the corner also, he was nowhere to be seen.
"Did we go the wrong way?" Tommy asked me fearfully.
"No, I saw him turn right here." Will answered, searching for Chris.
"Just keep going!" Jacob commanded. We continued the chase for several more minutes, looking all around us before we finally found Chris, but I wish that we hadn't. His body was floating facedown in the dunking booth, bloated unnaturally and blue.
"Come on, let's get out of here!" I said hurriedly. The others agreed and we started running for the entrance gate again. As we were running, I heard a short cry and turned around. I saw Billy being pushed, but I couldn't tell you what by. There was nothing there, yet he seemed to be pushed by something. He fell over the counter and into the dart booth. I went to go help him up, but I stopped when I saw all the darts on the side counter float into the air. Before any of us could shout a warning, the darts flew and stabbed Billy all over his body.
I'd grown accustomed to the sick feeling already. I knew that I couldn't take much more of this and I knew that the others guys couldn't either. It was way past time for us to leave.
This time, Will took the lead as we all sprinted to the exit. We passed a building, which used to be one of the restaurants. It was designed to look like a medieval tavern. There was a set of wooden double doors for the entrance. On the sides of the doors were two wooden torches that probably hadn't been lit for a majorly long time.
As we were running past the restaurant, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I should have kept running, but I stopped to see what it was, causing the others to stop as well. One of the old wooden torches had lifted out of its holder. No one was moving it. It was floating in the air by itself. It came to rest in front of us and the flames turned from orange to bright blue, then shoot out, engulfing Jacob in a blue wave. I hear his screams as he flails around trying to get the fire out, but it doesn't work and he falls to the ground, his body burning.
The next thing I knew, the rest of us had split up and I was running toward the exit as fast as I could. It was then I heard another scream. One of many that would haunt my dreams for years to come. It started out terrified and slightly high-pitched. Then it was suddenly cut off with a short gurgling sound. Then there was nothing, but the cool breeze rustling the leaves in the trees. I knew I had just lost another one of my friends to this...ghost or whatever it was.
I ran in the direction I heard the scream coming from just moments before and came to the photo booth. I had been here once before. I remembered getting my picture taken in a cowboy costume with my brother Andrew a few years ago, shortly before the park was closed down, but what I saw in the booth would forever erase all the happy memories I could possibly have left of this place. Tommy, dressed in a knight's armor and holding a sword in his right hand, was sitting on a chair in front of the camera...holding his head under his left arm. I couldn't take it anymore. I saw a trashcan nearby and emptied out the contents of my stomach. Afterward, as I tried to catch my breath, I marveled at how I'd managed to last as long as I had, but my thoughts were cut short when I heard running feet.
Kirby came into the booth, panting, and his face pale with fear. He must have heard Tommy's scream. "What happened?"
I was still breathing heavily, but I moved aside so he could see. I didn't think it was possible, but Kirby's face got even paler than before. He looked almost on the verge of fainting and I honestly didn't blame him.
I steered him out of the booth as fast as I could and we were both thankful to be out in the night air. The only problem was I couldn't get those pictures out of my head. Brant hanging from the merry-go-round, Jacob burning, Chris' body floating in the dunking booth, Randy falling from the SkyCoaster....it was all too much. Why did we have to be so stupid? All this because of a stupid dare made by two kids who felt they needed to prove one was tougher than the other.
"Where's Will?" Kirby spoke in a fearful whisper.
Will. I hadn't seen him since we separated and honestly, he had been the last thing on my mind when I saw Tommy. "I don't know. Wasn't he with you?"
"No, I didn't see him after we split up. I thought he was with you."
"Well, we need to get out of here before that thing decides we're next." I hurriedly started toward the exit, Kirby matching my pace. It was finally in sight after all this time. I could feel the relief going through me in a steady wave as I walked. One step closer, then another, then another. Almost there...just a little further.
Kirby suddenly stopped and I continued a few more steps before I noticed he wasn't next to me. I turned around and saw him looking at something, his fear and panic showing in his eyes. I looked at what he saw and for the millionth time that night, wished I hadn't. We had found Will. His body was tied to the rotating turntables on the shooting gallery, a bullet hole about the size the .22s left on his forehead. He was dead.
I grabbed Kirby's hand and raced for the exit as fast as my legs could carry me. As we left the park, I knew where the bodies of my friends were. I knew they couldn't be where we last saw them. There was only one place in all of Skybar they could be.

And still, in my dreams, I feel Kirby taking my hand and telling me it was okay; we were safe, we were home free. And then I heard the thud-thud-thud of a single SkyCoaster car rolling toward us. I want to tell Kirby not to look- "Don't look, man!" I scream, but the words won't come out. He does look. And as the car rolls up to the deserted station, we see Randy Stayner lolling behind the safety bar, his head driven almost into his chest. The fun-house clown begins to scream laughter somewhere behind us, and Kirby begins to scream with it. I try to run, but my feet tangle in each other and I fall, sprawling. Behind me, I can see Randy's corpse pushing the safety bar back and he begins to stumble toward me, his dead, shredded fingers hooked into seeking claws. I see these things in my dreams, and in the moment's before I wake, screaming, in my wife's arms. I know what the grown-ups must have seen that summer in the freak tent that was for Adults Only. I see these things in my dreams, yes, but when I visit Kirby in that place where he still lives, that place where all the windows are crosshatched with heavy mesh, I see them in his eyes. I take his hand and his hand is cold, but I sit with him and sometimes I think: These things happened to me when I was young.

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