Chapter 1

It was a dark night, and no sound was to be heard. That repetition was blocked by a cry of "Help!" The strangers tied the prisoner to a pole and started planning. All until a new stranger spoke.

"What are you doing here?" said the newcomer. Then the two original strangers started mumbling.

"Who is he?"

"How did he find us?"

"Why can't I see anyt-"

"What are you doing with my brother?" the stranger interrupted.

"Why do you want to know?"

The stranger shined a flashlight on them and said "Hmmmm, Blocky. Either you are from Minecraft or you are no good (gasp!) Lego figures! What are you going to do to him?"

Lego figure A shouted "We are going to put him in a boiling pool of Lava!"


"Because. Um…..It's bec-"

"Oogliwoobliwobly-bits!" Interrupted Lego figure B

"Well, you cannot have him!" Screamed the stranger as he kicked Lego figure A out a window into a room full of explosives as a train was passing by. This angered Lego figure B, and he went 2.5 dimension style. Kick, bang, punch, and many other verbs expressed this battle. A third figure later joins in and gets pushed into a corner where he gets half crushed. The stranger, nearly defeated, looks up at the Lego figure.

"You're finished," acclaimed Lego figure B right as a train that's on fire, bursts through the wall and hits Lego figure B off a cliff, taking supports with it. . Then the mysterious figure slowly walks out, but before leaving, Lego figure C asks "Who are you?"

"Pantslad," He says, before walking out of the building, just as the last support ruptures, and the building collapses.