Amber breaks the window on the train and climbs out, climbing to and behind Chip. Frisco was already on top, looking for Flip. Pantslad is searching for Chip, and Krono just made it on. Amber slid through the window in a room behind where Chip is plotting. Amber starts plotting how to end Chip's plotting.

Frisco looked around the train, and heard something. Another train was going the same way as them, on a different track. Frisco readied up his weapons as he heard a voice behind him: "Is this all they could send?"

"Who are you?" asked Frisco.

"Someone who happens to be better than you." said the stranger back.

"At what?"

The stranger grinned, "Everything!"

She came close and Frisco realized who it was: Flip! He ducked as Flip attacked, nearly getting hit. The fight began. Flip was bashing on Frisco as all he did was block. Frisco noticed something coming up very fast: Tunnel signs. Fun fact: they are in a tunnel! Guard cats came up behind to attack, but Frisco dodged a sign, that sent the attacker hurdling, um, a little bit further down the train. More signs came up, and more attackers kept getting thrown off the train. A second train was near them, full of attackers. Pantslad and others opened fire as they started firing at Frisco. Frisco dodged the bullets, just in time for them to hit some bad cats. Pantslad grabs a rocket launcher and fires at the passing train, derailing it. Frisco looks up to see Flip ready to slash him up, with a sword!

Chip looks out of a window and sees this train catastrophe(get it! "Cat"!) and fires at the lock between trains. Nothing happens, so Chip decides to capture people. He had already taken Stripedy for the third time this week, but he needed Pantslad!

Pantslad grabs Mittens but his shoulder, "Come on, we need to get Stripedy."

Pantslad and Mittens hurry up to open a door to the next room over, and they see a strange sight. All three Snips were in the room! One of the walls was a window that was open. Snip was about to close it. This was their only chance!

"Should we do it?" asks Mittens.

"I think we should," replies Pantslad.



Snip looks behind him, "What the-"

Pantslad kicks him out of the window, onto the forest floor. The window was closing now. The two other snips burst into the room, attacking Pantslad and Mittens. Pantslad throws Snip outside of the train, only to get hit to the ground with the other. Everything stopped as the door flung open.

"Pantslad," said Chip, entering the room.

"Yes?" replied Pantslad.

"Fuck you."

Chip pulled out a gun and fired at Pantslad, hitting him in the stomach.

"Pantslad, nooooo," screamed Mittens. Pantslad saw Mittens get taken up by Chip's brother, as Pantslad jumped outside of the train, into the bushes.

Chip looked out, "Well, now time to get out unharmed," said Chip as he held a blowtorch to the lock that connected the train cars.

Amber watched as they took Mittens and Stripedy away. She got the rocket launcher prepped. She looked around the corner. Chip had separated the train cars. She spun around, aimed at Chip, but when she shot the rocket. "Ohhh, a penny," Chip bent down and the rocket went straight over him, blowing up the train car that was disconnected from the one she was in.

The others saw the explosion, and started evacuating. Nip, Zip and Krono were in a struggle in the next car over, and Frisco was battling Flip.

The car in front of Krono and Nip was packed with enemies. They were firing right at them. Zip has already been hit, and this was Krono's time to shine. One of them threw a grenade into their car, but Krono picked it up, threw it, and braced for cover. The door shut, and the explosion caused it to break the door off, hitting Krono, knocking him out. Nip leaned over Krono and saw the train crashing in front of him. He urged Krono to wake up, but he wouldn't come to his sences. The only thing Nip knew what to do, was jump without him.

Frisco was also a first to see the train crashing. Most everyone was outside in the jungle forest area, but he was in combat with Flip. The cars in front started to fly in all different directions, hitting other cars.

"Don't you know the train is crashing!" cried Frisco to Flip, but it was too late. The train car in front of them collided with theirs, turning on it's side, and stopping the car Frisco was on to a dead stop. Flip was first to go. She flew off into the trees, while Frisco hung on, but that wouldn't do it either. The last things he could see were Zip and Nip jumping out, as the train they were in burst into flames. Frisco collided with a tree, breaking it in half with a clean cut. He fell to the forest floor, barely conscious. Flip tried to get up, but only saw a train car ram into the tree he was next to, but not falling, but laying on the tree.

Frisco was relieved, "Oh thank-" The Train snapped the rest of the tree off of it's roots, collapsing on Frisco. His vision was blurred. He saw a blurry figure walking towards him. He could not make out a voice.

Wake up.