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My feet rang throughout the empty bedroom. Marble pillars supported the domed roof far above. I looked around, confused. Who, or what, used this bedroom? It seemed deserted. I walked over to a small, levitated bowl of black marble filled to the brim with some liquid. I stood before it and looked down, taking a deep breath.

"What happened to the four seasons?" I whispered to the bowl. If what I had been told was right, this would tell me everything. The water rippled, darkened further, and I was suddenly engulfed in a vision.

The blackness cleared and my jaw dropped. The air warmed by several degrees and my skin tingled in the sudden warmth. The ice beneath my feet was replaced by spongy dirt.

The sun was shining overhead and beautiful light washed everything with a healthy, rosy glow. The sky was a brilliant blue and dotted with fluffy white clouds. The air was sweet and warm and smelt faintly of wet earth and flowers. I breathed deeply, inhaling in the fresh scent. A gentle breeze swept across everything.

The earth was soft, and I inhaled the aroma of tall, sweet grass. Spring flowers and bushes intertwined with the grass. Dark wooded trees towered above me. Half-opened buds curled on their branches. Cherry blossom leaves danced in the breeze and on their trees. Bees lazily buzzed among the flowers and birds chirped happily overhead. Everything was warm, and earthy and homely.

Across the valley of trees from me, a young woman walked. She smiled and laughed as she made her way towards me. It was Spring. She wore a strapless dress of cherry petal pink that swirled around her gracefully; little flower petals of hemmed into it it. Her skin was evenly tanned. Blond hair crowned with spring flowers flowed down to her shoulders. For Spring, everything was happy and full of life.

I watched Spring as she walked in my direction, her steps light. The flowers and grasses stirred gently and grew in her wake. She was laughing and marveling at the sheer beauty of the world. Her steps ceased as she smiled at the bright sun.

That's when everything went wrong. The flowers and grasses around Spring grew taller, rising to her waist. She looked down and smiled on them, brushing her hand along them. They grew taller still, to more than Spring's height. Spring's eyes widened and her smile disappeared. She whispered something I couldn't hear. Nothing happened. She said something again. There was no effect.

Spring gasped, and then screamed as the grasses and flowers whipped around her. There was a flurry of green and a sickeningly sweet scent attacked my nostrils. When the movement died down, I gasped out loud, tears pricking my eyes. In front of me, stood a statue of woven grasses and stems in the perfect likeness of Spring. Her eyes were wide in shock. Her hand was outstretched pleadingly to the heavens.

I was to scream, to run, to curse and rip the plants to shreds. But my feet wouldn't move. I couldn't do anything. Every aspect of light and color began to fade away until only nothingness remained.

And then, a pinprick of shining, burning light high above. It flared into existence and steadily strengthened, lighting up the new scene around me. My heart nearly stopped and I looked around wildly.

The sky was a hard blue, and not a single wisp of a cloud marred it. The sun was bright and harsh directly above. A hot, dry wind whistled around vaguely. Dust seemed to dance in the air. Below me the ground was dried and cracked, dry tussocks of brown grass were scattered about. Trees with bright green leaves were dotted randomly.

I stared in uncertainty. There were very few plants and they were all struggling to survive. I was already sweating, it was so hot, and my simple dress was sticking to me. The air was so dusty I wanted a glass of ice water, but I couldn't even see a stream. The sunlight was hot, but the most heat radiated from in front of me.

Walking across the barren, hot, desert like land was a woman. Summer. She flashed a quick smile, and her teeth were a blinding white. Her hair was long and black, made of dried husks and plants. Summer's dress was short, made of a thin fabric and dyed bright orange and red. It looked like smouldering leaves. She smiled at the world, happy and amused.

I watched her as she walked. I felt sure she would notice me, on this barren landscape. But I was like I was invisible. The sun beat down like waves of fire; I was so hot I could barely stand up. Summer's moves began to get sluggish. She raised her hands to the sun high above and gave it a quizzical look.

The sun's power increased tenfold. It shone so bright I could see no matter where I looked, I was forced to close my eyes. My mind grew hazy and I nearly collapsed, but some arcane force kept me upright. The air was sucked out of my lungs by the heat. The light was so intense I felt like I was going blind.

Then it died. The sun's power suddenly died and returned to the hot, burning temperature it had been before. I opened my eyes warily and nearly screamed. Standing in the place of Summer, was nothing but cracked mud shaped roughly in her form. Her features were barely notable, but I knew she was staring forever at the sun in horror. I wanted to faint, but something wouldn't let me. Instead the sight before my eyes swam and exploded like glass shards into darkness.

The burning, intense heat of summer dimmed. The air cooled down dramatically. I closed my eyes and sighed. A gentle, cool breeze brushed past my cheek and I opened them. I was standing in a park. The ground was covered in green and brown grass and was damp. The sky was a gentle blue coated in a thin layer of clouds. The sun, gently shining. A gentle breeze that was cool and crisp danced around.

Trees of light wood were arranged wonderfully. Their thick, glistening leaves were a range of colors; brown and red and orange and yellow and even purple of the deepest shade. Some were laden with apples and other fruits. Some dropped leaves into delicate piles on the ground.

And sitting in the midst of this all, was Fall, a teenager. She sat on a bench holding onto the edge and swinging her legs. She shimmered as if insubstantial, but didn't mind or take note. Her hair was a mousy brown, and her features seemed permanently happy at everything. Fall's dress was a light, dulled pink and fell to her knees. She wore a cardigan of muted orange on top.

Fall laughed and smiled as the breeze carried leaves and danced around her. It looped and spun and made a beautiful show. It took my breath away. The breeze danced away from Fall. Then it doubled back on her, picking up speed and debris.

Fall had just enough time to whisper something and for one single expression of terror before the wind slammed into her, and Fall burst into a million tiny red leaves that scattered in the wind.

Then the wind stopped dead and all the feelings of fall vanished.

I found myself standing in a barren wasteland of ice. I was standing in a field of ice and snow. The sky was grey above, and shrieking winds whipped around me. My hair flew around my face, obscuring my vision. Icy air found every hole in my dress and went right through the fabric. My feet stung and tingled. I brushed my hair behind my ears and stared. Hard-packed snowflakes flew around fancifully. The snow on the ground was up to my knees.

I rubbed my bare arms as my breath froze into a swirling cloud of fog. I started to shake. The snow whipped around in a wide frenzy, making the mountains far in the distance fuzzy. My teeth chattered and I looked around at the grey sky and the snowstorm.

Then I saw her; walking through the snowdrift. Winter. The coldness that was attacking me was momentarily forgotten as I stared transfixed at the even colder young girl. Looking around thirteen, Winter's hair was silver, and cascaded down to her waist. Her gown was made of billowing snowflakes and was pure white with shades and hints of ice blue. and ice shards that danced around her. Her skin was lightly tanned. Everything about her was sharp, angular, and harsh; but there was also a sort of beauty about her.

But as I watched her walk towards me everything went wrong. The howling wing swept toward her, instead of away. Winter's ice blue eyes suddenly became alert. With the merest flick of her wrists, two razor-sharp icicle swords appeared in her hands. Her silver hair billowed around her as she looked around.

Winter walked on, sensing danger around, but suddenly she stumbled. Her arms flew out and she fell into the deep snow. I could see the path filling in behind her. Frigid air stung my cheeks and arms even more as it hissed and passed me. The howling winds pushed Winter back, and she couldn't get up.

I heard Winter curse as the snowstorm picked up and flew towards her. Chunks and sheets of ice spun towards Winter violently. Her cold, calm complexion changed, her power over her domain suddenly gone. I watched in horror and Winter was covered in a flurry of ice and snow. Within moments the wind dropped in speed and ferocity just a little bit and the snow lightened. I gasped, my hands flying to my face. Winter was encased in shinning ice crystals, her mouth open and her hand extended to the sky in a grasping motion. I wanted to run and help her, but I was rooted to the spot.

Suddenly everything dissolved. Blackness engulfed my vision once more. The shrieking winds vanished and the sudden silence shocked me.

This time I did scream. One piercing note before I choked on my tears. The wind attacked my eyes and I was forced to close them.

My eyes flew open and I came back to myself gasping. The dark water in the bowl cleared and became just water again. I stumbled backwards, gasping. I tripped over something and fell to the ground on my back. I looked around the room wildly, noticing every little detail that now connected this room to that of the Seasons'. I screamed in anguish and tears began to flood down my cheeks. All I could feel was terror and pain and fright. I stayed there, splayed on the floor and screamed and cried my heart out.

I now knew what happened to the Seasons, and for that I was sobbing.

The seasons had turned against the Seasons. They had been betrayed by themselves.

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