My dog ate my...

One day at school, the kids were at their seat waiting for their teacher, Ms. Benson as she was running late. After an hour passed, one of the students began to murmur and soon, paper ball fight!

"Ow, stop that!"

"Hey, this is fun!"

"Ewww, stop wiping your booger on me!"

Soon Ms. Benson arrived looking as if she hadn't slept for weeks.

The kids stopped and noticed their teacher looking like hell.

Ms. Benson stammered for a while and said, "My dog ate your spelling test..."

Smart jock?

Meanwhile, at the high school right across the street, a school quarterback named Bryan Leaf angrily stormed into the locker room to confront one of his teammates, John Pierre.

"John, tell me it isn't true? That your GPA is 3.0?" Leaf yelled.

"Well I have to do well on grades do I? I mean it's not like my family have money to keep me in the team." answered Pierre.

"How can you sell us out like that? We jocks pride ourselves in picking on smart kids, not join them!"

"So me hanging out with smart kids is bad because?"

"Shut up! I'm going to beat your traitor ass and take your lunch money, we'll do this after school!"

Leaf walked away in anger while Pierre looked at him in confusion.

"What is up with him?" said Pierre.

The coach shook his head and said, "He's been like this as far as I can remember."

Once the school have ended, John Pierre saw Bryan leaf waiting for him with a smug look on his face.

"Glad you're not running away, I'm going to waste you like there's no tomorrow!"

Pierre sighed and said, "Okay, bring it on."

Leaf threw a punch at Pierre who then dodges it by performing series of back flips with little effort. Stunned, Leaf picked up a rock and threw it at Pierre, only to see it get knocked down with a flick of his wrist like it was nothing. Steamed, Leaf charged at Pierre but was promptly bull-rushed by his team mate who then picked him up and flung him to the ground.

"Bryan, just give it up, I lead the school's team in tackles for yards losses and sacks, there's no way you can beat me." said Pierre.



A couple of teenagers entered the school wearing black trench coats and were holding something on their hands. They all look at each other and together they nod one by one as the suspicious looking teenagers were ready to to open fire when suddenly...the lights went out and screams were heard. It turns out the would-be school shooters entered the wrong school, it's a school for criminally insane lunatics all armed with dangerous weapons.

Meanwhile at the school right next to the building, they were marked absent and believed to be cutting classes...