One day at Francis Lewis High school, we were waiting for our history teacher to show up when an unexpected guest arrived.

"Howard Dean?"

What was he doing here?

"I'm sorry, Mr. Cosgrove is out sick so for today I'll be filling in." said Dean.

Then he asked, "Okay, where did Cosgrove left off from last time?"

"We were starting to learn about the Mexican-American War."

His eyes became wide and then he said, "Let's get this started!"

Everything started out rather tame as he made some discussions about how the Mexican-American War started along with some stuff about the "Manifest Destiny" as well as the Texans' independence from Mexico. But once Dean got to the part about the invasion of what was Mexican territories at the time, things got crazy...

When things got crazy, guess what happens?

"Once we entered through the deeper part of Texas, we marched right onto New Mexico...THEN WE HEAD TO ARIZONA, COLORADO, THEN WE WENT INTO UTAH, PARTS OF WYOMING NEVADA..." as he rolled up his sleeves and yanked his tie off screaming, "...THEN WE TOOK OVER CALIFORNIA, YEEEAH!" while his face turned red as a beet.

Then he jumped to the desk with a spectacular back flip, ripped off his shirt and screamed, "YEEEAH, YEEEAH, YEEEAH!"






For a second, I thought I was listening to a car alarm.

It was the best class I ever had...until something random popped up and ruined the day.

Since 2003, the school start using music as a substitute for a bell to signal the beginning and the end of each class. But for some reason, out of all songs, they chose this...

Don't be so quick to walk away
Dance with me
I wanna rock your body
Please stay
Dance with me...

Then the lunatic proceeds to strip off his clothes including his underwear, resulting in the class seeing something that should never be seen. This is one of the things I wish I can unsee...if only there is a way to bleach my brain.

Damn you Justin Timberlake!