Summary: Jessica Allen is just a normal girl, that is until she started having the dreams. She starts dreaming about a time long forgotten, and a person she considered a myth. There is only a week before her eighteenth birthday, and it seems as though the universe itself is against her reaching it. As if that wasn't enough, strange things start happening to Jessica; mysterious tattoos, weird dreams, unexplained feelings and it seems only her sister, Maddie has all the answers. Jessica must learn the truth about who and what she is before her birthday, or it might be too late to save everyone, including herself.


I stared into his eyes as chaos swarmed around us. Lights were flashing, people were screaming and yet, all I could think about was how he looked at me, pleading with his eyes for me not to go. I hated causing him so much pain, but I had to leave and end this madness. I knew it and he knew it.

I lifted my arm and rested my hand upon his cheek. It was rough and calloused from the many cuts upon his skin and the remains of dried blood. My pale white hand stood in contrast to his dark tan skin, marking how different we were. I looked him in the eyes before I spoke.

"I must my love. It is my duty to my people. They need me." I told him softly. The words caused an ache to form in my stomach for even though I knew the truth to my own words, I wanted so badly to ignore them.

He grabbed my hand, entrapping it against his cheek. "I need you. Give your responsibility to someone else. You need not do this." He pleaded.

My heart melted at the sight and I so badly wanted to follow his advice, but I knew my duty and I cannot break my vow. "My love, you have no knowledge of what your words mean to me, but I am afraid I cannot. It is my duty and my oath to protect my people. You should know this best of all." I smiled slightly at him silently thanking him for being with me all these years.

He sighed, defeat shining in his eyes. He has lost hope of trying to convince me. He released my hand, which fell and hung limply at my side, now feeling cold from the lack of his warmth. He took a step back and stared at me in sorrow.

"You know what will happen if you interfere. Why must you follow in this path, you know what will happen."

I looked at him mournfully and took a step toward him so that we were chest to chest. I looked up into his sad face and spoke softly. "I must follow this path because it is my destiny. I was born with these powers for a reason. This is my reason. I knew this day was coming since I was a little girl and I had dreamt it. I have foreseen this day and I know the outcome, yet I still must do it. You know that."

A single solitary tear snuck out of his eye and rolled down his cheek. I was sure I felt mine do the same. He swept down quickly and captured me into a heated kiss. The both of us knew, it would be our last.

What felt like a millennia had last before we broke apart. He had more tears now and I knew I did as well. I grabbed one of his hands and slipped something inside. He looked at the gift I had given him and gasped. It was my necklace. A crescent moon hung on the thin chain. It glinted in the sunlight and seemed to shimmer at all times.

"I cannot take this precious gift my love!" He seemed shocked, but determined when he tried to give me my necklace back.

I pushed his hand away gently and curled his fingers around it once more. "You can and you will. We both know what the outcome of this day will be and I need you to keep it safe. For me?" I asked, practically pleaded with him. He knew how important it was that my necklace survive, even though I will not.

He got a steely glint of resolve in his eyes before he nodded, determined. He curled his fingers ever tighter against the necklace and let his arm fall.

I reached up and grabbed the back of his neck, pulling him down for our final kiss. After a few glorious seconds of pure bliss, I pulled away. I gave him one last look, turned on my heel, and entered the battlefield.

He never saw the solitary tear fall down my cheek.

He never saw my eyes glow with one final gift to him.

He never saw the marks on his hand glow white for a few seconds before fading away.

No, he never saw any of that. He only saw my back as it walked toward what we both knew would be the end.

I never looked back.