My Confession to You- by Shauni Cooper


I attempt to escape

From the thoughts that pursue me

Seeking to be released as actions

An absolute failure


Uncertainty keeps my lips

From proclaiming a thousand sonnets

And proving my worth


You haven't the foggiest

Of the vivid, blazing sentiment

Your presence blows at my existence


As I wade through this life

I wish to fulfill my desire

To declare my profound admiration for you


This being has become my every notion

His anatomy occupies the vast

Unexplored edges of my half-sane mind


These projections manifest themselves

As elevated heartbeats

Throughout our enticing conversations


Such an amalgam of emotions

Looking for closure and liberty

Among yourself


I don't want your beauty

To be wasted

By deceiving and foolish eyes


One more look

At your visage

Made my decision clear


I court with rejection

By choosing honesty

A risk I'm willing to take


I hold you in my arms

And surrender my heart


I love you



Author's Note: Hi! Hope you guys enjoyed this one. Recently people have been sending me a lot of PM's regarding my writing, people wanting me to take a look at their work, and just to chat; and I'd just like to say thanks! Thank you so much for your support and kindness! And I'm happy to take a look at your guy's material. I'm always up for something new to read (as some of you know). Keep the PM's coming! I really enjoy what you have to say! Thanks again people!

As always, keep writing!

-Shauni :)