Take me away please
Take me away
Im scared to see another day
Let me spread my wings
and Ill see you tomorrow
Before you my heart was hallow

I know you dont understand all of the pain
when you walk away
leaving me with nothing to gain
I love your voice
I love your spirit
I love all of your crazy choices
But let me say something now
Cause you will never hear it

I hate you.

I hate you.
I hate your smile.
I hate how for me, you would run a thousand miles
I hate that you know me
I hate how you laugh
I hate that im the one in your heart
I hate that for us... its nearly impossible.

Right now its 4 A.M there.
Yet your still up
Your sitting in your bed
with some pretty cute bed head
Your still up is the point
your still up to talk to me
to see me
to hear me
what is wrong with you?

No, no, thats not the right question here.
The right question is:

What is wrong with me?

Is it odd how I think...no, I wont say it.
Cause perhaps its not right
to...that from this height.
Please, tell me you trust me
Tell me you care
Tell me that I have no reason to be scared

Because, im afriad
that you...
that I...
That distance for once
will over come this...
will over come love.