(Just a quick note, this poem's heavily influenced by the song Andria by La Dispute, it uses the same rhythm)


I don't care what's good for me

I don't care if I now need therapy

All I care about is what we…

…Used to be

For once my heart agrees with my head

Cause without you I am not living, only dead

I've lost the will to do much but lay crying in bed

Just to cry, and cry, till my eyes are red

You used to say "I love you"

But was that ever really true?

Now the times I smile are so few

I'm stuck alone here feeling blue

What you don't see that is going on in my mind

Is me constantly wondering why I've been left behind

Forsaken, abandoned, stuck in broken love's bind

Now I've nothing left but this monotonous daily grind

When I stared into your eyes; those perfect oceans of blue

I'd often lose myself completely in it's hues

And I swear to god when we were together, me and you

Not a single fucking thing on this Earth mattered; my thoughts would stop completely, having been subdued

So now, in the end

With no time left to spend

Together unable to fix what I could not mend

We go forward not lovers only friends

But to a non-existent God I swear

That I will always care

For it's the burden of now unrequited love that I bear

When you need protection or help I'll always be here