Alfheim: Elf World; the land in Asgard inhabited by the light elves

Asgard: world of the gods

Bifrost: the rainbow bridge that connects Midgard to Asgard

Elivagar: (Stormy Waves) eleven rivers that flow from the spring Hvergelmir in Niflheim

Eljudnir: Hel's palace in Niflheim

Fensalir: (Water Halls) Frigg's hall in Asgard

Franang's Falls: waterfall in Midgard where, disguised as a salmon, Loki is caught by the gods

Gimli: hall that will be inhabited by the ruling gods of the world after Ragnarok

Ginnungagap: (Seeming Emptiness) void that existed between Muspell and Niflheim before creation

Gladsheim: (Place of Joy) sanctuary of the gods in which Odin and other leading gods have high seats

Gnipahellir: (Cliff Cave) the cave at the entrance of Niflheim where the hound Garm is chained

Hlesey: (Island of Hler) island near the hall of Aegir and his wife Ran

Hvergelmir: spring in Niflheim under a root of Yggdrasil that the eleven rivers of Elivagar spring from

Idavoll: (Field of Deeds) central field in Asgard and site of Gladsheim and Vingolf where the gods and goddesses hold council

Jotunheim: realm of the giants

Lyngvi: island on Lake Amsvartnir where Fenrir is bound

Midgard: (Middle World) world inhabited by men

Muspell: realm of fire to the south guarded by Surt and helped create life

Nastrond: (Shore of Corpses) place in Hel where the hall for evildoers is placed and the dragon Nidhogg gnaws on corpses

Niflheim: realm of mist and darkness; lies under one root of Yggdrasil; Hel is here

Noatun: (Shipyard) hall of Njord

Okolnir: (Not Cold) place in post-Ragnarok earth where it is always warm; site for hall Brimir

Sindri: hall in the world that comes after Ragnarok with a roof of red gold

Svartalfheim: land of the dark elves

Thrymheim: (Place of Din) the giant Thiazi's stronghold in the mountains and inherited by Skadi, whose husband, Njord, refused to live within it

Utgard: stronghold in Jotunheim ruled by the giant Utgard-Loki

Valhalla: (Hall of the Slain) an immense hall, presided over by Odin, where the Einherjar fight, feast, and await Ragnarok

Vanaheim: realm of the Vanir or fertility gods, situated in Asgard

Vigrid: (Battle Shaker) plain in Asgard on which the final fight between gods and men, giants and monsters will take place

Vingolf: the hall where the goddesses had their high seats

Von: (Expectation) the river formed of Fenrir's saliva

Yggdrasil: (the Terrible One's Horse) the World Tree; an ash that connected and sheltered the Nine Realms


Fimbulvetr: the terrible three-year long winter that will precede Ragnarok

Ragnarok: (Destruction of the Powers) the apocalyptic final between the gods and the giants, which all creation takes part in, in which virtually all life is destroyed and submerged the Nine Realms


Brisings' Necklace: incomparable necklace secured by Freyja from four dwarves

Draupnir: Odin's gold arm ring that produced eight new rings every ninth night

Gjall: (Ringing Horn) horn of the god Heimdallr which can be heard throughout the Nine Realms

Gleipnir: magic fetter made by the dwarves and used by the gods to bind Fenrir

Gungnir: Odin's magic spear forged by the dwarf sons of Ivaldi

Mjollnir: Thor's hammer, made by the dwarves Brokk and Eitri; symbol of destruction, fertility, and resurrection

Naglfar: ship made of the nails of dead men that will carry the giants to the last battle of Ragnarok

Ringhorn: Baldr's boat in which he and Nanna were cremated

Skidbladnir: (Wooden-bladed) collapsible ship, one of the tree treasures made by the sons of Ivaldi, for Freyr


Aesir: the race of gods that inhabit Asgard, originally a group of gods led by Odin

Norns: three goddesses of destiny: Urd (Fate), Verdandi (Necessity), and Skuld (Being)

Valkyries: (Choosers of the Slain) beautiful young woman who chose men doomed to die in Valhalla and brought them to Valhalla

Vanir: race of fertility gods who were subsequently submerged with the Aesir


Aegir: God of the sea; his wife is Ran and he lives under the sea near the island Hlesey

Baldr: beautiful, wise, and gentle son of Odin and Frigg; killed by Hod and returns after Ragnarok

Bor: father of Odin, Honir, and Lothur

Bragi: son of Odin, God of Poetry and Eloquence, husband of Idun

Buri: ancestor of the gods, licked from the ice by Audumla

Day: son of Night and Delling, rides around the world on his horse Skinfaxi

Freyja: daughter of Njord; foremost of the female Vanir, or fertility goddesses

Freyr: son of Njord; foremost of the Vanir, or fertility gods

Frigg: wife of Odin and foremost of the goddesses; mother of Baldr

Fulla: a goddess servant of Frigg

Gefion: (Giver) a fertility goddess

Gullveig: one of the Vanir who is burned three times by the Aesir; most likely Freyja

Heimdallr: owner of the horn Gjall and guardian of the Nine Realms

Hel: daughter of Loki; a monster half-alive and half-dead who rules over the dead and the realm of the dead, also called Hel

Hermod: son of Odin who rode to Hel trying to bring back his brother Baldr

Hod: blind god who unknowingly killed his brother Baldr; he returns after Ragnarok

Honir: long-legged god known for his indecisiveness; sent from the Aesir to the Vanir as payment in a truce; he will survive Ragnarok

Idun: goddess married to Bragi and cares for the golden apples that grant youth

Kvasir: wise Vanir, or fertility god, given to the Aesir by the Vanir as part of a treaty

Magni: (Might) son of Thor and giantess Jarnsaxa; he and his brother Modi will inherit Mjollnir after Ragnarok

Mimir: wise god sent by the Aesir to the Vanir to seal the truce, and killed; Odin preserved his head and set it in the Well of Mimir

Mod: (Wrath) son of Thor and giantess Jarnsaxa; he and his brother Magni will inherit Mjollnir after Ragnarok

Nanna: wife of Baldr

Narvi: youngest son of Loki and Sigyn; killed by his own brother and his entrails were used to bound Loki; also known as Narfi or Nari

Njord: one of the Vanir, or fertility gods; father of Freyr and Freyja; married to Skadi; associated with the sea and wind

Odin: father of Thor; first and foremost of Aesir; Allfather, Terrible One, One-Eyed, Father of Battle; God of Poetry, Battle, and Death

Ran: wife of Aegir; drags drowning men down with a net

Rind: a goddess who had the son, Vali, with Odin

Sif: Thor's wife whose golden hair was cut off by Loki; the dwarves spun gold to replace it

Sigyn: Loki's faithful wife

Skuld: (Future) one of the three Norns who decides the fates of men

Thor: son of Odin and earth and husband of Sif; second foremost Aesir; God of the Sky and Thunder and of fertility but also a keeper of law and order in Midgard; common nicknames include the Charioteer and Thunder God

Tyr: God of War; son of Odin; the bravest of the gods and sacrificed his hand so that Fenrir could be bound

Urd: (Past) one of the three Norns who decides the fates of men; the well of Urd, which they guard, lies under the root of Yggdrasil in Asgard, where the Aesir have council every morning

Vali: eldest son of Loki and Sigyn; the gods turned him into a wolf and he killed his brother Narvi

Vali: son of Odin giantess mistress Rind; conceived to take vengeance on his half-brother Baldr

Verdandi: (Present) one of the three Norns who decides the fates of men

Vidar: son of Odin and the giantess Grid who will avenge Odin's death and survive Ragnarok


Ask: (Ash Tree) name of the first man created by the sons of Bor from a fallen tree

Beyla:maidservant of Freyr and wife of Byggvir

Byggvir: manservant of Freyr and husband of Beyla

Eldir: Man of Fire; one of Aegir's servants

Embla: (Elm Tree) first woman created by the sons of Bor with a fallen tree

Fafnir: name of one of the sons of the farmer Hreidmar and brother of Otter

Fimafeng: (Swift Handler) one of Aegir's servants; killed by Loki in Lokasenna

Hreidmar: farmer and magician; father of Otter and acquired a ransom for his son's death from Odin, Honir, and Loki that was cursed

Lif: (Life) a man who will hide in Yggdrasil, father children, and repopulate earth after Ragnarok

Lifthrasir: (Eager for Life) woman who will hide in Yggdrasil, survive Ragnarok, bore children, and repopulate earth

Moon: son of Mundilfari who drives the moon on its course and determines its waxing and waning

Mundilfari: (Turner) human father of Moon and Sun

Otter: son of Hreidmar who was killed by Loki and Honir, Odin, and Loki had to pay a ransom of red gold to the farmer-magician for his death

Regin: son of Hreidmar and brother of Otter

Roskva: farmers daughter and sister of Thialfi who becomes a servant of Thor; she accompanies Thor on his journey to Utgard

Skirnir: (Shining) Freyr's servant

Sun: daughter of Mundilfari who drives the sun on its course

Thialfi: son of a farmer who becomes Thor's servant; immensely fleet of foot but beat out by Hugi, who was actually Utgard-Loki's thoughts, and Utgard


Angrboda: Distress-Bringer; giantess mistress of Loki and mother to Fenrir, Jormungandr, and Hel

Bergelmir: only giant to survive when Ymir's blood floods the earth

Bestla: wife of Bor and mother to Odin, Honir, and Lothur

Elli: Old Age; old woman who wrestled Thor in the court of Utgard-Loki

Farbauti: (Cruel Striker) giant that was Loki's father

Geirrod: giant who tried to kill Thor

Gjalp: (Howler) daughter of the giant Geirrod who tried to drown Thor in a torrent of menstrual blood and, later, try to crush him against the rook rafters

Greip: (Grasper) daughter of Geirrod and sister of Gjalp

Grid: giantess mistress of Odin and assisted Thor by lending him weapons to defend himself against the giant Geirrod

Gymir: frost giant father of the giantess Gerd who marries Freyr

Hugi: (Thought) young giant that outran Thor's servant Thialfi and was the embodiment of Utgard-Loki's thoughts

Hymir: giant that Thor killed for a cauldron to brew ale in

Hyrrokin: giantess that drags Baldr's burial boat, Ringhorn, down to the sea

Laufey: giantess mother of Loki

Logi: (Flames) fire in the form of a giant who beat Loki in an eating match at the court of Utgard-Loki

Loki: attractive, ambivalent, mischief-maker; the son of two giants; called the Trickster, Sly One, Sky-Traveler, Shape-Shifter; he grows progressively more evil and is bound until Ragnarok

Muspell, Sons of: fire giants who will fight under Surt at Ragnarok

Narvi: father of Night

Night: giantess daughter of Narvi; mother of Day; rides her steed Hrimfaxi around the world

Skadi: daughter of giant Thiazi; wife of Njord; associated with hunting and skiing

Skrymir: (Big Bloke) large giant (actually Utgard-Loki in disguise) encountered by Thor and his companions on his journey to Utgard

Surt: (Black) giant who guards Muspell since before creation and will set the world on fire at Ragnarok

Thiazi: a giant who stole Idun and her golden apples but was later robbed of her by Loki and killed by the gods

Thokk: giantess, likely Loki in disguise; prevented Baldr's return from Hel

Thrym: giant described as the King of the frost giants; he stole Thor's hammer and paid for it with his life

Utgard-Loki: ruler of Utgard and a master of illusion who outwits Thor and his companions

Ymir: the first giant, formed from fire and ice; the world was shaped from his body


Andvari: dwarf who owned a hoard of gold and cursed it when Loki extracted it from him to pay Otter's ransom

Brokk: dwarf that, with his brother Eitri, made three gifts for the gods that won a wager against Loki

Eitri: dwarf that, with his brother Brokk, made three gifts for the gods that won a wager against Loki

Ivaldi: two dwarves named the sons of Ivaldi make three treasures for the gods

Lit: dwarf cremated with Baldr and Nanna


Einherjar: dead warriors that lived in Valhalla, fought by day and feasted by night, and waited for Ragnarok

Fenrir: wolf son of Loki who is bound by the gods and will remain so until Ragnarok

Ganglati: (Tardy) manservant of Hel

Ganglot: (Tardy) maidservant of Hel

Jormungandr: serpent son of Loki and Angrboda; encircles Midgard and bites his own tail; also called the Midgard Serpent

Modgud: maiden who watches the river Gjoll in Jotunheim


Alsvid: All Swift; one of the horses that pulls the sun along its course

Arvak: Early Waker; one of the horses that pulls the sun along its course

Audumla: cow that formed from the ice in Ginnungagap and freed Buri, the forefather of the gods

Fjalar: cock that will crow to warn the giants when Ragnarok is coming

Garm: hound chained in Gnipahellir, the cave entrance to Niflheim; he will break loose in Ragnarok and kill, and be killed by, the war god Tyr

Gullinbursti: (Golden-Bristled) golden boar made by two dwarves for Loki to give to Freyr

Gullinkambi: (Golden Comb) cock that wakes Einherjar in Valhalla and will crow to warn the gods of Ragnarok

Hati: wolf who pursues the moon and will swallow it before Ragnarok

Hrimfaxi: (Frost-Maned) Night's horse

Huginn: (Thought) one of Odin's ravens, the other is Muninn

Muninn: (Memory) one of Odin's ravens, the other is Huginn

Nidhogg: (Corpse Tearer) dragon that gnaws on the root of Yggdrasil in Niflheim and on corpses

Ratatosk: (Swift Teeth) squirrel that runs up and down Yggdrasil carrying insults from the eagle that lives at its topmost branches to the dragon Nidhogg who lives by its lowest root

Skinfaxi: (Shining-maned) Day's horse

Skoll: wolf that pursues the sun and will devour it before Ragnarok

Sleipnir: Odin's eight-legged steed; borne by Loki by Svadilfari

Svadilfari: stallion that assists the mason to build Asgard's walls; fathered Sleipnir with Loki

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