Crystallize my tears
But they'll still fall like rain.
Pulverize my fears
They'll still lurk in the shadows,
Waiting for their chance to strike.

(I've never been free from fright.)

I take a breath of life from around me
It only feels like stealing.
Why can't I live?
Why do I have to feel so undead?
Why can't I take without feeling guilty?

(That's life for you.)

Liar, killer, thief
The names are sharp as knives on porcelain skin.
Tranquilize my mind
But it still races and hums
At a million miles an hour.

(Why can't it stop for a moment?)

Revolutionize my thoughts
From their manic, depressive ways.
But you can't stop the course of nature
It's everywhere and anywhere and nowhere
And you can't touch it but I take from you when you're not looking.
I really am a thief but don't think I enjoy it.

(I'm sorry.)