This one wasn't in my plans, but my sister wanted it so much that I decided, "Wth?"


"Tommy, Mrs. Calder was wondering if you could babysit her five year old daughter tonight." my mom said, and I looked up from the homework I was actually attempting to try. But it was math, so I hadn't been planning on trying for more then a few more minutes. I saw a little girl in my head, long blond hair and brown eyes. I dug around in my brain for a name.

"Tammy?" I finally remembered, and my mom nodded.

"Yes. Mrs. Calder and her husband are going out tonight, but their usual sitter canceled suddenly."

Suddenly, we both heard the frontdoor open from downstairs, and a voice called up to us.

"Honey, I'm home!"

In a typical house, you would assume that this was my father, and he was warmly greeting my mother after a hard day of work. But in actuality, this was my boyfriend, Jason, greeting me like he'd been gone all day, instead of the much more realistic twenty minutes. My mother giggled, and I groaned. Sure, they knew we were going out, but he didn't have to embarrass me. Jeesh, dumbass.

"Jason, we're up here!" my mom called down to him, and a few seconds later, the sound of his footsteps came thumping up the stairs. He appeared a few seconds later, popping his head in the doorway of my bedroom.

"Hey. What's everyone doing upstairs?" he asked, and my mom took the next few minutes to explain to him what had just been explained to me. During that time, I managed to finish one problem, and at the end, Jason grinned.

"Sounds fun. I'll come too."


Jason and I arrived at the given adress around seven, and were greeted at the door by a moderate looking lady, and a girl who looked like her mini version standing next to her. She looked up at me and Jason skeptically, like she wasn't quite sure if she trusted us.

"Thank you for coming on such short notice." Mrs. Calder with a big smile, and she reached out and shook my hand. Then she spotted Jason, and she eyed him for a moment, trying to decide if he was somebody she wanted to allow inside her house. He smiled charmingly, and reached out his hand for her to shake too. I saw her eyes glow in approvement then, and I figured she'd be picturing him tonight instead of her husband.

Mrs. Calder and her husband left a few minutes later, after explaining the few rules they had, which were, don't let Tammy eat too many sweets, watch too much tv, or make too much noise, as it would disturb their neighbors. She also explained that Tammy was very shy, so we shouldn't be surprised if she didn't speak to us much. After they were gone, the three of us found ourselves in the living room, Tammy staring at me and Jason, and us staring back. Finally, the silence grew too akward, so Jason smiled and leaned down to speak to her directly.

"Hi, I'm Jason. And this is my friend, Tommy." he introduced us, and Tammy looked over at me.

"Tommy?" she said, and I nodded.

"Our names sound alot alike, don't they?" I asked with a smile, and Tammy nodded, then giggled. Her giggle was pretty adorable, and it made me laugh back. When we were finished, Tammy reached out and grabbed my hand.

"Do you wanta watch, "The Little Mermaid?" she asked. Now, I'd seen that particular movie about four hundred times, and had no desire to watch it. But I couldn't just refuse a five year old, so I said, "Sure," and she led me over to the television. Jason following after us from a distance. She sat us down right in front of the tv, and had Jason put in the DVD. Jason sat next to me, stretching his legs out as the movie played, and at first I wondered if he was going to do something horrific, like hold my hand right in front of Tammy, but to my relief, he kept his hands to himself.

I don't think Tammy heard one minute of the movie, because she was too busy asking me questions that I hadn't had to answer since the second grade.

"What's your favorite color?" she asked, and when I said, "Blue," she grinned widely, showing an empty gap where her big teeth were supposed to be. Luckily for her, it only makes kids look cuter. If she had been older, like my age, it would have been pretty gross.

"Me too!" she said, and scootched closer to me. "What's your favorite animal?"

"Dog." I lied, figuring she probably didn't even know what a chinchilla was. "What about you?"

"Mines doggy too." she said, and this continued on and on. She asked me a variety of the same, "what's your favorite," questions. Like, favorite food, movie, ect. Oddly enough, her answer seemed to always be the same as mine, and after a couple more questions I realized she was just agreeing with whatever I said. It made me smile, I'd never known myself to be this good with kids.

About fourty minutes into the movie, Tammy stood up, and said, "I have to go to the bathroom."

Jason and I looked at each other, not really sure what to do with this information. Did she expect us to come with her? The thought was akward.

"Okay." I said, and at the same time Jason said, "Good luck with that."

Luckily, she ran up the stairs, and we heard a door shutting after a few more seconds. Almost instantly, Jason had his arms wrapped around me, and I twisted my head to look at him.

"What are you doing?" I asked, and he grinned.

"Just hugging you."


He changed the subject. "I think that little girl likes you."

I shrugged. "Well, she's a nice kid."

"No, I mean, she likes you, likes you."

I cocked an eyebrow. "She's five. She still thinks boys have cooties."

Jason shook his head. "She doesn't think you have cooties. She was practically in your lap." he said, and something in his tone made me smile.


"Pft, of a five year old? Girl? Sorry, but she's not really your type." he teased. But I could hear the truth in his words, but before I could continue the matter, a toilet flushed upstairs, and a few seconds later, little feet were pattering down the stairs. I pulled away from Jason just in time to hear a scream, and some thuds.

"Tammy!" I shouted, jumping up from my spot on the ground and running to the little girl, who was a crumpled heap at the bottom of the stairs. When she saw me, she started to cry, and I kneeled down, checking her for injuries.

"Are you okay?" I asked her, trying to get her to hear me past her own crying. She wailed louder and shook her head, and I asked, "Where does it hurt?"

She pointed with a shaking finger to her forehead, and I instinctively leaned foreword and kissed it. Tammy stopped crying and looked at me, and then she smiled, and said, "Thank you." Before I could say, "You're welcome," she was up and hugging my chest. From behind me came a short laugh, and I looked over my shoulder at Jason.

"What?" I said, and he shrugged innocently.


Didn't believe him.

"Tammy," I said, turning to the little girl. "Do you think you can pour me a glass of milk?"

Tammy seemed all to delighted to do that, jumping up and darting off to the kitchen. When she was gone, I repeated my question to Jason.


"She was so faking!" he said loudly, rolling his eyes like it was extremely obvious. I groaned in disbelief. So it was true. Jason was jealoud of the five year old girl. Mature.

"Why would she fake falling down the stairs?" I asked disbelievingly, and he made a noise of shock.

"Well, duh! So, you'd kiss her better. And you played right into her trap. Didn't you see how she stopped crying the second you kissed her on the forehead?" he said, and actually, I had. Did Tammy have a crush on me? The thought made me feel oddly happy. For this first time in my life, somebody had looked passed Jason and all his charm and good looks, and stared at me instead, in all my average glory. I smiled happily.

"Why are you smiling?" Jason asked curiously, and if I heard right, a little suspicously. Yeah Jason, I liked her back. Jeez what did he take me for, a pedofile? But before I could explain it, Tammy came back in, holding a half empty cup of milk, with little droplets following behind her.

"Here you go!" she said, and I took the cup and drank from it with a thank you. When I was done, Tammy was still staring up at me, and when she noticed she had my attention, she said, "I think my elbow hurts too." she pointed at a point on her elbow, which looked completely fine. I grinned at Jason, then said, "Really? Oh well, guess I'll have to kiss that better too, won't I?"

"Yeah." she said, holding her arm out to me. I picked her up, causing her to squeal in joy, and kissed her elbow. Jason stared at me with narrowed eyes, but I ignored him, turning my back to direct my focus on the little girl in my arms.

"Does it hurt anywhere else?" I asked, and she thought about it.

"My knee." she decided, and so I kissed her knee too, making her giggle again. I could feel Jason getting agitated, but to me, this was the most fun I'd had in awhile. I mean, how often did I get the chance to make Jason jealous? Not that I'd ever been jealous of anyone who was around him. Certainly not.

After we'd all finished the movie, Tammy invited me to play in her fort with her. We went up to her room, and she showed me a corner of the room that was covered in sheets and blankets, held up by chairs. She and I squeezed in, and I poked my head out and said to Jason, "Sorry, not enough room."

A few minuted later though, me and Tammy were back on the couch, Jason sitting next to me, about as close as he could get without arrousing suspision in the regular world. Tammy though, beat him, but crawling into my lap. Jason huffed through his nose, and I rolled my eyes at him and mouthed, she's five! I mean, really! Five!

He didn't answer me though, and Tammy was suddenly tugging lightly on my shirt.

"Tommy?" she said.


"Do you like me?" she asked, and I smiled.

"Of course I like you. You're very sweet."

She blushed, and asked, "Do you have a girlfriend?"

I bit my lip to hold in a laugh. "No." I answered truthfully. "I do not have a girlfriend."

"Can I be your girlfriend?" she asked shyly, and Jason laughed. But I ignored him. Because now I kind of felt like this had all gone a bit too far. Now Tammy thought we were going to be together forever and I had to turn her down. I smiled lightly.

"Don't girls think boys are icky?" I asked, and Jason laughed at my wording.

Tammy shook her head. "No, I don't think boys are icky." she said, and I laughed.

"Don't you think you should go for someone your age?" Jason asked from next time, but he wasn't very nice about it, so I threw him a look. I turned to Tammy.

"Um...Tammy. I can't be your boyfriend."

She looked like she was about to cry when I told her this, and I even thought I saw a few tears building. I stroked her hair lightly.

"Why?" she whimpered sadly, and it kind of hurt my heart alittle bit. Damn. When I suddenly start getting so soft?

"I'm sorry, you'll understand when you're older."

She sniffled. "Then can we get married?"

Married? How had this escalated from dating to marriage? Still, I wanted to give her a tiny ray of hope.

"Well, I'll probably be sick of a certain someone by then." I said, even though she had no idea who I was talking about. "So, I'll look you up then."

She smiled. "Okay!"


Her parents came home about ten minutes later, and payed me quite generously. I didn't protest, and neither did Jason, who ignored the mother as she gave him an overly friendly smile.

As we were walking back to my house, where I guess we'd be tonight, he ignored me. Finally, I sighed and said, "Are you seriously jealous of a five year old?" The way I said it made the whole thing seem rather silly, and I saw him try not to smile, and he wiped it away quickly, to continue pouting.

"You were mean to me." he said, which wasn't true, well, maybe a little bit.

"Okay." I sighed, "I'm sorry."

I saw him hide a grin again, so he must have come up with some stupid idea that I certainly didn't want to take part it. "You know what hurts?" he asks, grabbing my arm to stop me from walking. I turn and look at him.


"My feelings."

I'm quiet for a few seconds, then say, "So?"

He grins, and steps closer.

"So, you have to kiss that better too."

I sighed.


Polly- Ah! SO cute.

Ben- You say tht to everything she writes.

Polly- Because it's true.

Ben- Kissass.

Me- Shut up Ben, I'll erase your existence.


Polly- Where's Max?

Me- I no know. *looking around* Max! Where are you Max? Come here boy!

Polly- Maxie, Maxie!

Ben- *whistles*



Max- *pops out of nowhere* What?

Me, Polly, Ben- Gah!

Ben- Where were you?

Max- Out gambling.




Me-Okay. You know the drill!