"Well that was dick move you pulled." Said Anju appearing beside me at my locker. 'Fuck' was the thought that popped into my mind. I turned to her and said:

"And apparently, you still didn't get the memo: I'm not voting. I don't give a damn and I'm not one of you loyal zombies over there." I jabbed my fingers towards the pack of flabbergasted girls eyeballing their friend as if she had just picked up a black mamba. She turned her head towards her friends and waved. They waved back sheepishly.

"Hey, don't mind-" she started.

"Go back to you friends." I said exchanging my books and binders. "I know I'm not the popular kid. Hell, I'm probably not liked at all; I don't care. I've never had anyone, so I don't need anyones pity."

"But I-"

"Enough," I said cutting her off once more. "Just leave me alone." I slammed my locker and stormed off. I didn't look back, but I could feel her gaze boring into the back of my head, and for some reason a strange sensation took over me. My cheeks felt hot, and I could feel my pulse quicken. What was this feeling? I quickened my pace. Whatever she did to me, I don't like it. I would have to watch her.

And I did watch her for about three weeks. What I saw for some odd reason infuriated me. One by one, her friends abandoned her. They evaded her in the hallways and classrooms, she was kicked out of teams and clubs, her so called "friends" not only abandoned her, but they also spread rumors about her. For some reason, I was extremely pissed. Why'd she have to be so damn stupid, had she just left me be, she wouldn't be in this mess!

I thought about all of this and more, and eventually asked myself: why do I even care? It was lunch, and I was sitting in the tallest branch of the oak in the back of the school, chewing on an apple along with my thoughts. Suddenly, I was yanked back into the real world as a lunchbox landed on a large branch adjacent to me. Following it, was Anju.

"Jeez, why'd you gotta be at the tallest damn branch?" she complained. "The view's nice, though."

"I can watch the whole school from here." I continued as she began to open her lunchbox. "Now, it's my turn. Why are you up here?" I inquired as she took a bite of a sandwich that smelled of peanut butter, bananas, ham and ketchup. The hell is she eating! After chewing slowly she replied.

"My friends are avoiding me, I've been kicked out of nearly every club I was a part of, and there are now quite a few nasty rumors going around about me… and us." I was of course already fully aware of everything she told me, especially the rumors.

"I'm telling you, this could all go away if you just leave me alone." I said to her. She looked at me her eyes the color of fresh cacao seeds. Her gaze was powerful; penetrating. It took you in, and demanded everything that you are to be laid bare. I found it frightening, no one had ever looked at me that way. Well, no one accept my father. Yeah, only my father has ever given me that look, but hers was different in her own right. Where my father's was cold and chocking, hers was warm and supportive. It made me WANT to tell her everything, to let her in to my life. Is this what a mother feels like?

"What are you hiding from?" she asked me. Her voice was the sound of care and concern. I couldn't look away from her eyes. Her….beautiful eyes….but perhaps I could lie!

"I'm not hiding from anything," I replied. "I just don't want you to have to go through so much trouble for me. I'm not worth it." She cocked her head to the side slightly and stared at me before she chuckled and shook her head.

"My God you're an idiot. It's really cute." She said to me before climbing down the tree branch by branch before finally dropping to the ground. She may as well have told me the Russian had invaded with the look I gave her. "You should hurry, the first bell already rang!" she shouted to me over her shoulder. Shit! I thought snapping out of my daze. I jumped down to the ground and ran after her. To my class. I mean to my class.