standing up,
i grab your knee to
pull myself up with.
innocent enough.

storms are coming,
but its ok.
as long as i know your here
I m unbreakable.
you sit beside me in church,
my faith, unshakeable.
you walk beside me my eyes.
like fire, burning with love for you.
I m 10 feet fall and bullet proof,
as long as you are here.

the stranger,
i can t live without.
can t stand up without,
can t walk without,
my crutch.

as long as I m with you
my dark thoughts of the past cant find me.
so long as your with me.

then you kicked my crutches away.
and watch me fall to the ground.

the boy who made me unbreakable?
broke me.
the faith that i had with you,
shook up, for good?
my eyes, filled with fire?
broken and streaming with the water,
that put out my flames.
6 feet under, filled with shots,
fired form your gun.

turn the other cheek
pretend i never happened.
watch me hobble
from the corner of your eye.
trying to live
without my crutches.