A lot can happen in four years. The world could end, Fox could bring Firefly back, or I could die in a tragic car accident. But, my family values intelligence, and hopefully I get into a good high school. I know I want to go to a co-education school. My mother works at an all girls boarding school, so I've seen what can happen, and I want no part in it. I am scared for my future, although I know that I should just glide and see what happens. Things have a way of working themselves out.

Last year, I had a lot of trouble finding friends. I am quite the geek, and I love things with a passion. None of the people I knew where the same way. I felt like they had no personalities, and I decided that I never wanted to be that way. I decided that I wanted to be an individual for the rest of my life. I refuse to let other people tell me how I can act, what I can say, or what I should do. I am me, and nobody will, or can change that. That mind frame is something I want to carry with me into high school. I want to find people like that to be my friends. That is really important to me, and I hope that I never change my mind.

I love music. It is one of those indisputable facts of the universe. I like to sing, and play the piano. One thing that I hope happens in four years, is me finding friends that are the same way. More than anything, I want to start a band. My music is a way that I can express myself. A lot of people feel the same way, and those are the people that I want to associate myself with. The ones who don't care what other people think will always be the ones that I look up to.

Grades are important to me. Along with the extra curricular activities I hope to get into in the next four years, I hope to keep my grades up. School is extremely important. It is not something that you can just drop out of. Every second of your life, every moment, has the potential to decide your future. Grades are one of those things that will decide whether or not you get into a good college, whether or not you get a good job, and whether or not you live with your parents in twenty years.

The most important thing in the world is the people you surround yourself with. In four years, I hope to have good friends that will stick by me no matter what happens. Sometimes, I need a shove in the right direction, that is why I need to surround myself with good people. I need people that are going to show me the way.

Even though I don't know where I will live, or what school I will be going to in four years, I know the type of place I want to be in. I want to be in the type of place where the teachers really care about you. Not just about your grades, but about you personally. I want to be in a big place, with many students. The sole reason for this is so that I can put myself with the people who will like me for me, and distance myself from the people that won't. There was a girl that went to our school. She was mean, she sought out attention constantly, and threatened to kill herself so people would say "But you're perfect!" She sickened me. Those are exactly the kinds of people I want to stay away from. Those types of people have a habit of rubbing off on their friends. I never want to be like she was.

My Junior year in high school is very important. It is something I will remember forever. It is something that will help decide my future. Colleges look at your Junior year. They look at your grades, things you did, and everything that is you. I need to be a good person in four years. There is no other option. Everything adds up, and I need to be ready. I can only hope that I won't be in jail in four years...

Hello, people of the world! This was an essay that we were told to write in a half hour, so this is what I got done. The prompt was to write about where you want to be in the next four years. That would make me at a Junior in high school, which puts me in the seventh grade, now. Just so you know, I got a 5/6 overall, so I'm proud of myself ;) I hope you enjoyed!

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