She strutted into the bar, swaying her hips from side to side. Her make-up perfectly done, her hair a sexy disarray, her skin a forbidden temptation.

She bit her lip, a seductive invitation to whoever laid an eye on her. Unfortunately for those staring, she wouldn't go home with anyone of them.


She had someone in mind when she'd arranged her appeal. Her black leather pants hugged her hips just right and her high stilettoes made clicking sounds on the floor with every step she took towards her target.

Yes, he would suffer eventually, but she had to have him by the palm of her hand first.

A sex goddess they've called her before, and she was determined to use her almost obscene body to her favor.

Indeed he would pay.

Chapter 1: Heartbreaker

I approached him as he sat on a high stool around the bar. He was easy to spot with his two colored eyes: his right one blue while his left one was a caramel tone.

I leaned into the bar and the bartender immediately approached me.

"What would the lovely lady like?" He asked in a raspy voice.

I smiled kindly as I placed my index finger on my full red lips as my blue eyes looked up at the menu.

"I don't know," I said in a tender voice.

I could feel their eyes on me. The bartender's. The guys sitting in stools and tables around me. The guys playing pool across the room. All goggling.

More importantly, his eyes were on me.

He analyzed my every move.

"Hmm," I sighed in a way that my bosom rose provocatively to these men.

I turned to face him, and asked, biting my red lips, "Excuse me, but what is that you are drinking?"

His face was serene. Cocky in a way.

He shrugged. "Vodka. Have you tried it?"

I blinked, fluttering my thick, black, mascara-coated lashes as I pouted my lips. "Yes I have," I turned to the bartender now. "I would like one as the one he has."

The bartender immediately poured the drink into a glass and handed to me, brushing his hand against mine as I grabbed it. I smiled politely and sat on the high stool.

I'd done my part of the gamble. It was all a matter of him getting interested in me.

I took a sip and tried my hardest to not gag with the burning sensation as the vodka traveled down my throat.

Nasty stuff, I swear.

"A bit strong, isn't it?"

I turned to my right. He had spoken to me. It was an invitation for conversation, thus meaning I had indeed caught his attention.

I smiled, flashing my pearly whites to him.

"A bit? It is very strong." I said matter-of-factly.

He chuckled. "Perhaps it is the fact that you are not used to it. Don't worry, if you let me, I'll accompany you tonight so you can perfect the art of vodka drinking."

He was smooth. I had to give him credit for that. Very gentleman-like and an aura that made you feel in heaven. He truly was charming.

"I would like that very much. Thank you."

The corner of his lips pulled upwards. "I'm Joel,"

I bit my lip. "Natasha,"

His smile stretched wider. "Hey!" he called the bartender.

The bartender made his way to us and waited curtly.

"Bring the lady and myself another round. And keep them coming afterwards, please. I'll pay her tab." He looked back at me and flashed a sexy smirk.

Toward the end, I estimate I drank about seven glasses of vodka. By then, the burning sensation as I gulped had dulled due to my head beginning to feel lighter and my whole lips and cheeks going completely numb.

Joel drank more than me. I had completely lost count of his glasses. Actually, I was not even sure I'd drink seven only. It felt like more though.

I jumped off of the high stool and the world spun around me. The next thing I knew was the floor approaching my face.

I had no time to react, not even put my hands in the way. Thankfully, someone caught me before I'd seriously hurt myself.

I looked up. It was a man as big as a wrestler with a deep skin tone and a black tuxedo. He looked like a mob guy from the movies.

That's when I remembered my mission for that night.

"Thanks Carl," Joel said as he approached me with a smile plastered on his face. He did not seem drunk at all.

I, on the other hand, struggled to form coherent thoughts. But now I knew what I had in mind when I stepped into this bar wearing these clothes.

He grabbed my hand tenderly and guided me out.

It was still dark and a cool breeze blew my cherry red strands of hair all over the place.

Joel grabbed a strand of hair that got on my lip and tucked it behind my ear, brushing my lips with his finger lightly.

That's when I knew for sure. I had him.

I smiled inwardly.

"Did you bring an automobile?" He asked with a frown.

My way, I thought.

"Yes," I replied softly. "I brought my motorcycle,"

"Oh, no dear!" He said flamboyantly as he shook his head. "I mustn't let you drive such dangerous artifacts in your state."

I pouted as innocently as I could. "Then I'll take a cab, I guess."

He placed his hand in my chest, stopping me from moving forward.

"Never, dearest!" he said in an offended tone. "If you permit us, my driver can take you home."

I grimaced, thinking fast through the many possible scenarios this might lead to. I shrugged, a bit disappointed.

He pulled me gently from my wrist into a slick vehicle painted dark as the night itself. A Mercedes E-class.

I gasped when I realized that fact.

He halted due to my reaction. "What is it my dear Natasha?"

I looked back into his two colored eyes and smiled softly. "You have that car?"

He smirked proudly and nodded.

He pulled the door open and led me in. I sat on the soft cushion as he entered the car behind me.

He didn't bother giving directions, nor asking me.


The car halted in front of a luxurious skyscraper building. I bit my lip as I looked up. Definitely far more interesting than expected.

"I am sorry my dear, I did not asked where you were heading towards," He said softly, apologizing in a honey-dripping voice.

I smiled seductively. "You brought me to the place I wished to be at and with the handsomest company,"

He smirked as he helped me out.

We walked into the lobby which was as luxurious as the outside. Joel completely ignored the butler as he greeted us.

I nodded in acknowledgement as Joel dragged me into the elevator.

Here we go, I thought.

As soon as the elevator doors closed, he pushed me against the elevator walls and kissed me none too gently. My bosom crushed against his chest as I allowed him to devour my lips.

His hands cupped my face as I wrapped my own on the nape of his neck. He sat me on the rail around the inside of the elevator and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he pulled me closer.

That way, the elevator door dinged and he carried us both into a big room.

I had to pull away then, acting as if I was breathless now. I studied briefly my surroundings, quickly locating emergency exits and windows.

He chuckled, believing I was truly out of breath and placed me on a huge sofa in the middle of the living room.

"I'll get us some drinks," he muttered as he walked out of the room.

I immediately pulled my small 9mm out of my bra pocket and quickly loaded it. I stood up and deliberately dropped a glass vase that sat on the top of the center table.

Joel walked in as fast as lightning with the sound of crashing glass. My back was turned towards him as I hid the small weapon between my fingers.

"What happened?" he asked a bit groggy. My smile widened.

"How clumsy on my part," I cried. "I am so sorry,"

I felt him approach me from behind. At that moment I turned to face him in a blink on an eye with my gun pointed straight to his face.

His face went pale in an instant as the barrel of the gun pressed against the bridge of his nose.

"I'm sorry, dear Joel. Nothing personal. Mere business here." I smiled sweetly.

"You whore!" He yelled, but his scream was muted as I pulled the trigger.

His body felt limply on the white carpet as blood began pooling around his body and oozed almost as a fountain.

I took a step back, avoiding the huge stain that was forming rapidly on the floor.

I bit my lip and blew a kiss to his corpse. He should be glad it was fast.

Just then the front door slammed open and Carl, the bodyguard, came in as fast as his thick body allowed it.

I smiled expectantly, but now it was no time to play with him. I dashed to the biggest window in the living room—a balcony- kicked the door open as I did a flip on the air and jumped off.

A somersault.

Bright lights of high skyscrapers and the traffic below was all Carl saw when he leaned into the edge of the balcony.

I smiled to myself.

I fucking rock at my job.