No one understands what it's like
to be like this.
Everyday I fall deeper
into the black abyss.

No one knows what it's like
to feel like this day and night.
With this fucking tumor
it's a constant fight.

I'm always getting closer
to the final day of my life.
If it were me,
I would rather kill myself with a knife.

It's too hard to live like this.
I'm always crying,
I'm always sick.
It's because I'm dying.

This wasn't my choice,
no, not this time.
I was getting better,
I promise, I was making that climb.

But as soon as I get better,
it all gets worse.
It kills me to know that in a month,
I'll be carried away in a hearse.

No one understands how hard it is
to wake up every day.
I can't believe anyone when they say
that things will be okay.

Sure, I still cut.
And sure, I still drink.
But know that by now,
I've fallen off the brink.

I'm going through this alone,
and it's just not right.
I always face the next day
in sheer fright.

I'm dying.
That's all there's to know.
In less than a month,
it'll be my time to go.

I'm always in pain.
Mentally, physically, it's all there.
And living every day like this
just isn't fair.

I plead with God,
wondering why.
I'm so young, God.
I shouldn't have to die.

I haven't felt love.
I'm not even close to You.
Can't You stop this?
There has to be something You can do.

Please, God!
A little more time is all I need.
Why won't You listen to me
while I plead?

Not now, God!
I'm not ready to go!
There are things
I still need to know!

Why does everyone hate me?
What did I ever do wrong?
Why have I been so alone
all along?

Why does daddy hate me?
Why am I bruised?
What did I ever do
to get abused?

Forever alone, God.
That's all I'll ever be.
Forever alone, God.
That's what makes me... me.

No one understands,
no one can relate.
Apparently my death is something
that we cannot debate.

No one understands.
I'm destined to die.
Maybe now someone will understand
why I cry.