You have me

Yet it seems I'm not enough

You go to her

So is our love a bluff

You hide your affair

So every night you have an excuse

You don't know I discovered

But I won't accuse

I let you have your little fling

For in the end you are mine

I am still your number one

While she stays in the sideline

You live with me

But you act like you want to change

It seems you are spending more time away

So it can be arranged

I thought I could handle this

But I have had it with you

I am leaving you forever

We are through!

Have fun with your new girl

Since you couldn't handle me

Have fun with you new life

Cause I am leaving you be

I just pushed me farther than my limit

It is time for me to go

Don't try begging now

For you are lower than low

Your gift won't make up for you

Your desperation is pointless

For it was you who abandoned me

Our relationship is hopeless

Wait; did you just say what I thought?

Did just promise in front of everyone

That you would stop and try anew?

It seems even in this darkness a small light shine through

I will give you one final chance

But if you mess up once more

I will leave you forever

Without a single thought of the gore