Do you remember as a kid, some of us had imaginary friends? You see, like most kids, I had one too but my imaginary friend was different. Her name was Ava. I created Ava when I was six years old, meaning I already knew what was going on around me, but I didn't know everything. Ava was the better version of me. She was prettier, smarter, everything more than I was. She somehow looked like me, only better. I promised her we'd be friends forever. But I forgot that promise.

As I grew older, I forgot all about her. I met new people and had friends. I did what every typical teenager did. But there came a point Ava made herself known to me again.

She came to me in a dream. We were in an open, black space with only a single light focusing on her. She was sobbing on the ground; her tears formed a puddle around her, soaking the ends of her white dress. I walked closer to her and felt something soft hit my legs. I looked down and I saw that I too was wearing a white dress similar to hers. When I lifted my head up to look at her, I saw her tear filled eyes looking back at me with so much pain.

"How could you?" she screamed.

"How could you forget about me? I was your best friend! I was always with you wherever you went then you just forget about me? Don't you care anymore?"

Her sobs became stronger, more forceful. I walked over to her and grabbed her in my arms.

"Ava, look at me, please" I pleaded crying.

She looked up at me and I explained.

"Ava, it's not that I don't care about you. I cared about you a lot. It's just that, I'm no longer a kid. I can't have imaginary friends anymore."

"You're saying you're abandoning me?" She shrieked.

"Why would you do that? You said you care! Why would you abandon me?" She was standing now, she was phasing back and forth.

"Ava calm down. I don't want to do this but I have to. I just need to let you go. I'm sorry."

I stood and began to leave but she ran then hugged me from behind. I couldn't escape even if I wanted to.

"No…no, you don't have to do this. I'll find a way so we could be friends again. I'll do anything just so I could be your only friend."

Then I heard her laugh and I woke up screaming. I couldn't help but think how she'd make us friends forever. Then as if hearing my answer, she showed up.

"Hello sweetheart." she said with a smile.

"Ava, what are you doing here?"

"I'm here to be your only friend again."

"What do you mean?"

She stood beside me and whispered,

"We'll be friends forever, just like you promised years ago."

I shook my head to clear my mind and she was gone. I needed to remind myself I made her and I could easily erase her from my life.

I tried doing that, I tried completely forgetting about her but she always made a way for me not to succeed.

"You can't erase me that easily my dear." I heard her voice say as I was sitting on my bed.

"I'm better, don't you remember? You made us almost identical, only I'm better. Don't you see? I'm a part of you. You can never get rid of me. Never."

"Leave me alone!"

Then she appeared in front me.

"NO! I will not leave you alone! You promised me we'd be friends for eternity and I'll make sure you keep that promise no matter what happens."

She controlled my life after that night. She'd always tell me what she wanted to do and I obeyed. She took over my mind. I no longer had control of myself.

She was driving me insane! She was no longer the friend I created instead; she became a monster inside of me.

She appeared in my dream again the other night, this time, she was smiling.

"I'm so happy we're friends again!"

"Ava, what is wrong with you? You're driving me insane! You're taking control of me! I can't live my life the way I want to anymore because of you! Why are you doing this to me?" I asked crying.

"I'm only doing this because I care about you and I want us to be together. Forever."

She disappeared and I woke up screaming again. This time, my mother heard me.

"Sweetheart, what's wrong?"

"She's taking control of me! She's making me do things I don't want to. I can't get rid of her. I'm going insane!" I was crying, rocking back and forth and scratching myself to the point where I was bleeding. My mother looked terrified.

"Honey, please calm down."

"I can't calm down because I can't control myself! She's taking over me, there's nothing I can do!"

"I'm going to call for help." she said and left the room.

No amount of help can get rid of her. It was useless! Then a thought hit me. Without a word, I stood up and left home.

If I can't get rid of her then I'll get rid of myself.

I was running towards a bridge over a highway when Ava suddenly appeared in front of me.

"What are you doing?"

I smiled.

"Getting rid of myself."

"What? No! Don't!"

"What's wrong Ava? Can't accept the fact I found a way to defeat you?"

"You can't do that! You just can't! You don't have the courage to kill yourself!"

"Watch me."

I climbed up the bridge and prepared to jump. Just when I was about to, I heard a car pull up. It was my parents.

Without a word, my father grabbed me and brought me inside the car.


"Getting you help." he said.


"Sweetheart, just calm down." my mom told me.

"You don't understand! If I don't get rid of myself, she won't ever leave me! I can't have her control every second of my life!"

"Honey, you need help and we're getting you help. Just be a good girl and keep quiet." my dad told me sounding concerned.

Before I could utter another word, my father stopped the car and scooped me up and put me down on a stretcher. We were at the mental hospital nearby and my parents told the nurses I need help because I was crazy.


"Ava? Your imaginary friend as a kid?" he asked.

"Yes! She's taking control of me! She's turning me into a monster!"

The nurses looked at my parents sympathetically and told them they'd take care of me. My parents left afterwards.


Before I knew it, the nurses were holding me down on the stretcher and were preparing to inject something in me.

"Wh-what are you doing? Let go of me! Let go! Get that thing away from me!"

Then without any warning, one of the nurses injected the fluid in me and I suddenly felt sleepy.

"Sleep now sweetheart, everything will be better soon."

When I woke up, I found myself locked up in a room that looked like a prison cell.

Then Ava suddenly appeared.

"Ava, what's going on? They say I'm crazy! I'm not crazy Ava! I'm not crazy! You know that!" I said crying.

"Shhh, I know you aren't sweetheart, I know. Calm down" she hugged me then and started rubbing my back trying to calm me down.

"No one believes me Ava. You're the only one who believes me. Don't leave me ok? "I said still sobbing.

I felt her smile triumphantly and told me "I'll never leave you. I'll always be here. I'll be your friend. Forever."

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