Don't Stray from Your Path

By Chaos Bloody Tala

Chapter One


I stood with my brothers staring at the sight of a large crowd of adults; angry, confused and grieving adults. They must have found the body of Todd Chiles, the tenth victim of a series of child murders this year.

My eyes found the shaking form of the boy's mother… stupid child; should have known better then to go outside at night, should have known better then to head towards the forest… I wouldn't have had to kill him, well me and my brothers; John and Michael killed him. We left his body next to the old, decrepit statue of the man who built this stupid, dirty, broken town. We knew it would be found there.

"Wendy… time to go," the dark brown haired boy, John, stated pointing at his watch.

"He's right… can we have an ice cream before we go out again?" the other boy, considerably smaller than John and myself, asked his light brown hair and his baby blue eyes… it's scary how much he looks like me.

"Yeah sure… lets get going, don't want to miss anyone doing a runner to the forest," I said calmly, with no emotion.

I turned and walked back through the old fashioned streets, passing the many Pirates, Gypsies and city dwellers from all over Neverland.

No one goes to the forest; anyone who does is never seen again. We kill those who attempt to go in it only to send out a message… a reminder if you will, don't go into the forest. There has been a few who have gotten past us… But we let them go if we're taking a well needed break. Hey being up every night and going to school takes it out of you.


The encampment was quiet. Well as quiet as it could be when you're living in a forest. The noisy chirping of birds and chatters of other creatures were constantly there, only stopping for a few occasions.

Our camp was simple really; looking into the glade a stranger wouldn't be able to see anything unusual except maybe some odd looking bushes. A rather large, corroding cauldron sat smouldering by one of them. The steam rising from it carried a delicious scent that had a few forest mice scampering around, their whiskers glinting in the speckled light.

I was perched delicately on a branch of the Great Oak and looking down at the huts that melded into the vegetation. A few of the other kids were wandering around, fruit in their grass woven baskets. These were the older ones as we didn't really trust the younger kids with the food or fire building. They did work though. Most of them were geniuses with safety measures-surprisingly- and some had helped create traps.

Shaking my head; I flicked my light, red hair from my eyes. It often annoyed me; my hair was just at that length where nothing you'd do would stop it from laying where it wanted, although that still wasn't as bad as my baggy, brown clothes. I often tripped over the hems of my trousers and once set fire to my shirt's sleeve. Of course I'd been the laughing stock for days.

"Hey! Peter! Stop mooning and get your ass into gear," Toby, my 'second in command' yelled up.

I grinned and jumped down from the tree, landed in a crouch at the base of the massive trunk.

"Will you stop doing that!" the black haired boy yelped as he jumped violently, nearly losing a few roots from his basket.

Toby narrowed his misty, grey eyes at me. I couldn't help it though; the older boy was so easy to scare as he jumped at nearly every sound. Still, this made him good in his position as Toby was cautious and made sure that we all kept safe.

"When I get no reaction from you," I grinned cheekily and straightened up.

He rolled his eyes and picked at his second hand clothes. Letting out a chuckle he waved his hand at me and walked off; his basket swinging back and forth.

With a smile I looked around. Most of the jobs were being done efficiently and I knew the hunters were out. So Liam –our cook- could only get the vegetables ready. Personally; I'd hate to have his job. The younger kids were so picky with what they ate and the older ones weren't much better.

"Kyle do ya need any help with those logs?" I asked, my green eyes widening at the fifteen year old.

"Er, I should be fine. It's close enough to the fire," the muscular boy answered cheerily, grunting as he staggered under the logs weight.

I nodded, frowning as my hair fell into my eyes. Snorting, I shook my head and padded away from Kyle; searching for someone to help otherwise Toby would be nagging at me. Something I'd rather not be subjected to, he often reminded me of my old Nana. Those memories were best left forgotten I'd realised over the years.

The rest of the afternoon past quickly; it was filled with all our usual activities and chores. What we were really waiting for were the hunters.

Ross, Frasier and Tai were close friends and the only three fully capable for the task of hunting as they weren't bothered by the idea of killing innocent creatures. I couldn't stand it, but knew it was essential for life here.

"Peter!" a voice cried out, the panic in his voice causing me to freeze.

Frasier rushed into the encampment. Leaves and twigs twined into his black hair and there were ragged tears on his faded shirt and trousers.

"There were three people in the forest opening… I think they were chasing after another kid," he paused, breathing heavily as his green eyes sought mine, "Your Shadow's there,"

"Shit!" I swore and snapped my head to look over at the beige haired cook, "Liam, keep everyone in order. Show me where they are Fry,"

They both nodded and Frasier tugged my arm before pulling me into the forest with him.


Shit… if they get any further away then that's the first one that has ever gotten away! I can't let this happen, Michael and John will be beaten until they're unconscious and I'll be married off… plus we have a reputation to defend.

We ran with our long capes trailing behind us, hoods up so no one could see it was us killing the runaways.

Shit where did the brat go?

I spun around, looking in every direction; looking for a little boy with bright blond hair… very hard to miss. I was about to run after my brothers who ran a little further ahead when a shadowy figure leaped out in front of me. I quickly grabbed a kunai from my belt and plunged it deep into the figure's side and swung my leg behind their knee causing the figure to topple over, my adrenalin rush stopping me from realising the person hadn't made a single sound of pain

"John! Michael!" I shouted as the adrenalin began to kick in. My brothers were by my side in a flash. Michael pulled the head of the teddy bear he was holding closely, revealing a beautiful silver sword. I watched in pride as he drove it deep into the figures thigh muscle causing the shadowy person to cry out in pain, a sound that made my heart smile.


A cry sounded from in front of us. Frasier let out a whimper; his surprise at the cry being tinged with apprehension because that sound belonged to my Shadow. This was something that hardly ever happened unless Tink lost her patience. He was very hard to cause injury to, far too agile and his pain tolerance was incredibly high. Most of the time it just made his blood boil and would tip the fight into my Shadow's court.

We burst into the small clearing, our branch whipped faces morphing into expressions of shock. The image before us would have seemed comical if we were less panicked. My Shadow had fallen to the ground, blood dripping from a wound on his side and another one on his thigh.

Directing my gaze to the people standing over him, my eyes widened in disbelief at the young boy holding the blood covered blade. Beside him was an older girl, possibly my age, holding a dagger of some sort. I took a step forward and stumbled to a halt as the third figure, another boy, poured liquid onto my Shadow's leg.

Shadow's reaction was explosive. He lunged to his feet, a silent snarl twisting onto his face. The other three jolted in surprise, they definitely weren't expecting that.

I took another step forward and watched as a smirk slid onto my Shadow's face. The dark figure leaped forward, clawed hands swiping at the dark, brown haired boy.

"John!" The girl screamed whilst pushing the boy, apparently called John, out of the way; taking the blow from my Shadow.

Shimmering blood went flying through the air, splattering onto a near by sapling

"Shit!" Frasier growled and looked pointedly at me, his green eyes narrowing.

"Oh, right…" I blinked innocently and ran towards my Shadow.

He let out an aggravated hiss as I slammed into his injured side. Shadow's dark green eyes narrowed in anger and he twisted, slamming me into the ground. I choked, my hands scratching at his that were wrapped around my throat.

Shadow grinned, his pointed canines glinting menacingly in the dim light. His face was framed with dark red strands of hair, making Shadow's eyes seem more sinister.

"I hate it how you choose strangers over me," my darker self whined sarcastically, "See ya later!"

His body shifted and lost its solid forming. Almost like water, the dark shape ran towards the ground and formed a shadow.

My shadow; the proper, normal one this time.


My heart stopped as the thing swiped at me, but I felt dead as Wendy pushed me out of the way.

After I hit the ground a boy with ginger hair dived at the shadowy figure. I didn't care; I scrambled to my feet and dashed towards Wendy's bleeding form that had been forced back around two or three meters. Michael was already on his knees with his hands on her wounds that continued to let blood gush out like a river. Shit.

"John! Help her!" Michael hissed not taking his eyes off our sister. I quickly opened my shoulder bag and pulled out a large vial containing a blood red liquid. It healed any and all wounds, my own creation.

I tore the bottle stopper off and put the bottle to Wendy's lips, letting some of the liquid trickle into her mouth. I put the stopper back on the vial and stuffed it back into my bag.

My heat skipped a beat when Wendy's wounded form lurched forward, coughing and spluttering.

"That stuff… is foul," She coughed, tears fell from her blue eyes as she continued to cough.


I watched with astonishment as the brown haired boy helped his companion. Before I could say anything though, a shrill scream made me jolt. I whirled around, my green eyes landing on my friend.

Peter had folded in on himself, his lean body curled around his leg which seemed to be burning. The flesh being eaten away by whatever chemical had been in the first vial. A disgusting smell crept into my nostrils and I gagged; like rotting flesh.

I ran forward and crouched beside the light, red haired boy; briefly sending a glare at the dormant shadow at his side.

"Hey! You with the glasses! Can you give my friend some of that potion?" I snapped angrily, fixing another sharp glare on the older brown haired boy

"Give… Him it… John," the girl coughed, obviously trying to regulate her breathing but struggling.

"Okay, Okay, Michael look after her!" the boy called 'John' snapped at his injured friend and the other boy. He dashed over to Peter, administered the potion and ran back to the girl.

My green eyed friend coughed and slowly uncurled. He had a slight sheen of sweat on his face I noted dully, probably from the sudden shock of the injuries. The scent had disappeared, leaving a lingering feeling of decay behind.

"Thanks," he rasped, nodding at the three people while trying to control a sudden shivering; probably from shock.

I turned my gaze to them, curious as of to what they were actually doing here. It was obvious that they weren't running from something. Most of the people who ended up at our camp had run away from horrible families, and I could tell these three were definitely from well off ones.

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