Don't Stray From Your Path

By Chaos Bloody Tala

Chapter Five


I yawned, there was so much noise. Wiping my eyes I stretched my wings and lazily flew off of Peter's head. The stench of death immediately assaulted my nose and I gagged. With wide, blue eyes I looked at the dead crocodile. Resting by its body, in a sign of disrespect to its death, was the cracked clock that had driven the creature mad.

"What? I can't believe I slept through this…" I moaned, shaking my head in disbelief.

"Tink! You didn't fall off my head. I was worried," my form of enjoyment, known as Peter, mused.

"I would never fall off," I sniffed, "That's to undignified,"

"Who are you?" a boy with glasses asked curiously.

"I am the fey named Tinkerbell… And you along with your… companions?" I asked, looking at the three dishevelled teenagers, my eyes rising incredulously. They'd defeated the crocodile?

"I'm Wendy and these are my brothers John and Michael," the girl said.

"Wendy you say?" I cast a glance at both Shadow and Peter, "Haven't you two mentioned her to me before?"

"If you mean by Peter's girlfriend, then yes," Shadow laughed, receiving glares from all present as I turned my sharp gaze back to the young woman.

"Well, I guess we should be going… our job's done, we're free to do what we like now," Wendy said to her brothers with a giant smile.

"Hey! Why don't you come see our camp?" Peter asked his face lighting up as though it was Christmas morning.

I threw a glare at him. He was excited about them, or rather her, staying at my camp…

"Uh," she looked at her brothers who looked away. "I don't know, I mean we have a lot to do…" she added.

"Can any of you cook?" Peter asked, looking at each of them in turn. He was reminding me of an eager puppy waiting for its master to give it praise.

"Nope!" Michael sang.

"Well at our camp we have the best cook… He can make seeds taste like burgers,"

"Hang on… You know what a burger is but not a drug addict?" Wendy asked in amusement.

"He's a dope," Shadow retorted dryly, eyes glazed in boredom except for a tiny shine of amusement.

"I figured as much," she teased.

"Hey, isn't that a drug?" Peter asked in confusion.

"Well what do you know little boy does know something after all!" the girl exclaimed sarcastically.

"Little Peaty is experimenting with new things," Shadow cooed, trying to smother a cackle.

"I'm still in the cave! Shadow stop flirting… It's gross," Peter complained, shivering.

"I agree with that one," I grumbled and landed on Shadow's shoulder. Grabbing his hair to keep my balance, the boy's shoulders were far too bony for my taste.

The boy looked at me in disgust but mostly ignored that I'd sat down.

"Wendy has a point we should go," John interjected before the conversation got completely off track.

I sighed; children had such one track minds.


I grabbed both my sibling's hands and gave them a small tug towards the opening of the cave. In which they gladly followed. We were free to do whatever we wanted, live where ever we wanted… we had agreed a long time ago that if we got free we'd travel the world, now it's become reality.

"Come on you two, we can travel the world now!" I chirped.

"John, wait up… I want to say goodbye first," Wendy and Michael said in unison.

"Okay, Okay fine be quick!" I urged.

"So you're leaving?" Peter asked quietly, looking down at his feet. Which I noticed he only had one shoe… hmm.

"Yeah, we decided a long time ago we'd travel the world if we got free to see what it's like and well… we're free," Wendy explained.

"Oh… Well I hope you have fun," the red haired boy tried to grin, failing miserably.

"We'll be back before you know it," Michael sang at him.

"You better be… Wouldn't want to have to come collect," Shadow said ominously, his face schooled to show no expression.

"Hey! I don't break my deals, okay?" Wendy said directly to him.

Shadow smirked.

"There's always a first time for everything… Or maybe I should collect right… Now," he stepped forward, his body tense with anticipation.

"Not in front of my younger brother's eyes you don't" my sister mused… what the hell is this about?

"Anyway, time to go!" I said grabbing their wrists and running.


I watched sadly as they left. I'd only know them for a short time, but I liked them. They were refreshing and different from everyone I knew.

"Aww, is itty bitty Peaty all upset?" Shadow teased, "If you are you're seriously whipped… Without even knowing it,"

"Shut up Shadow!" Tink snapped and left his shoulder, her wings making a faint buzzing sound.

He glared at her. That was unusual. Sure they had always had their tiffs, but they never seemed to really hate each other. I frowned at the two.

"What is up with you two?" I asked in annoyance.

"Nothing," Tinkerbell replied quickly, flicking a long, lock of bright hair over her shoulder.

"At this rate I'm going to win our bet Tinky," Shadow sang, "Oh and guess what...I now have a name!"

The fairy froze, nearly falling from the sky.

"Y-You have a name?"

Shadow laughed, "Did you think I'd never get strong enough not to have one?"

Tink didn't reply. I glanced at both of them and then looked at the sky.

"So, what is your name?"



I have the strange feeling we're being watched… by Shadow, kind of spooked out by it considering he doesn't mind my two younger brothers watching him taking my blood. He's gonna find a way to get it sooner or later, until then time to relax.

"Wendy! I left Wilfred's Body back at the cave!" Michael shouted… going back, seriously we've been walking for half and hour and he only just noticed he'd left part of his teddy bear back at the cave?

"Right back we go," I sighed. All three of us turned and ran back the way we came.

We jumped over tree logs and weaved our way past the trees back to the cave. When we got there the others had left. We carefully walked back into the heart of the cave and found Wilfred's Body by the croc's lifeless corpse. We heard the sound of what I think was thunder, the ground rumbled and the mouth of the cave and the tunnel to the heart of the cave collapsed.


I yelled and ducked as another sliver of sharpened shadows whirled through the air. So far, I was beyond freaked out as Tink fought against Sha-Kuroi. To be honest, Kuroi had me completely freaked. He'd never been powerful enough to do the stuff he can do now. I mean manipulating other shadows was a step up, but to the extent he was manipulating them… And the fact that his need to fight had increased by tenfold.

I'm now concerned for anyone who walks in front of the guy, much less pisses him off like Tink has apparently done.

"Will you fucking sit still and die!" Kuroi cried out in annoyance, throwing an arm out and directing a streak of arrow shaped shadows towards the panicking fey.

"No! Why would I do that?" Tink yelled back hysterically and a pale light knocked the arrow off course… right into the cave below us.

I winced as the rocks began to fall and glanced at the two. My darker self had made shadow wings; ironically in the shape of bat wings. I think the safest place now is the caved in cave.

Huh, I drifted down; occasionally having to dodge an attack. As soon as I was out of their sight I found something to perch on. I looked up at the darkened sky and hoped that this was either a dream, or the croc had actually knocked me unconscious.


Okay Michael is not injured and John…. Where's John? I saw his glasses on the ground and his hand sticking out from under the rocks blocking the entrance tunnel… there's no way he could have survived.

"John… no," I whispered, pulling Michael's trembling form closer to me and away from the arm… not John, not my brother… I screamed his name using every last ounce of air left in my lungs before sobbing into the hair of the only brother I have left.


I don't care if I have to destroy this entire island… That sad excuse for a fey was ending up dead. Jerking my hand up, I pulled a long strip of shadows into my hand before lashing out… Hmm shadow whip. I could think already think of ways to use this.

Tinkerbell yelped as she fell a little. I must have clipped a wing. For a small thing she was surprisingly hard to kill. Flexing my shadow wings I ducked as she tried to hit me with a pathetic excuse of a spell.

"What was that? Sugar?" I taunted baring my teeth.

"You're insane!" the fey shrieked, "I knew something was up when I couldn't return Peter's shadow back to normal…"

I let out an enraged snarl. My eye's narrowed to slits.

I refused to be called Peter's shadow, Peter's this and Peter's that!

My shadow whip cracked in the air and the fairy plummeted. Her tiny scream music to my ears.

I darted after her though, not content to let her die peacefully.

"Why don't I clip your wings?" I suggested cruelly as I grabbed the glowing creature.

"Why don't you fade away?" she retorted.

One wing down… three to go. Tink was sobbing now…

"Begging isn't going to work," I sang.

"I wasn't going to!"

I ripped another wing off, getting another delicious scream from her.

"I'm bored now… Wonder how you'll take to fire," I mused, "Or maybe I should let you live as a cripple…" I looked up at the dark sky in amusement, black shadows watching like a murder of crows.


They'd gotten closer. Tink had fallen I realised. Shivering in horror I had a funny feeling when Kuroi finished with Tink I was next on his list. Ignoring my better instincts that screamed at me to help my life long companion, I flew deeper into the ruined cave; my eyes stinging with unshed tears. Why was this happening?


I'd lost one brother… I'd protect the other with my life if it kept him alive; he is just a child… only ten years old for god sake.

I heard someone besides myself and Michael in the cave. I pulled out the gun I kept in my belt.

The one for emergencies… never thought I'd actually need it.

I saw a figure approach us, I shoved Michael behind me and pointed the gun at the figure.

"We really need to stop meeting like this," a familiar voice said. I lowered the gun.

"Peter… what are you doing here?"

"Trying not to be murdered," he began nervously, "Shadow threw a fit and is now trying to kill Tink… He also has a name now. Calling himself Kuroi,"

"Which one hit the cave?" Michael asked shyly.

"Umm, it was Kuroi's attack that had been deflected by Tink," the red head said thoughtfully.

"They need to pay…" I hissed angrily.

"Um… You can attempt to kill them at another time… Right now is not such a good time… Why do you even want to anyway?"

"…They killed John…" I said anger flashing in my eyes… I have never wanted to kill anything more than this before.

"Shit!" Peter groaned, a strange tiredness seemed to make him hunch in on himself a little.

"Look after Michael with your life, or you'll have me to answer to," I snapped and ran out the new found entrance.

"Wait!" Peter called after me, "You don't know what you're running into!"

I stopped running.

"I don't care, John's dead… I want revenge," I snarled and walked away.

"Wait! Wendy…. I love you!" the boy cried out desperately, realisation sparking in his leaf green eyes as he called out. He froze after he'd spoken, a spark of fragility surrounding him.

I turned quick on my heel and marched back towards him, I had no emotion on my face. I was now standing in front of the boy; I put my arms around his neck in a hug, I placed a light kiss on his cheek before pushing him to the ground.

"Thanks for caring but I cannot love, I'm a murderous monster I can only love my brothers, that's something that will always remain the same!" I hissed and left.


I watched as the scene before me unfolded… I could tell that Wendy was going to die; I didn't tell her what was going through my mind as I retrieved my sword, watching silently as she left. As soon as I knew she was gone I put the blade to my arm. Funny, it was shaking… That's a first.

Holding back sobs I sliced down harshly before I could lose my nerve. Gasping out at the pain, my blue eyes widened as blood began to stream down. For some reason the pitter-pattering sound of it landing on the floor seemed funny.

Sinking to the ground I paid no attention to Peter, everything seemed muted and fuzzy. I giggled, soon unable to stop.

"Michael! Michael! Snap out of it!" the red haired boy yelled frantically in my ear, grabbing my torso so I didn't fall.

Blinking I looked at him, watching as his features distorted and twisted together. The hilarity of the situation was fading though and I could feel a burning sensation.

"Pet-ter?" I asked in confusion, glancing down at the blood weeping from my arm and pooling to the ground… I'd sliced an artery.

"C'mon, you're fine it's just a little blood," Peter tried to lighten the mood; I could hardly see his face anymore.

"I want… to say goodbye to… Wendy," I wheezed, trying not to think of the poison destroying my blood cells.

"C'mon Michael you can't die, not on your sister. Not on me!" Peter cried, surprisingly; I could actually see tears falling.

"I'm so tired," I was forcing my eyes to stay open as my body fought against the poison.

"Stay awake!" the green eyed boy exclaimed, shaking me slightly.

"Take… me to… Wendy," I choked out. The boy nodded and picked me up pressing my bleeding arm against his side, staunching it.

"Try and hold on a little while longer," he whispered softly.

I felt the wind rush past me as we ran after my sister.


I laughed. My shadow wings beating against the air made a sound like a tribal drumming. The fey's tiny body had long since joined the ashes in the air. Swirling in the air around me were my shadows, waiting for more instructions. Twirling around, I raised my arms. I smiled manically as a few over eager shadows rushed in for attention, curling around my arms and torso; one even going so far as the wrap around my throat before sliding off again.

Slowing gaining my cool back, I lifted my eyes in time to see two forms; one female, the other male.

Wendy and Peter… Oh how fun. I couldn't wait to play with them!

Watching them closely I realised that Peter had his girlfriend's brother in his arms.

"Light bulb," I chuckled stretching my claw like fingers.

My shadows reacted and grabbed a hold of my lighter half, squeezing hard enough to slow down his blood circulation.

"Hello Peaty," I hissed, baring my animalistic fangs at him.

"Sha-Kuroi!" he snapped at me, his light green eyes staring directly into my own dark green. Fear glimmered in them, triggering predatory instincts.

I raised my hand and waved at him, my smile full of amusement as one of my shadows jerked the boy from Peter's arms.

"You never did have a strong hold did you?" I teased and flew closer.

I couldn't wait to kill these two. My blood was boiling with excitement.

"And now you get to watch as you fail in a task your girlfriend gave you… How lovely," my voice lowered as my eyes drifted towards the weak form of the youngest boy.

"Don't you dare lay a hand on Michael!" my lighter half screeched as the shadows flew dangerously close to the boy's throat.

"Is that his name? It seemed to have slipped my mind," I said dryly, "Goodbye little boy!"

I looked directly towards the girl when I said this. Wendy was desperately trying to reach us in time… She had the perfect view to see her brother's death.

My hand jerked forward and the shadows screamed, baying for blood.

"Guess… That didn't work… Huh?" Peter croaked, blood dripping from his mouth.

"What?" I screeched, the boy had somehow managed to break from his restraints in time to get speared, protecting Michael.

"You! How?" My teeth clenched together and I slashed at my lighter half with my claws. Catching him just behind the jaw and raking skin from muscle.

His body dropped lifelessly, followed by the girl's brother. Not a sound from the younger boy. It seemed he was close to death anyway.

Peter's blood dripped from my hand… I was finally free from him… No longer was I a shadow.

"Yes! Take that you fucking bastards!" I roared; laughing in jubilation as the black streaks around me flew into a chaotic mess.


I ran over to Peter's lifeless body tears forming in my eyes, the bottom of his face had been ripped clean off with clear precision… he did as I asked; I glanced at Michael who was on the brink of death. I crawled over to his bleeding form.

"Goodbye… Wendy…" he wheezed with his last breath.

"It's okay Michael," I whispered taking him into my arms. "Go to sleep, I'll see you soon…" I whispered as the youngest and last of my brothers peacefully slipped of to an eternal sleep. I lay him down side by side with Peter, closing the eyes of the boy who gave up his life so my brother could say goodbye.

Behind me I heard the flapping of wings as the dark boy landed. From the corner of my eye I watched as the wings on his back seemed to sink into his pale skin. The remaining streaks of darkness around him also sunk into his body. Above me I noticed that there was still a chaotic mess of writhing black and grey.

I closed my eyes briefly before snapping them open; my resolve burning and giving me a surge of energy.

I stood up and staggered towards Kuroi; stopping with a good two meters gap between us.

"You've killed everyone I love… I suppose I'm next…" I mumbled.

"Oh, maybe I could spare you…" he grinned darkly, taking a step forward, "Rather fond of your blood,"

I took a step forward with a small smile on my face "To bad you're not getting any of it," I hissed and took the gun out of my holster and pointed it towards my brain.

He let out a guttural growl as his eyes widened slightly. If I looked closer I could vaguely see his pupils were almost as thin as that croc's were.

"As interesting as it would be to see your brains, I can't let you do that," Kuroi hissed ominously, his lips twitching.

A sharp stab to my wrist startled me causing me to fling my fingers apart, dropping the gun to the floor.

I just looked at the gun… I should have pulled the trigger when I had the chance; the only thing I have left that isn't lying in the cave is my cutlass. I took another step towards him.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking…" I muttered.

He faltered, looking confused for a moment along with something else I couldn't identify.

I took that moment and lunged at him, grabbing my cutlass and plunging it into his gut.

He snarled in pain and stabbed something cold into my chest. It… moved slightly. Looking down I realised he'd stabbed me with his own shadows… That explained the movement.

"Thing… about being human… no one can take your pain… once it's inflicted," I said and twisted the sword in his gut to further extend his pain.

"A lifetimes worth… of anger… and nothing to… throw it on," he let a twisted smirk creep onto his face and pushed the sword further into his gut, "Guess I… Have to take it on… You and myself!"

"Anger and Revenge… destroys you… take it from someone who knows," I was now forcing to keep my eyes open.

He leaned forward and lapped at a little of my blood. I could feel him smirking against my chest.

"Guess you never did break your deal," his shadows twisted and dug in deeper.

"Never… Do… Perv," my legs were going limp but I still had control over the rest of me. C'mon I need to outlive this guy.

"Heh, still insulting… Me!" he was struggling to breathe, and strange flickers of grey and black were running across his skin; similar to veins, but constantly moving.

"Don't want… to waste the last… chance I'll get… to for… the world," I breathed.

"Not like…the world was… ever kind… to us!" he hissed and bared his teeth one last time.

"Some things… will never…. Change… you're always… going to be…. A blood obsessed perv…" I tried to joke.

I felt my whole body fail me; my head fell into the crook of his neck as my body refused to fight to hold on any longer.

"What does… that make you? The only one… who offered?" Kuroi choked, spitting something dark and thick to the rocky floor as he heaved for a breath. His weakened legs trembled under the weight of my body.

"That… makes me… Wendy Darling… mass murderer… and you… are my last kill… feel honoured," I managed to say before everything in my body began to shut down.

Kuroi convulsed, his flesh splitting and black began to seep out. We began to fall to the ground. The thud was muffled and against my will my lungs began to force me to suck in air. Shadows caressed me as they dispersed into the evening.

Opening my eyes blearily, I could barely manage shock as I found that the boy I was laying on had no physical features; just a mass of shifting strings of darkness that was of the deepest black.

Slowly though, I could feel my senses dulling almost as if a warm, soft blanket had been placed on me. No longer was there any pain from my injuries, mental or physical. I felt my life slipping away in unison with the sun as it began to gracefully fall from the sky and out of sight.

As my face finally felt the ground my heart had stopped, leaving the idyllic setting in a mournful silence.


There was the most intriguing smell of blood in the air, it covered the ground. On one side of the hill lay two boys, one with most of his face missing and the other with a gaping wound in his arm… he only looked about ten years old, the other about fifteen. On the other side of the hill lay a girl with one clear wound to the chest that was still bleeding, her body was surrounded by shadows that were slowly fading slowly. I edged towards the body… not quite dead but close.

Maybe there was still time to help her.

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