The first chapter of this new piece of work, well…here goes nothing!

Note: Any resemblance to real life characters, structures, organizations, institutions and countries is completely intentional; it won't take an idiot to figure out what resembles what in this piece of fiction.

Chapter 1: The Selection

Trail flicked open a book and began reading from a random page as rather loud voices and a certain amount of bedlam swirled around him. Trail had learned long ago how to mentally tune out the various noises and crap that went on in class.

'The world according to Slack-nor: volume 4…' Trail thought to himself.

Slack-nor was a columnist for one of the newspapers in the country of Brain-It, although he was better known for being the presenter of the most popular motoring show on the planet, a show that Trail himself watched frequently, it was often suggested that the reason for it being the most popular show was due to the fact that the interactions and analogies given between the three presenters really were quite funny, although some had suggested that it was due to envy and jealously at the ability of the three to test out really cool and expensive cars from brand names.

Between these, Slack-nor was also a columnist for a newspaper, the book that Trail now read was simply a collection of the columns that he'd written.

Trail had read every column about a hundred odd times already, but they never ceased to amuse him and make him laugh and giggle, supposedly a feat since Trail only smiled so very often, usually to smirk or troll people.

Despite this though, Trail got bored very easily and put the book away before long, he allowed his mind to drift to the sounds of his class…

…Before being disgusted and switching back to his own mind, Trail loved being in his own little world, he never got bored there, and it allowed him to pass time when he was on the train going back home or when the teacher wasn't in class, Trail had writing as a hobby, so it was easy for him to imagine his characters in his stories in all sorts of wild battles, fighting demons, ghosts and what not, and then…

'Hey! Excuse me! Can you all face the front please?' A voice rang out.

Trail's head snapped upwards from its downward looking pose, in the front of the class, Professor Canasta Nigh was-attempting to- speak to the class.

Trail had a good measure of respect for the chemistry Professor, she was a good teacher, willing to listen and help with students problems both academic and social, and the only problem was her inability to control the class.

'Can you all just shut up?' Trail said quietly, even though he knew the class didn't listen, it somehow got it to listen quicker.

The class quieted itself eventually; the process took about five minutes.

'Which direction is that a record in? Slowest or Fastest?' Trail wondered to himself.

'Now, the school has been selected to take part in a special project, and a number of students have been selected from the senior classes to take part in this project.' Professor Nigh said.

The words 'special' and 'project' set off a million warning bells in Trail's head.

'Those are two words you donot want to hear in the same sentence, especially not if you're a senior that will graduate at the end of the year.' He thought alarmingly.

'On a side note, "selected" makes it sound like we're prisoners at a concentration camp and we have just been "selected" for some rather gruesome experiments that will involve a lot of screaming.'

His sentiments apparently weren't echoed because no sooner had Professor Nigh finished then the entire class started whispering amongst themselves, in particular:

'What sort of project ma'am?' Rajah Shriven Sum shouted from the back of the class.

'God!' Trail thought as he looked back, 'Why does he always have to shout at the first opportunity?'

'This project…' Professor Nigh started but then stopped to allow the rest of the class to calm down.

'This project involves sending groups of students from the various classes to study an as-of-yet un-contacted planet; I've already discussed with the other Professors, and made a list of the people in this class due to participate in this project.' She said.

There were whispers all throughout the class, some were hopeful about being chosen, others not so.

Professor Nigh began reading off of a list of names which she had produced out of her coat pocket, as she read the list; some names were led with cheers, some with groans, and some with silence.

'…and lastly, Trail Blazer.' She finished.

Trail had never felt his jaw drop quite so far before.

'All the names on the list will have to see me after the end of classes today, right you may all go for your next lesson.' She said.

Trail staggered out of class on jellified legs, wondering what the heck he was in for.

Later, in the cafeteria during break time…

Trail sat down at the usual place where he sat during every break time to wait for his two best friends, Blind Reaper and Braven-ew-world. The trio had originally met at the start of their lives at the university and had become close interests over similar views, or at least Trail and Braven had, Blind was simply someone who happened to be a very friendly person. Quite a number of people had commented on the trio's closeness before.

Trail had just sat down to eat his waffle and drink a packet of juice when Braven stormed up to him.

'Do you know how retarded this stupid place is?' He said while throwing his arms in the air.

'Lemme guess, you got selected for the special project?' Trail quipped.

'Of course I did! Dammit stupid selection!' He cursed.

'Yeah I know.' Trail answered.

'Hang on; just let me go get my food and drink first.' Braven said before walking off.

While he was gone, Blind turned up and sat down next to Trail with a sigh.

"s'matter with you?" Trail asked.

'I was selected for the project by our professor, and let me get my food.' He said before walking off and leaving Trail by himself.

He was then approached by Epic Blader, one of his classmates, the two were on sometimes good terms with each other, though most of the time Trail admitted that he did maintain a certain amount of hatred for Epic Blader. Originally, Epic had hung out with what Trail liked to term 'the rest of them', but he had increasingly come to hang out at the trio's spot for some reason, drawing him into conflict with Braven due to their opposing views, and giving Trail and Charlie a nice result to watch. Trail often wondered where the name 'Epic' came from, though he decided not to bother asking when they first met.

'Hey Trail.' Epic said as he walked over.

'Hey.' Trail replied without even looking up from his waffle in a paper bag, he had heard Epic's name get called out in class just now.

The two sat in silence for some time until Braven came back with Blind in tow who was, as usual, droning on and on about the new Ancient cylinders game that had come out, Braven didn't appear to be listening. By now, Charlie had come over as well.

'You know what? Screw this shit!' Braven said angrily, 'I don't care what the damn ministry of education says, if they want to force me to do this piece of crap, I'll just tell them to screw off…then give them the finger.'

'Agreed Braven.' Charlie said, 'Why don't we all ask the professors if they select someone else for this stupid project.'

Trail had to admit, even though he didn't really want to go for this project thingy, he had been turning it over in his mind for some time now and had thought that perhaps, it was worth a try nonetheless.

'Might teach me something new, hopefully.' He thought.

Soon though, the break time drew to a close and Trail bid Braven and Blind goodbye as he headed to his next class with Sir Wolfe and Firewind.

'Dammit! Ugh I can't believe I was selected for the project!' Sir Wolfe whined and moaned as they walked to class, Trail often got amused at his whining, but said nothing.

'Hey, maybe we could learn something new.' Firewind said.

'Like what?' Sir Wolfe almost yelled.

'I don't know, maybe we could err…' Firewind started before falling off, the trio continued walking in silence after that all the way to class.

End of classes…

'All students selected for the project please report to the auditorium for briefing…All students selected…' The announcer said on the speaker which was heard throughout the campus on several loudspeakers.

'Well I guess that's me…' Trail thought sullenly as he headed towards the auditorium, with the other members of his class who'd been selected.

'Wonder what they have in store for us?' He thought as he entered the auditorium to find himself greeted with the sight of several important looking officials who looked like they came from the government. Trail inferred this from the way they stood and the rather implacable dress sense, black business suits, striped ties, black long pants and a rather stiff pose with heads held high, and they had a funny smell about them, the 'office' smell, Trail knew it from his few visits to his mother's office to help her a few times with carrying stuff.

'Or was that the a-bit-too-clean smell?' Trail wondered as he took a sit beside his compatriots.

One of the rather important looking officials picked up a microphone as the remainder of the students filed in to the auditorium and took their seats.

'Ladies and Gentlemen,' He said with the kind of voice that made one think of the host for a game show.

'I assume that all of you are totally unaware of why you are seated here and now?' He smirked, his tone changed to resemble that of a snake hissing.

'No…we totally aren't.' Trail murmured to himself while mimicking the man's voice, Blind and Braven agreed quietly.

'Right…This is what we have in store for you!' He suddenly chirped as he showed an upside-down picture of a bluish-greenish planet on the projector.

'…what?' Trail thought with a raised eyebrow.

Well that's it for now folks, I had a bit of trouble deciding which category this should go, I settled on sci-fi in the end with a few elements of adventure and essay writing.

I normally don't start writing one story while another is going on, but since the idea has been kicking around for a while, I thought I might as well.

Updates will be sporadic at best; I'm focusing on my fanfiction account more.

This opening is very much similar to how my daily school life goes about, with the exception of course, of the getting called up to do projects part.

Cliffhanger ending, sort of, my first attempt at one, how did it go? Quite badly I assume.