It begins with a tranquil night, as it always does.

The darkness of midnight engulfs a still, dark city. A layer of dense, grey clouds hides the waxing crescent moon from view. The streetlamps brighten the snowy roads and hardly anyone walks the lifeless streets. The cold winds of winter blow, making the wind chimes above a store entrance play a soft melody through the silent night. Snow slowly drifts down from the clouds above, placing a light blanket of white over the city. So ends and begins yet another seemingly normal day.

Don't you think that a girl screaming for help would fit the scene perfectly?

A shrill scream breaks the perfect silence of the city. A single crow that missed its migratory season cries in alarm and flies away from the scene, determined to avoid the conflict about to arise. Most people would think birds are stupid animals. However, even a bird knows when it shouldn't get involved.

Well, I suppose it would make a great opener for some movie or novel.

There are four of them, all surrounding a small, defenseless girl. She fainted not that long ago in the small alleyway. The four laugh as the biggest one, possibly their leader, nudges the girl's tiny frame with his black leather boot. Their dark, fancy clothing and stylish black hair scream that they aren't the friendly type. A single boy watches what is unfolding from the shadows, unnoticed by the group. He checks his wristwatch while keeping one eye trained on the scene before him, not wanting to miss a moment.

It could be a prologue that introduces the hero who saves the day.

Sighing, the boy steps out from the shadows, grabbing the attention of the group of hoodlums. He wears a green jacket over a black dress shirt and straight leg pants, what looks to be a strict, Japanese high school's uniform. Furious with his interference, each of the four bare two sharp fangs at the boy and stare at him with blood red eyes filled with menacing anger, warning him to leave before he gets hurt. He holds up a pendant with a large ruby gemstone towards them and their expressions instantly change.

After saving the girl, she will be indebted to said hero and the two will continue to go on a grand adventure together.

The English words, "Time stop," slip through the boy's cold lips. A ripple of energy bursts from the ruby and encircles the group. A shade of red covers everything within its radius. The wind chimes suddenly stop their music and remain suspended mid-swing just beyond the red haze. The snow, too had stopped, leaving individual snowflakes floating in midair outside while the last of them within the radius falls to the ground. One of the four glances around in panic, sweat beading down his forehead while searching for a way out. He tries to run, but before he can, the boy draws a handgun plated with silver and fires.

However, only a complete moron would wish for something like that to happen to them.

The bullet pierces through the back of the fleeing man's skull and he falls to the ground with a hard thud. The remaining three hiss, their monstrous sharp fangs flashing in the odd red light as they charge at the boy, their red eyes blind with fury. The boy fires once more, killing the nearest one to him with a shot between the eyes before he returns the handgun to its holster, drawing a short, thin, Japanese sword called a katana hidden under his school jacket.

I mean, there's no way that girl would be normal if she got into that situation in the first place.

The leader attacks first, but the boy sidesteps and swipes at his unprotected backside, slicing the blade through the fabrics of his clothing, but not cutting deep enough to lethally harm him. The next leaps at the boy as he raises the katana to strike him down. However, his opponent manages to catch the blade between his two palms, stopping the attack and knocking the boy to the ground. He smiles and shows his teeth to the boy, threatening to bite his neck with his sharp fangs and drink his blood.

I never wanted to be dragged into another world or be called a hero, even if my life was as messed up as it already was.

The boy grasps his pendant and holds it up to the fanged face, calling out the command, "Sunlight!" A bright light bursts from the ruby and illuminates his opponent's face. Screaming in agony, his opponents hands grasp at his burning face as he retreats away from the boy. Calmly, the boy rises, walks up to him and slashes the blade across his neck, decapitating his opponent. Blood sprays onto the boy's face as the spinning head flies through the air. Hearing the scream of the leader behind him, he twirls the katana and stabs backwards, feeling the cold metal of the blade sink through soft flesh.

Something like that is bound to be much more dangerous or troublesome than what I was already dealing with.

Pulling the katana out of his last opponent, he takes out a cloth to clean his face and the blade. He admires the shiny blade for a moment before sliding it back into its sheath beneath his jacket and out of view once more. Then, lifting the pendant once more, he says, "Time resume." As fast as it had appeared, the red haze fades. The wind chimes resume their melody in the soft breeze and snow begins to fall all around the boy once more. He looks to the unconscious girl on the ground and then looks around the alley. Checking his wristwatch, he sighs and then picks the girl up in his arms. She moans softly but it doesn't appear to be in any pain.

That is why I, Nathan Svett,

He takes her back to his home and lies her down on his bed, leaving the room to grab some coffee. When he returns, he finds that she is still unconscious. Sighing yet another time that night, he sits next to her and places the steaming beverage down on the bedside table, looking down at the girls face. He cannot help but admit that she is rather cute but looks too young for him. She breathes through her mouth, and that was when he noticed something he didn't see before. Shocked and confused, he checks his wristwatch again and then looks back to the girl. "That can't be right!"

Don't need girls screaming for help in my life.