Sometimes when I think of him, I cream in my panties. Like right now while I'm lying by the swimming pool sunning myself on a hot summer day. I dove into the pool to cool off and it almost worked. The feel of my body slicing through the chilly water covered by shaded trees and then resurfacing with the sun to warm my face…my hair slickened on my head down my back. I turned over to look at Tiffany my best friend lying on a chaise reading a book and all I can think about is her father and how much I want to fuck him.

I know that it's the last thing I should be thinking about but I can't stop the images from coming into my head. Ever since the night in the cabana when I became his birthday present and he my very first, I haven't been able to get enough of Devlin. He's got over 25 years and a lifetime of experiences on me…but when I'm with him it doesn't matter. The way his dark hair feels under my finger tips, his body sheathed by clothes waiting to be unwrapped, the way his naked body feels sliding against mine as we ride together…damn me for thinking about him.

Right now I scold myself as I swim with my head above the water back to the ladder, the same one where he almost took me that first night. The one where he slipped his hand into my bikini bottoms and fingered me to my first orgasm…that wasn't my own.

Before we went to the cabana to finish what we started. He left just before dawn having enjoyed his present and I left without my virginity. We were both very satisfied.

I lift my body up the ladder, the water dripping off of it and my red bikini, his favorite clinging to my frame. My nipples hardened from the coolness of the water and the heat from memories. Tiffany looks up at me from her Danielle Steel book and asks me if the water's warm.

I shrug.

"It's fine when you get used to it."

I don't think I'll ever get used to her father. The way he makes me feel when we're together. We spend most of our late afternoons at a motel just outside of town. We draw the shades and shut out the rest of the world as we come together in the shadows. I grab a towel and dry my body off just enough to lie on the chaise and let the sun do the rest.

My phone inside my hat…I check it as I often do to see if there are any texts. We never actually use the phone to talk just to text.

I look at the list of incoming texts and see one name.


"I'm here at work…thinking about how much I want you in my lap…I'm so hard right now…where are you?"

I ponder that, the heat rising where it shouldn't and then respond.

"I'm by the pool…sunning myself and yes, I'm in that red bikini but it's chafing my skin…"

"Want some help removing it?"

I bit my lip thinking that a silly question but…

"Yes…I…Tiffany has her music lesson in a half hour….come quick…"

"No, I'll come inside of you…meet me in the cabana…"

I considered that…with Tiffany in the house with her music teacher, I had the pool area to myself. Gloria was at one of her many meetings she went to so she wouldn't be home. It sounded perfect and my pussy…let's just say it warmed quickly to the plan. I needed my fix.

"I'll be there…just hurry…"

I knew he'd be heading to his car in a few on his way over here. I put the phone back inside my hat and picked up my book to look interested.

"This sucks…I don't know why I even took up the piano…except it was my mom's idea."

I knew that she didn't want to waste any good tanning time inside the house with an elderly teacher barking orders at her. But Tiffany never resisted what her parents told her what to do, not even when she'd been a teenager. I just smiled at her and counted the minutes when she'd go inside the house leaving me alone.

But not for long…because soon enough Devlin would be here with me… After Tiffany got up to head into the house after grabbing her robe, I got up myself to head to the cabana to wait for her father and what he can give me.

His clothes couldn't come off fast enough for me as I slid the robe off of him. He'd changed into his swimming briefs before he'd headed out to the pool. He pushed me against the cabana wall, his hardened body holding me fast while his mouth lowered onto mine.

Nothing gentle in his kiss but I didn't want gentle. It was a game that we played…that being fucked by him wasn't my idea. That he took advantage of the sweet young thing that had grown up with his daughter. That took care of most of the guilt…and the anticipation built up inside of me as his tongue parted my lips as his hands unfastened my bikini top so it joined his robe on the floor. I still had my bottoms on but he ground the bulge in his suit against the fabric. I moaned, how would I not, as I moved my pussy closer when he pulled away slightly as part of this slow dance.

"Oh Ruby…you're such a little tease aren't you…waiting for me here," he said, "waiting to be fucked."

I just moaned as he claimed my mouth again, and reached to slide his suit down his thighs to expose that part of him I so desperately wanted. So much so, I couldn't wait…to get in a car and meet him at that motel.

It had to be here…now…while not too far away his daughter and my friend played the piano.

His fingers hooked my bikini bottoms and the way it chafed my thighs on the way down I sucked my breath waiting…and finally he pushed me against the wall and I thought he'd fuck me then and there…but no….he tormented me with his cock as he slid it along the seam of my pussy, riding its slickness with his shaft and when it hit my clit…I bit my lip and bucked against him.

"No…not yet my little tease," he said, "God you drive me crazy…make me do crazy things just to have you…"

I wished he'd stop thrusting his cock, to torture me rather than inside of me where I so needed him right now. My pussy ached to hug his cock, as he pushed it past making it sting first before the pleasure hit.

"Devlin…god…what are you doing," I moaned against him, "I can't take this…god…I need it so bad…all I could imagine was you…me…fucking here…."

He sighed as he continued to use his cock to tease my pussy to distraction. The delicious slide of its thickness brushing my clit…teasing me so I almost cried out in frustration…he grabbed my bare ass enough to pull me even closer to his cock. Damn him…god my mind spun as he ground against me…skin to skin but not nearly close enough.

"You want it don't you…you want me to fuck you hard…like the little slut you've always been," he said, "teasing me to distraction…luring me…seducing…until the night I called your bluff."

He pulled me towards him and then started coaxing me back to the bed and I kissed him then as he still moved against me.

"I…get on the bed Ruby…now or…"

He didn't have to say the words…that if I didn't do as he wanted, he'd force his hand and his cock…all part of a game of course.

I climbed on the bed, my eyes on him as he joined me…my skin burning and tingling at the way he looked at me.

"Put your leg over mine…"

I did that, my skin rubbing against his as he slid his arms around my waist. God…I wanted it…I wanted to be fucked so much I couldn't think, just feel and anticipate the moment he penetrated me, breached my pussy and shoved his way inside.

"I….I can't believe this…oh god this is so fucking wrong….but ….damn…"

"Shut up Ruby…I'm going to fuck you right now and shut your mouth up," he said, "so follow my lead."

I nodded and he thrust his cock inside me then like he owned me. He pulled me hard against him, sliding deeper inside of me, until my breasts brushed his chest.

"We don't have much time Devlin…"

"We have enough," he said, "No one knows we're here…if we're quiet, they'll never know what we're doing."

A rush shot through me at the reality of his words. No one suspected that the two of us had been fucking each other for several weeks now. We'd both been so very careful. I knew better than to scream when I climaxed hard.

The feeling of his cock thrusting inside was indescribable, the sensations making it hard to form words. I bit my lip as he plunged his cock even deeper inside…oh god, it felt too damn good like I could never get enough of him.

But I felt the hint of danger too as we fucked on the bed. The door to the cabana wasn't locked and what if Tiffany came out of her lesson early? I bit back my cries as I took him deeply inside of me.

No screaming…lest anyone hear our passion.

Until…oh damn, the pleasure that rips through me when I come around his cock…I can't describe. It's more pleasure than I can stand…and just when I think it's too much, it starts to ebb, his juices mingling with mine inside feel like heat burning me.

He held onto me afterward, the sweat drying off of our bodies. Heat cloaking the air inside the cabana, on the hot summer afternoon…as his hands run over my slickened body.

"Tiffany will be out here soon…I'm going to have to get dressed and go back to my chaise like nothing happened."

He sighed.

"I'll join you…she knows I hit the pool for some laps when I get home so she won't suspect…"

I felt a pang of guilt that I wore often after the elation wore off. Because if Tiffany ever found out…it'd break her in half…and her mother…our town was small, did I really want to risk being branded as someone who fucked a married man?

"She doesn't seem to know something's up…but she's my friend and I'm lying to her every time I'm with you or thinking about being with you and when we text…I'm sitting here looking at photos of your hard cock and she's right there…reading a book…"

"You're having second thoughts about what we're doing?"

I paused not wanting to upset him but right now I had his semen trickling out of me and my skin chafed where he'd ridden me. But I felt marked inside by him, as his lover…the scandal this could create if it ever got out…

"No…god no…it's been the best couple of weeks ever," I told him, "in fact I can't get enough and that's hard too."

"I know…every moment of every day all I can think about is fucking you…"

I felt some relief to know I wasn't the only endlessly horny person in the room and giddy inside that I had that effect on him…pushing aside the consequences of our affair aside for now.

He kissed my mouth softly, gently but his tongue traced my lips. What he could do with that tongue…in the right places…no there's no way I could ever give this up. Yes, we would be discreet and if we were careful…no one would ever know about us…

Summer would end and we'd go our separate ways with some very heated memories between us. I thought about that as he slipped his hand between my thighs, caressing me, toying with my clit with his thumb. I remained still for him just reveling in what he did to me.

But…time had slipped away and I knew it was time to go…so I got out of bed as he watched my bare ass walking away from him to find my bikini to slide it back over my body.

When I left him, I knew he'd follow…and so by the time that Tiffany joined us, we'd be apart in our chairs smiling at her as if we weren't keeping the world's biggest secret from her.

She would never suspect what we had just did behind her back. I would keep lying without having to say a word and think about the next time I'd have her father between my thighs as he rode me.

Tiffany walked out after her lesson while I read a book and Devlin was preparing to dive into the pool. He looked over at his daughter.

"How was your lesson?"

She smiled back at him.

"Great…I was thinking of ordering some pizza and renting net-flex…can Ruby spend the night?"

My eyes met with her father and I smiled for both of them.

"That sounds like a great plan…"