Everything is long forgotten,
and Bullshit's the only game I ever learned,
so in a thousand years, baby,
somebody else is on that stage with me,
and my heart's not pounding quite as hard
as it does every time I see your face.

I wore a slack-jawed, "good-time" criminal
and my hero's been the same guy
since I can remember;
the only thing that's changed is you
and the fact that my ears ring 'cause
I'm finally reading out loud.
And I'll stand here alone but
something's always with me behind my
wannabe baby-sister too-ugly multicolored eyes,
so for as long as I'll remember
you're as far away as I can see.

Sweetheart, my mother never taught me
what you're about to:
that I can't handle the truth
and I'm still too short to see you up there
and my lips are only shaped weird
'cause I kept fucking biting them.
And why do I still wanna touch everything
in front of me?
But they're much worse than you, or
at least what I know of you.

That's the point; I'm itching to find something out
and forget it when it forgets me,
'cause, baby, if you remember me, I'll remember you-
so long as we both remember
to remember.

This started sucking when I turned the page,
but I miss you and I can't think
and apple cider still burns my tongue
'cause there are too many names to remember.