My morning routine:

Wake up,

Take a shower,

Put on my clothes,

Think about her for so long only God knows

I attempt to drive to work

Thinking about her which is the only perk

I bow my head as I pass her office and go un-checked

I sit at my desk and think without her my life would be such a wreck

I try to go one afternoon without thinking of her as being mine

But I'm bored, so I decide asking some questions should be fine

Why do I think of her when all she'll ever do is think of him?

They met one day and her heart's been captivated ever since then

I wonder how many times she'll look at his card and smile?

How many times will she answer her phone thinking it's him?

How many times will she glance at the clock

Hoping it's time to get off?

Time for another movie or date

I decide to let the negative thoughts go

Hoping she'll end up with me; hoping that it's our fate