My Night Routine:

Brush teeth,

Change clothes,

Jump in bed,

Lie awake and think of the girl I wish I could wed

I attempt to close my eyes for just one night

Trying to sleep without thinking of her being mine

I find myself bored so I ask questions to entertain

Why do I love her when I know she'll never feel the same?

She's stuck on that boy; has been since the day he came

He's smart and everything she needs

But still I wonder why that guy can't be me

How many times will she kiss his picture tonight?

How long will she hold it to her heart so tight?

Can I count on fingers how many times she'll mouth his name?

How many wishes will she make on a star

Hoping her love weren't so far?

I start to feel sick so I push those negative thoughts away

Wishing my love weren't so far away