Something feels like I shouldn't
be listening to love songs
but, then, I'm done with tears
and I want to forget why they started anyway.
So caught up in my own problems,
I didn't even notice yours
until they became mine and you finally
leaned forward and stole my pride.

I love you for making me
feel like a worthless piece of shit,
if that makes any sense,
and I'm tired of hearing
two different voices in my head.
So I'm going to read, write,
fill my head with voices
'til I can't hear yours at all.

If I was smarter,
you'd be rid of me by now,
but I don't have the will to hold my breath
or the resources for pills.
Blood's too damn messy
and everyone'd know if I screwed up
the other one.
So sorry, babe, but I'm sticking around-
at least 'til the end of this season-
but you should know
my heart's not in it.