If you've got the fucking time,
I'll tell you why this place is fucked.
I haven't got a fucking dime.
They bring their cash in by the truck.

The street outside my home is broken,
The pavement is all fucked and cracked.
All the kids sit outside smoking,
By twelve their lungs will all be black.

They tore the fucking library down,
The council needs the fucking bricks.
They built a church with them in town,
So we can go worship those pricks.

At least they paid those angry lads,
For all the fucking work they did.
Those fucking lads are fucking dads,
With shitty little fucking kids.

Main Street still needs those repairs,
Now the fucking plumbing's fucked,
It springs it's leaks and no one cares,
The fucking road is full of muck.

The fucking pubs are fucking dull
The fucking clubs are fucking full
Of fucking girls and fucking guys
With fucking murder in their eyes
Last night a man got fucking stabbed
While fucking waiting for his cab
So you fucking stay at home,
The fucking neighbours fucking moan
Keep the fucking racket down,
Or get the fuck out of my town.

The DVD's are always stolen,
The whole fucking lot's been nicked,
I bought some with my fucking dole and,
They made me sign my dreams away.

Nothing here is fucking new
Everything is fucking stolen,
How'd you think I got my boots?
I bought them with my fucking dole
The bastards made me fucking sign
"But I don't want to fucking steal, sir!"
And now your fucking taxes pay
For all the time I shit away.

Just think about how that feels, for
I write upon the fucking John now,
And spew shit from both fucking ends,
That's fucking lies! I have to say!
Most fucking days it flows one way,
And mostly now fucking depends,
Upon my fucking state of mind,
Because these days I fucking find,
The fucking John is overrated.
I'm always fucking constipated.

You've got to fill their fucking mouths,
To stop those kiddies screaming, fuck!
Fucking supper served up cold,
From that fucking ice cream truck.
Fucking Greensleeves all year round?
I think I've fucking had enough.
Those fucking kids have fucking kids.
The little fuckers do grow up.