"why are you sad?"
"all you do is bring me down..."
"smile, you re ok"
"who are you?"

I don t know.

my minds gone blank
now crowded with thoughts of the black.
breaking slowly under the sadness.
do you understand that?

"you don t understand,
why I m sad why i bring you down
why i can t smile.
that i don t know myself..."

you don t understand
what its like to be me.

because you ve never been broken.
you ve never been destroyed.

i don t want you to understand.
then you would have had to feel like me.

" be happy!"
"your glass is half full"
"I love you"

"...i can t be happy while i cry.
my glass is empty,
and has a crack.
it will never hold any water again.
you love me?
more lies.
you ve never felt real love..."

do you understand that?