So 12 wrote this chapter (She won't be 12 for much longer though!). I'll (13) write the next one. And so here's the summary:

This story follows 2 different points of view of 2 completely different girls. One point of view is from a girl, named Evvellene Mercy, who lives in a mansion as royalty. The other P.O.V. is from a rich farm girl named Jayanna. Evvellene lives in England, Jayanna lives in America. Different, right? Well, what would happen if they turned out to be identical twins with super powers? And what happens when Evvellene's mother is murdered? In this story you will experience happiness, humor, anger, hatred, romance, adventure, and best of all un-normal powers.

Chapter 1 P.O.V. Evvellene

Hi, my name is Evvellene Mercy or Evva. I live in a gigantic mansion in London, England. My mom is the 4th person in line for the throne. Her name's Luna. I am 14-years-old and I have black (elbow length) hair, sapphire blue eyes and pale skin (from being inside all the time). Well, most of the time, I usually sneak out at night. I go into the woods and talk to the animals living there.

Yes, I said 'talk'. You see, I have special powers. One power is being able to talk to animals. Another power of mine is invisibility, but my favorite power that I have is being able to turn into any animal. That's why I feel more in-place with the animals.

I woke up to the cry of a bird right next to my ear. I swatted it away as I sat up from my king-size bed. I scowled as the falcon flapped it's large, beautiful, wings. He clicked his beak as he landed on my held-up arm.

"Felix," I whined sleepily, "I told you not to do that." He turned his head to the side in confusion.

A wise male voice spoke in my mind as the gigantic bird shook his head,

"Ah, But that is exactly what you told me to do today." The voice chuckled, "Remember? You wanted to wake up extra early today so you could help Alice."

I smile, "Thanks for reminding me Felix." I jumped up and changed into blue skinny jeans and a purple shirt.

Felix flew to the open widow of my master bedroom, and settled on the window sill. I quickly brushed my teeth and hair then slipped into my black jacket and boots. I ran to the window and jumped out. At the last second I turned into a Hawk, spreading my wings as I soared up to where Felix slowly flew, flapping his massive wings every few seconds.

We flew over the woods, then down into a clearing, through some trees, until we saw a long hollow tree lying on its side. I landed silently on the grass next to the dead tree. I changed back into myself as I walked over to a small hole on the log.

I heard a small squeak as I looked into the hole. Three small baby foxes were lying inside the tree. Curled up next to them was Alice. Alice is a fox, she is also my friend. She had her kits a few weeks ago and had asked me to be here when they first opened their eyes.

Alice stretched out her red and black legs and rolled her head back in a yawn. She looked up at me and I swear I saw her smile.

"Good morning." A friendly female voice spoke in my head. The kits start to slowly wake up to the sound of their mother.

The first to open its eyes was the biggest, Xander. He looked around and stood, his little legs wobbling under his weight. He yipped happily at his brother, James. James' eyes snapped open as he yelped in fear. He sat up and looked around; when he saw Alice he went to her.

Then lastly my favorite little fox, and the only girl, Cassie awoke, she looked around calmly. She spotted James, shaking next to Alice, and it looked like she rolled her eyes. Her being the smallest was probably because she was the last one born. She looked at me and stood.

"Hullo Cassie." I told her as I scooped her up into my arms. She yipped happily as I tickled her belly. Her dark red fur was shining and her black-tipped, tail was swishing around wildly as her small black muzzle rubbed into my side.

I giggled, "Stop that!" She did as she looked me in the eyes. She nodded towards the hole, so I put her back, smiling. "I've gotta go." I told Alice.

"OK, have a nice flight." She spoke into my mind. I nodded as I turned into a Hawk and soared into the sky, back to my mansion. Felix following slowly behind.