i walk down my road

the path that takes me
past so many people.
all of whom
have given up on me.

they barely glance at me.
their lives to busy
to communicate
with the dead.

no one dares walk beside
the Destroyer.

the faces of friends,
show only disappointment
in what i have become.

His eyes don t dare look at me.
the body and heart he broke.
and left alone.

they have all given up
they don t care if i live or die.
they all think I m fine.
that my smiles are real
and my heart, healed.

but their wrong I m all alone.
the candle in the dark
running out of wick.

fighting to crawl out of my bed.
in time for the bus
to visit the people who don t give a thought
to the Broken.

the day has me long beat,
even before the sun rises.
with the sleepless nights
with my thoughts intruding
with my heart and head broken.
the Demon has won.
because i am alone.

going through the motions
mind wondering moving from class to class.
my feet direct themselves.
because i am alone in the hall.

all deserters
running away from the Dark
they avoid me
so I m more alone.

the halls part where i walk
the talking goes silent.
where ever i go.
because I m alone.

all- ONE
just me in the world,
that has given up on me.